Friday, 26 February 2016


Made it to the  #KES2016 exhibition and I'm still amazed with the art displayed.


I came across this amazing cooker on the exhibition.Surprisingly,it goes for sh 50,000.With this cooker,all you need is plunks of wood and  water.The cooker actually makes a whirring sound that can be reduced by an adjuster.This cooker does not emit smoke.

Some beautiful carvings

Another solar lamp with mobile

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PHONE charging capability that goes for around sh14,000.Suitable for those in areas where there is no electricity .Once fully charged,the lamp can serve  for 8hrs

Then I came across banana juice and also banana crisps fetching sh 100

Also on the vegetables section,I came across these nicely packed products.The spider flower,banana powder,carrot powder that can be used as a food colour.The vegetables have been dried with the help of solar tech under controlled conditions.
The products can be bought and consumed.No chemicals

Then I came across this masterpiece.It took the owner 4 good months to come up with this adorable  art."Did you draw a sketch or a blueprint before coming up with this?"To which he reply,"No,i created this without any sketch or blueprint." Currently going for sh 50,000.For commercial use,the price is at sh 500,000

Watch illustration  Here 

After the exploring,it's now time to enter the summit

Wednesday, 24 February 2016


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Being a thursday,it's time for the throwback segment.Here are the curated posts for this day.


How a jilted ex-lover colluded with a freelance writer to plot a downfall on Popular radio host

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In 1975, a famous actor died after consuming liver from a poisonous fish(known for making the consumer high) 

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Nice looking,lightweight  and well constructed .That's what I look for in a hat.When I came across a black soaka hat down the streets ,I had to purchase it.

Though it has a wide brim as compared to the trilby hat I had before,I've learnt to appreciate it as it really comes in handy during those extremely hot days.

Chin strap is fed through two openings or rather eyelets on the alternate sides of the crown and then is tied together

You can see the  clear  plastic sheath aglets to prevent unraveling of the chin strap. I like the fact that I can let it rest on my back with the chin strap around my neck:-)
Ooh and also there is an adjustable bead  so as to secure the hat from being blowed off  by strong winds.

It also has 2 eyelets for ventilation:-)
Although I would've preferred  a soaka hat with a kinda narrow brim but all in all,i'll still don it.


Tuesday, 23 February 2016


*Are you planning on monitoring a WhatsApp contact in complete secrecy
Biznerati  takes a look at a rather creepy app that lets you monitor a  whatsapp contact activity

* Biznerati take on the app

We've all had those shameful moments of spying on someone.Could be your partner,crush,side dish.I remember I used to stalk my crush on Facebook.I would wait for the perfect hour to put my stalking hat on.The good thing is that she never found out.
  Stalking on whatsapp is rather tricky.She might just find out thanks to that accidental whatsapp call and ooh,when she draws the curtain on you by hiding her last seen.That would be a blow,right?But all is not lost,an app called whatsdog can help you ace the 'test'



It doesn't matter if  the contact has activated the hide last seen status button.Whatsdog  makes it possible to track the period of activity for  contact in complete secrecy.No one will realize that he or she  is being stalked on.Kinda creepy,right?
  Once the app is installed,you can select the particular contact that you want to monitor/stalk ,then just like that
You'll be notified when the contact is online and also access to your whatsapp's contact habits.
I think the app is rather unethical.Remember when Google removed it from the playstore?The fact that the app
Records the login and logout Information of a whatsapp contact just screams PRIVACY BREACH,and also the fact that the whatsapp contact does not know he or she is being monitored ,scares me and make me wonder how many have fallen victim to this. Even as app developers come up with wide variety of apps that suit our daily niches, it is important to be ethical.

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There has been buzz around  Virtual Reality for a time now.The buzz has been centered on Entertainment and therapy and gaming as I earlier Wrote .What happens when retail meets Virtual Reality?

Imagine you  the shopper getting immersed in a retail environment and having the ability to view products in the virtual world , picking your preferred products,changing clothes and many other things one is likely to do when shopping  in the real world,at the comfort of your bed or  couch.Amazing!Isn't it?Who wouldn't enjoy exploring local deals, even offers ,interacting with products in your favorite retailers’ virtual showrooms e.t.c?
Well,according to Retale, Once the user has explored the weekly deals and VR showrooms offered by Retale’s partners, they are able to select products or stores at the most convenient location  that they’re interested in and add them to their shopping list on the Retale mobile app. From there, the mobile app will send a push notification confirming the addition, and users can receive navigation information to guide them to the nearest retail location to purchase their selection.(For more info visit )
The Location-based mobile platform allows shoppers to discover great savings, coupons ,deals through it's website.For example ,your nearest and favorite  retail shop may partner with   to offer deals,coupons and freebies.You the shopper will be able to explore the deals e.t.c and even interact with the products,add to the shopping cart and get access to the navigation information .
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And shops are already using VR and augmented reality to promote and sell their products.Think of a business that deals with recliners and that wants to promote and sell its recliners.The business could extend their product descriptions to include VR-enabled  experiences that allow customers to sit on the recliner to see if its of the right measurement and offers the level of comfortability desired.Once the customers finds it fit,he or she can add  it then proceed to get the navigation info.
At the end of it all,it's a win-win for both the marketer and the shopper.Even if the shopper doesn't add a product in the shopping list,the marketer can be able to identify and analyze the customer's behavioral shopping pattern while the shopper will have a shopping experience like never before

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Monday, 22 February 2016



I have been searching for a good sounding wireless headphone at an affordable price for long.The other headphones I have tried ended up disappointing me.From headband pressure that caused discomfort to distortion of my favorite songs,i decided to take a break from headphones.Till recently I got that itch back and  bought a  jua energy Bluetooth headset.

