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Did you know that iatrogenesis is the 3rd leading cause of death in America??Doctor-induced
deaths.A shocking report on iatrogenesis revealed that up to 225,000  die annually
as a result of iatrogenesis.Which raises eyebrows and questions on how safe are patients(we) in the hands of doctors.
      According to Wikipedia ,Iatrogenic refers to any consequence of medical treatment or advice to a patient. It also refers to the illness that results from a misdiagnosis and as a result leads to painful slow  death.This is often practised by rogue hospitals that are only interested in money and in most cases often physicians often recommend surgery even for the not serious medical cases.This reminds me of the Empire series Terrence Howard as Lucious Lyon, a former drug dealer turned hip hop mogul and the CEO
of Empire Entertainment, who was misdiagonised with ALS and you even saw the depression inflicted on Him.This also reminds me of the movie SUBLIME.
    The  movie centers  on the protagonist George Grieves , who checks into the Mt. Abaddon Hospital for a routine procedure only to find horrors await him(FYI,Grieves suffers from colon cancer). Awakening from what was supposedly a simple colonoscopy ,
Grieves is told by hospital staff
that due to confusion arising from similar patient names he was mistakenly given a sympathectomy to cure sweaty palms .(That's where iatrogenesis steps in.The doctors have made a medical error.
[Misdiagnosis alert]> [1st step in iatrogenesis ]
    As the days tick by Mr. Grieves' post- operative experiences grow even more bizarre.(Consequences of the medical error(iatrogenesis)  are being felt)until he finally realizes that he is caught inside a
nightmare of his own creation and seems unable to escape or awaken back in the real world . [The iatrogenic effect]
He understands that
something has gone wrong in his post-operative
recovery which is keeping him trapped in this
netherworld of manifestations
of all of his worst fears but he understands
neither what the problem is nor what, if
anything, he can do to awaken from it.We eventually see his condition from his family's perspective and it appears hopeless.The doctors explain that there was a
complication during the Sympathectomy which
created an air bubble in his bloodstream that eventually reached his brain and caused so much damage that he ended up in an apparently permanent vegetative state>[ Complication
arising from the misdiagnosis now manifesting]He's been dead to the outside world for 10 months and his family is being pressured to remove all artificial means of life support .[ Side effects of the medical error on the physician's part]
Excerpt credit :Wikipedia
   If you haven't watched the movie,it's time to watch it.I almost cried when I watched the entire movie.The patient ,George Grieves,later finds his ride or die wife in a romping session with the doctor.Grieves in his state later suffers under the hands of his 'black' physicians who tortures Grieves to death.This movie wrecks emotions.The movie painted a picture of what is happening in some of our hospitals.

The rogue hospitals use this  as a venue for milking more cash.That's why i advise you to be wise and
intelligent enough to know what's happening.Want to know whether you have been a victim of iatrogenesis??Very easy.
   Some iatrogenic effects are clearly defined and are recognised with so
much ease;
• A complication following a surgical operation ( e.g.Instead of
having a colonoscopy(colon surgery) ,a physician performs a thoracic surgery,now the
complication that arises from that medical error can make you recognize that you've been 'iatrogenised'.This can often lead to death as one becomes stressed up and suicidal thoughts flood the minds of most victims of this
unfortunate act.When visiting a hospital  be well informed of your
disease so as to avoid being a victim of iatrogenesis or to avoid being iatrogenised as i
like to say.
Good news;I recently came across some awareness campaign about reporting cases of  Medical error
Are you a victim of iatrogenesis or medical error ?Yes, Visit this link and file a claim.Thanks
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Ladies,stressing out on how to make your hair grow?Stress no more,here are some of the ways you can make that hair grow

•Scalp massage
Always massage your scalp Every night before sleeping.This increases blood flow  which translates to growth with time.Massaging your scalp removes any blocks on your hair.

•Deep conditioning
Deep conditioning coupled with deep moisturising treatments help in the hair length retention and even progressive growth.

MSM lengthens the hair growth phase.

