Wednesday, 20 May 2015


•Molly discovers a pen cam in her bf room
•Another victim,funnyhorse,reveàls how her bf used to Audio  tape her

    How Would You Feel If Your Partner Secretly Audio Or Video Recorded You?VIOLATED,right? Well that's what happened to one Molly.(Name has been altered to protect)
   On that fateful day,Molly was doing her touch up when she saw something glowing up red at the corner of her tiny boyfriends bedroom.Surprised,She went to have An upclose look at the strange thing glowing."I was shocked to find a pen cam.I couldn't just stomach the idea that my bf had a hidden pen cam.What for?I proceeded to connect it to my laptop.Curiosity was killing me.What I saw next was unbelievable.Lewd videos of me and my bf.I cried as I skimmed through"I waited for him later in the evening and confronted him.That's when he told me that he was just taping us for fun and that he had no malice.It was just for pure entertainment.I formated the drive and broke up with him,"Molly reveals.
Well,Molly is just lucky it didn't get far.If the bf could have posted the videos on the internet then the damage would have been done.



Anothet victim ,funnyhorse,talks of how her Ex was fond of secretly recording their Audio arguments," Well, my EX boyfriend secretly audio recorded me almost daily over a 4 month period .. He would instigate and provoke an argument, then
turn on the recorder without me knowing for all that time. Worst 4 months of my life, as he would start fights daily and I had no clue what
was going on. Worst of it was he would get so in my face. He was trying to get me to talk to his pants pocket where he kept his cell. Living
hell it was. He is a paranoid delusional man.. I couldn't believe it when he handed over a flash
drive with recordings - my whole mess of the previous 4 months made sense. He was trying
to make my life hell, How do i feel...violated,
violated, violated...furious, betrayed, disgusted and sickened by him. Everyone should have an
expectation of privacy in their OWN home.. One
party consent laws are ridiculous, Well, ANY and
all trust vanished immediately. His reason for why is a rambling delusional mess that makes no sense to me. Severe mental health issues I guess, but he hid it well!! Careful out your intuition when it tells you not to trust somebody.."

Another user ,loyalty,speaks.. "Same happened to me a week ago. I found out my be had video taped me a few times without me knowing about it. He sets the camera up in the bedroom pointing where I would usually sit. I found a few video tapes only one hr long each."Its time to check on your room 'cause you never know there might be a spy can around watching every step you make.

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