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I was impressed at first sight.The headset had an inner rubber-finish headband  that kept them glued to my head perfectly.I also loved the leather earmuffs.
The Good
*Sound quality was amazing
*Head band that keeps the headset glued to your head perfectly
*Sound chops
*Strong bass
*No distortion of tracks

The Bad

*The headset has a black Plastic piece that allows you to adjust the length of the
headphones.That means you can't walk with the headset on for long periods of time under the heat of the Sun.They'll break.

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Suitable for anyone looking for an affordable Bluetooth headset with a fat bass



Walk around the streets on a normal day and you'll never miss to bump into  a teenager with earphones,earhooks or even headphone tucked.It's kinda sad how more and more peoples way of life is now built around these accessories.It’s socially acceptable to have a cell phone and be contactable 24/7.Which brings my question,aren't we risking brain tumors and even cancer?

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In 2011, the World Health Organization classified the kind of low-energy radiation that cell phones emit as " Possibly Carcinogenic " ." The type of radiation coming out of a cell phone is called non-ionizing. It is not like an X-ray, but more like a very low-powered microwave oven ,"said Dr. Keith Black, a neurosurgeon specializing in the treatment of brain tumors.Is my brain slowly being cooked by the cellphone radiation as I'm answering a call?
That's my worst fear.I once had plans of purchasing a Bluetooth headset since I felt it would make my life much more easier but after doing a research on dangers associated with Prolonged bluetooth technology exposure  , I quickly ditched the plan.One of the things I learnt is that by using the

Biznerati 5th Edition
Bluetooth stereo piece ,one is being exposed both cell phone radiation and Bluetooth radiation being emitted by the Bluetooth headset.You’re better off using a wired headset than a wireless one but then again the wired headset also has a downside.
The wired headset has metal in it.This  metal  conducts the radiation emanating from your cellphone/smartphone allowing it to travel up the wire ending up in your brain.Answering incoming calls using your wired headset could increase your exposure to cell phone radiation in the long run.
I Was fond of answering calls using my wired headset.I found it cool 'till I started experiencing some ear pain and random dizziness.I had to dump the wired headset and up to date I always activate the loudspeaker mode when answering calls.Risk factors for cancer and tumors caused by radiation sources are directly proportional to exposure levels.I find it weird how the more we embrace the  gadgets coming into our hands,the greater the risk factors.
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Thursday, 18 February 2016


THROWBACK:When CBC RADIO HOST Jian Ghomeshi broke
the interwebs.On a long post he posted on his FACEBOOK PAGE reveals forbidden confessions.
After reading this confession,biznerati learnt that some women are evil.Know who you are dating?What will she do in the event of a breakup?These are things you
should considered before dating her.You might end up dating a psycho.See for yourself.Here is the confession from Jian ghomeshi

"Today I was fired from the company where I've been working for almost 14 years – stripped from my show, barred from the building and separated from my colleagues. I was given the choice to walk away quietly and to publicly
suggest that this was my decision. But I am not going to do that. Because that would be untrue. Because I’ve been fired. And because I've done nothing wrong.
I’ve been fired from the CBC because of the risk of my private sex life being made public as a result of a campaign of false allegations
pursued by a jilted ex girlfriend and a freelance writer.As friends and family of mine, you are owed the truth.I have commenced legal proceedings against the CBC, what’s important to me is that
you know what happened and why.Forgive me if what follows may be shocking to some.
   I have always been interested in  a variety of activities in the bedroom but I only participate in sexual practices that are mutually agreed upon,consensual, and exciting for both partners.About two years ago I started seeing a woman in her late 20s. Our relationship was affectionate,
casual and passionate. We saw each other on and off over the period of a year and began
engaging in adventurous forms of sex that included role-play, dominance and submission. We discussed our interests at length before engaging in rough sex (forms of BDSM). We talked about using safe words and regularly checked in with each other about our comfort levels. She encouraged our
role-play and often was the initiator. We joked about our relations being like a mild form of Fifty Shades of Grey or a story from Lynn Coady's
Giller-Prize winning book last year. I don’t wish to get into any more detail because it is truly not anyone's business what two consenting adults do.I have never discussed my private life before.Sexual preferences are a human right.