Exercising not only increases blood flow in the body but also increases blood to the hair scalp and you know what that translates to?More Nutrients to the hair follicles leading to visible satisfying hair growth

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Well,it seems in the near future schools and communities will be guarded by the Robot K5 Autonomous Data machine if the plans by Knightscope,the company that is developing it are anything to go by.This may lead to mass unemployment as watchmen will be sent home to pave room for the robot.
  The robot will consist of ;
•A video camera
•A laser range finder
•Air quality sensors
•Imaging sensors
Now picture this,a world of K5s patrolling communities,companies and even schools,the feeling that comes with it is  priceless isn't it?How will the robots enhance a security?The All -seeing mobile robots will be able to collect images or even videos through the image sensor and video camera and also recordings made easier by the microphone on the robot.Once details are captured ,they are sent to a centralized data server which is wirelessly connected with the security robots(K5s) .Once the data is sent to the centralized data server,A high skilled analyst in charge of the robots will be possible to recognize faces and other suspicious unfoldings captured by the K5.This is Awesome but also kind of sad since the whole idea is a job killer as massive layoff of watchmen will be inevitable. However what worries me is the massive privacy breach that will result from the 'installation' of the security robots.Since the robots will be in constant patrol expect a huge amount of data being collected from those passing by or the public in general.Take for example,you are with your friend passing by the nearby school where the robot is patrolling,everything you talk plus your faces will be captured by the security robot.This is the bad part of it.However,this could be business for the company behind the robots since the harvested information can be sold to marketers and other companies interested on such big data.The fact that the robot will be a job killer and will result to a massive breach of privacy is enough to spell doom on the K5s.
Will the robot(K5) make it to our institutions??Well,only time will tell. 

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Planes remix-Jeremih×Chance the rapper

Just had a listen of Planes remix - @ChanceTheRapper  × @jeremih  and I must say Its so different.I need to  take more time to get used to it  thanks to the beat that has been reworked.

pay per click .
  The song according to me is a night song and it's so smooth and gives you that night vibe.Anyway I still prefer the  original version

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Damn!Now Where should I start from?Local music has never vibed me up before but after listening to Versace by  @kenteazzle ,things changed.

   The song has been on heavy rotation.Trust the beat in this song to vibe you up.The rhyme game in this song is way on top;
Versace×3 alafu na armani
Siezi wapea peace ata wadai amani
Nang'ara madesign walie huu jamaa ni..

.The lyrical prowess in the song.
First Verse is in English,second verse in swahili and @kenteazzle I must say  DELIVERED.
Now that is the definition of  GOOD MUSIC.
Watch out for @kenteazzle

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Did you know that by sitting for lengthy hours could increase chances of contracting colon cancer?
Well, to a study conducted by German researchers in which 4million people were part of(which later resulted to 70,000 cancer cases being reporterd),it was found out
•People fond of watching TV for more than 6hours a day were prone to a shorter lifespan by at least 5 years
• People were prone to colon cancer after sitting for lengthy hours by up to 24%
•In women,the risk of contracting uterine cancer were 37% just by sitting for lengthy hours while By watching TV the risk rose up to 54%

•Those who were put to watch TV All day while sitting were found to increase the chances of colon cancer by 53%
Colon cancer is very deadly which reminds me of  the movie sublime where the protagonist undergoes colonoscopy( treatment of colon cancer).It's painful.
If you are always sitting for lengthy hours ,it's time to allocate time to break and allocate threads of light activities into your daily routine.Strange how you are sitting in the library for lengthy hours moulding your future not knowing that you are at risk of contracting colon cancer

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Twitter/Etnow (@Etnow)

Well its been 3 weeks and it seems things are not going well for Tidal.After its hype launch characterised by a bunch of well established artists,seems the house is not in order as kanye quickly deleted his tweets on the streaming service but later posted a tweet this morning endorsing the Service once again.
   Things are not in order in the Tidal 'house'.This is what happens when your streaming service is geared towards enriching the artist at the expense of the Customer.With the Tidal popularity plummeting very fast (  EVIDENCE),knee jerk reactions are inevitable.That's why I think  Jay &bey joint album  will be released on Tidal.This reaction might save Tidal but not for long.
  If you ask me, tidal should lower the subscription cost for the high fidelity music so that the customers cannot feel cheated.Tidal should do a penetrative pricing strategy then after some time adjust the cost.Also remember, too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the meal.


