Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Why its advisable not to rub your eyes when you wake up

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Have you ever woken up early in the morning only to swollen lips or eyelids??Well,there is  need to worry. You need to visit your nearest hospital as you might have been a victim of the 'Kissing Bug'.
Kissing bug has been present as from early as the 1880s.In 1889,The Washington post called it an epidemic on its headline. The chagas disease brought about as a result of  the kissing bug was killing many people as at the time.It

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was presumed that in the event that you had swollen eye lids ,swollen lips e.t.c then you were suffering from the disease.
  It was an epidemic. This prompted a widespread witch hunt for the kissing bug.The efforts proved successful and they succeeded in purging the kissing bug.
However,in 2005  cases of  the kissing bug hit  again.Its very hard to know the time of the infection since it can take years for the chronic aspect of the disease to be realized. The bug emerges at night when the victim -to- be is asleep.


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It then proceeds to deposits feces that contains the parasites on human skin. The parasites then enter the mammalian (human) host through the bug bite, or breaks in the skin or conjunctiva. Occasionally, the parasites enter through mucosal cells of the mouth or airway when ingested or inhaled.- adapted from 

It's advisable not to rub your eyes when you wake up in the morning since the rubbing effect may rub the deposit left by the bug  leading to the parasites finding their way into your bloodstream.
The parasites eventually enter  the bloodstream and lodge in  the muscular structure of the organs. The parasites multiply and eventually cause chronic symptoms related to the involved organ or organs that can include cardiac failure,arrhythmia that eventually leads to death.

Time to monitor closely your wall crevices.