Despite a strong connection between us it became clear to me that our on-and-off dating
was unlikely to grow into a larger relationship and I ended things in the beginning of this year.
She was upset by this and sent me messages indicating her disappointment that I would not commit to more, and her anger that I was seeing others.
After this, in the early spring there began a campaign of harassment, vengeance and
demonization against me that would lead to months of anxiety.It came to light that a woman had begun anonymously reaching out to people that I had dated (via Facebook) to tell them she had been a victim of abusive relations with me. In other
words, someone was reframing what had been an ongoing consensual relationship as
something nefarious. I learned – through one of my friends
who got in contact with this person – that someone had rifled through my phone on one
occasion and taken down the names of any woman I had seemed to have been dating in
recent years. This person had begun methodically contacting them to try to build a story against me.
Increasingly, female friends and ex-girlfriends of mine told me about these attempts to smear me.Someone also began colluding with a freelance writer who was known not to be a fan
of mine and, together, they set out to try to find corroborators to build a case to defame me. She found some sympathetic ears by painting herself as a victim and turned this into a campaign. The writer boldly started contacting my friends
acquaintances and even work colleagues – all of whom came to me to tell me this was happening and all of whom recognized it as a trumped up
way to attack me and undermine my reputation.
Everyone contacted would ask the same question, if I had engaged in non-consensual
behavior why was the place to address this the media?
The writer tried to peddle the story and, at one point, a major Canadian media publication
did due diligence but never printed a story. One assumes they recognized these attempts to recast my sexual behaviour were fabrications. Still,
the spectre of mud being flung onto the Internet
where online outrage can demonize someone before facts can refute false allegations has been what I've had to live with.And this leads us to today and this moment.
I’ve lived with the threat that this stuff would be thrown out there to defame me. And I would sue. But it would do the reputational damage to
me it was intended to do (the ex has even tried to contact me to say that she now wishes to
refute any of these categorically
untrue allegations). But with me bringing it to light, in the coming days you will prospectively hear about
how I engage in all kinds of unsavory aggressive acts in the bedroom. And the implication may be made that this happens non- consensually. And that will be a lie. But it will be salacious gossip in a world driven by a hunger for "scandal". And there will be those who choose to believe it and to hate me or to laugh at me. And there will be an attempt to pile on. And there will be the claim that there are a few women involved (those who colluded with my ex) in an attempt to show a "pattern of behaviour". And it will be based in lies but damage will be done. But I am telling you this story in the hopes that the truth will,
finally, conquer all.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016


·Biznerati looks at the most effective and effective method used in Cyber Espionage
·Also looks at the impact cyber espionage has on the economy
·Other technologies used in cyber espionage

The most effective and efficient method used in cyber espionage is THE WATERING HOLE. In this method,every visitor of a particular website compromised for the campaign is infected.
  It involves the web browsers and this is so far the most effective method used by state sponsored attacks.However it is difficult to estimate the impact of cyber espionage on the economy of a state since Many organization can never come out saying their privacy has been compromised ,for fear of losing public confidence and many other effects but this happens at times thanks to the aggressive media outlets that always 'whistleblow' on such matters.Cyber espionage can also lead to a fallout of active business partners.For example Company A &B are business partners but later on company A decides to spy on B without its consent.If B founds out ,this can lead to strained relations and eventually a big Fallout.Consequences can be even much worse if states are involved and this impacts negatively on the respective economies.
And now lets take a look at the cyber espionage campaigns that have led to economic destruction

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Cyber espionage is a global disaster and states should build a defense network comprised of bad -turned -good skilled hackers who were former convicts.Its important so as to prevent stealing of intellectual state property or high profiled organizations intellectual property
1)Network surveillance appliances
2.Communication tracking techniques
3.Malware- like this spy app that goes unidentified
4.Social network poisoning just similar to the Watering Hole  

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Tuesday, 16 February 2016


Ever noticed your puppy eating strange objects like grass,pieces of wood and other strange objects?Or even a baby eating paint and other non-nutritious substances in large quantities and on a regular basis ?I bet you've witnessed a friend  bitting off  the ends of a pencil almost on a daily basis.Well,he/she might just  be having pica disorder.

Xyalophagia is a condition and a form of pica disorder in which one feeds on wood on a regular basis.Consuming chalk, nails,spoons,grass,insects, sand, soil,soap, paste,
string, plastic,wallboard and even paint can all fall under pica(Eating disorder).You've probably witnessed some people consume spoons,bottle cans like Njiwa pori swallows nails and cans on Live Tv 

 This habit may be common in OCD patients and also very common among puppies.Here is a Video  of a puppy with the pica disorder



The puppy in this case has xyalophagia(a form of pica disorder where the patient is addicted to eating wallboards).
" I feel very alienated and like a complete fool for not able to stop myself from chewing and swallowing pencil ends,"Nathan says .Nutritious meals now come second after pencil ends." Those suffering from the disorder risk their health as heavy complications could arise from the disorder.Doctors have revealed disturbing xray images of patients with the disorder.Think of the effect nails might have on the stomach lining.Think of the complications that might arise from consuming a lead overdose.
Have a person with the disorder?Try helping him or her on dealing with the daily obsessions or visit a doctor.


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