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LOVE!!!LOVE!!LOVE!!This 4 letter word seems to inflict pain on its 'victims'.Love creates enemies,best friends,lifetime partners.Love kills.
    What happens when you visit your lover only to find him or her with the mwk(mpango wa kando)or the 'private developer' in your relationship?That's the situation one lady found herself in before she died after being attacked by her lover and the mwk(mpango wa kando).In a post I  found out on Fb

This is so SAD!!May her soul RIP


Seems the #kyliejennerchallenge is getting dangerous.A bottom lip one participant exploded and the image is too graphic.In the challenge, One suctions their lips into a small glass , when it's air locked,the lips swell as a result of  more blood flowing  into the lips.The challenge is still on but I think its time to put a dead end to this craze. View the uncensored image( 


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Just like the man -dog relationships ,seems lions too have a soft spot for men.I managed to get a (1:44)clip showing a man sorrounded by lions.The environment is all bliss to the extent that the lions snuggle with the man.UNBELIEVABLE!!



Ladies,here is a simple- to- use App created to help 'hairphiles'(hair enthusiasts)  have an easy and yet fun way to track their hair growth or goals.
The App contains adorable features to help you set self goals, track your growth through pictures and diary entries as well as space for your own personal review of your
hair products!Amazing!!And also has facebook community  features
built in, which means that you can participate on the Facebook community direct from the App with the touch of a button.The app just got better with t he abili ty of
Creating multiple profiles .This means  professional hair stylists can also use the app - creating personalised diaries for clients
The best part of the App is its
customizable homepage, where you can indicate whether you have relaxed,, natural or loc’ed hair.You can call the hair instagram if you like.
Oh and by the way it is currently compatible with   IOS or Android devices.

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If you've been hearing peculiar footsteps on your ceiling every night it's time to take up that knee-jerk reaction especially after reading this.
  Do you a si

mple rat pee can have a detrimental effect on your health which ultimately leads to slow but painful death?Well,if an infected rat or rodent pees on your body while asleep and you happen to have an open wound then this will be the start of a journey to slow but painful death.The moment the infected pee infiltrates your body via an open cut wound,the microorganism enters your blood stream and starts multiplying while inside.They  choose to attack the liver,lungs or kidneys.This is why most victims tend to have jaundice as a result of the pulmonary haemorrhage syndrome.This disease can also lead to kidney failure and even liver damage.The micro organism also finds it way into the cerebrospinal fluid.This is also similar to 
  the simple kiss by a bug that can cost you your precious life  .
   The Weil's disease is a deadly disease and due preventative measures must be exercised 'cause prevention is way better than cure.Avoid kayaking,walking in muddy water while you have a 'shouting' wound.  Stay away from rodents as far as possible.Rats can even pee on your food,drinking water..who knows?It's time to take that knee jerk reaction today.

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Is rihanna snorting some?




Finally laid my hands on the I Bet remix featuring @Tip After the original song facing some copyright infringement allegations,seems everything is all Good.Changing the beat to a more upbeat tempo,this remix is a banger.Trust the song to make you bounce with its bouncy vibe.
     When you hear "This is the remix... ×4"you know its time to turn the tables upside down.



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After lil wayne  paused in the middle show and took the time to adress young thug and rich gang..ICYMI,Here is  part of what he said plus the video   "I want y'all to do me a favour and stop listening to mf's posing na "Wayne  . PLAY THE VIDEO,Young thug has made a response video he shared on his 'gram ;

"I understand that Lil wayne is frustrated  by his career and i feel him on that but this is my ..."


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Tired of wrinkles??Well,here are 2 ways to get rid of wrinkles;
1)Injection of botulinum

Injection of the botox  paralyzing facial muscles leading to no development of wrinkles
Following treatment,
visible results of Botox Cosmetic are usually seen within 5 days, however it can take up to 3 weeks to see full results. This method is expensive.2 shots of botox will cost you $500 only.
2)Banana peel
Regularly applying banana peel to your forehead tightens  shrink pores
and reduce wrinkles.