Tuesday, 5 May 2015



Now picture this: you’re on your way home from work,you are almost ranging on home when it hits you there is  nothing in the fridge for dinner. The supermarket is like a 3hour journey away.The

   Well,i bet you will have to go to the hotel and take dinner since your house is 'dry'.This is when Qr code shopping comes in. Qr code shopping popping up at subway stations across the globe.
The concept is simple! Posters replicating supermarket shelves line the tunnels of a subway.
Instead of buying physical products spot on, You the shopper scans the Qr code on the ‘shelves’ (posters on the subway or even billboards)using their smartphones, pay for their purchases online and the shopping is delivered to their home at a convenient time, from as little as
a couple of hours.This is powered of course by the Qr scanner app available on Play store.
Just who's behind the idea?This innovative concept came  from an  idea trialled by HomePlus, South Korea’s operation of British grocery giant Tesco. This will go a long way in averting situation like this.
  With emergence of sites like
 Jumia , Olx and  kaymu ,it is safe to say online shopping is gaining traction.I'm optimistic that online shopping will be the 'in thing' very soon.With trusted sites like Jumia,who would not want a safe and secure way of buying a desired product?Though,online shopping is associated with extra costs,it is the best so far.
  The Emergence of Qr codes serves as a catalyst to online shopping.By scanning the qr code,the browsers may be automatically directed to open the webpage depending on your default setting.However,this may be a risky affair 'cause the browser might just open a 'virus' or hijacked link.It is SAFE to change the default setting of the Qr code scanner app and don't go on a Qr code scanning spree.
  Manufacturers can also fix a qr code containing all the vital information about the product instead of painting information all over the package.Once the product hits the shelves,an interested shopper can scan the Qr code on the package and get more info on the product.But the problem could be that,majority of consumers do not possess smart phones and that's why an effective market research needs to be conducted.I long for the day Qr codes get fully accepted.Just a matter of time