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In the book, 6 Big Big Big Angels – 6 BIG! BIG! BIG! ANGELS caught a child as  she fell off a poolside and took her to heaven and returned her safely. the throne room and sat on God’s lap. She played with tiny aborted babies and other small children who died violently. She visited with relatives who are now in heaven Victoria continues to visit heaven and has frequent encounters with angels.
She now tells about her experience from the perspective of a child on this book.6 Big Big Big Angels Enjoy

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I have always read about NDE and after reading I always got some insight on some of the Crucial creations.One can never ignore the impact Near-Death Experiences have on the 'experiencer'.I tend to believe that NDE could bring UTOPIA.If everyone experiences a NDE,i think there will be peace everywhere around all the corners of the World.This is because once you experience a NDE,you return with a new perspective of Life and a special MESSAGE. Like in this case of a woman who suffered from scarlet fever for 12 years  had a Life changing NDE.

The significance of near-death experiences can hardly be exaggerated, because they point toward answers to The Great Questions — life’s meaning Atwater shares her amazing findings, based on her sessions with more than 4,000 adults and children and over 40 years of research; a breathtaking culmination to a successful and controversial career.
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Having undergone her own profound transformations in consciousness resulting from three successive Near-Death Experiences in 1977, P.M.H. Atwater set about on her distinguished career of careful, detective-like fieldwork and research into the mysteries of NDEs.
,br/>4000 cases:A look into Life READ THE BOOK HERE

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Friday, 28 August 2015


Different colours,different flowers,this flower mug will liven up your mood

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Since it's your taste buds that dictate the content of the soup bowl,you can store your preferred soup on this mug

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This mug gives you an opportunity to brand yourself in whatever way you prefer.You can embellish it with the organization's logo

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Don't you just love this mug.It has  unique decorations emblazoned round the top edges.You can get a customized Diamond-rim mug

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Ever had ideas that you've been wanting to input into your laptop?Well,now you can log your bright ideas on to your laptop thanks to the simple USB LIGHT BULB.
The Bulb has a flexible 'bend-me' arm . Once powered,the bulb emits a 'light-touch' blue light illuminating your keyboard.The Good thing is that it doesn't come with a 'burden' e.g switch,lampshade,fuss e.t.c
Suitable for use during those late night projects :-) NB:I'm an amazon affiliate and I get a commission on any purchase you make :-)


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Etekcity Mini USB LED Book Task Reading Light Desk Table Lamp, Bendable Silicone, 50,000 Hours Working Life, White

Tuesday, 25 August 2015


What happens when lemon,clove,natural salt and
mint are fused into a toothpaste?

    Fused with lemon,clove,natural salt and mint,
snowden t is the toothpaste you have been
looking for in case you've tried all other means
to achieve that dental hygiene
Snowdent is unique and it
1: removes stains√
2:Restores natural whiteness√
3:Strong healthy &gum
4:Super white sparkling teeth
Besides that gives you a guaranteed 24Hours protection.

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It also has a great flavour while giving
your mouth a fresh breath.
I will upload the video review to snowdent very
soon.First time i tried it ,the results were
A1(excellent).I could feel the lemon taste on my
tongue as i continued to brush.Once i finished i
felt very fresh.As i was strolling out,i couldnt resist the urge to smile.It comes automatically.You have no control over the  smile.It just comes out.Worth trying !!

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"3..2..1..LETS DIVE",John shouted arms up in the air ready to dive into the swimming pool.First time in the swimming pool.Damn!Now this was interesting!!I could see johnny was an expert at this.After 30 minutes of swimming i took a position at one of the corners of swimo.Placed my legs inside the water while the rest of the body basking.I had barely sat for 26 minutes when i got some itchy feel ." Hahaa!Ni
nini?"Johnny asked(What is it??)"Man,naskia some itchy feel bana."I told him.(I'm feeling some itchy feel )."Usijali,ni venye its your first time swimming.."johnny told me(Dont worry,its because it was your first time).I had begun believing that but then there was something.Nobody saw it except me.(Keep it  to get to get the full experience)
Swimming in the pool during these hot periods definately gives you the much needed respite from the scorching heat and that nirvanic 'woo-lala' moment, but did you know this joyous moment could also bring disease to your well toned skin?Tell serotonin to turn the panic button off.
Well,swimming pool granuloma is REAL.This is why chlorine is usually added to the water at the pool to fight germs.But did you know that if the PH of chlorine and that of water is not balanced it could lead to some pesky effects on the skin?

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That is why its advisable to apply some adequate skin protection lotion to prevent skin breakage that is caused by staying so long on the water.Staying too long on the water in the pool can lead to skin breakage leading to exposure of germs in the pool as per that time.One disease is the swimming pool granuloma caused by mycobacteria marinum which affects the back of the hands and fingers leaving you with a  painful nodule.Nobody would ever want that to happen.I mean who would ever wish for a fun-turned tragedy 'showdown'?Nobody.
Excess chlorine in the pool can lead to an itchy skin.Next time you 'swimming pooling' ask for the PH balance.If its normal,then fun time,but remember not to stay too long in the water unless you applied that powerful skin protection on you 'cause in the event that the skin breaks then you'll be vulnerable to skin infection present inside the pool.Also remember to take a power shower after coming out of the pool to purge any traces of chlorine left on your body.


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Did you know Avocado oil can be used as a hairfood?Avocado 'starter pack' consists of Vitamin E,sterols and levels of monounsaturated fatty acids. These 3 components provides three different nutrients that have
been individually recommended for stimulating hair growth.
The avocado oil also recommended as a hair food due to its deeper penetration property and faster
absorption thus unclogging blocked
follicles as a result providing beneficial health effects on the hair.
Avocado oil is recommended due to its hydrating power and softening power.Not only is it extremely good at hydrating and softening your skin, online skin forums are also reporting that it is an effective treatment for acne , psoriasis and eczema, and even useful for diminishing wrinkles.
There are also unconfirmed reports that it can serve as skin lightening product.
A small dab on each cheek and on the forehead. Avocado oil is very concentrated monounsaturated fatty acids, phytosterols,vitamin E and other antioxidants. A little goes a
long way.
" At first,i had doubts.Like is this for real?This was the first time i was going to apply the oil.I took a dab and applied it on specific parts of my face.BAM!Sat there anxiously waiting for the outcome.I Wiped with the white damp cloth and
slept.Did this for 4 days and on the 5th day i NOTICED
My skin had softened and the wrinkles gone,"Joanne a user talking on the success of the oil.



If you've not visited a spa till now then you are missing out big time.
A common excuse would be "I don't usually have time".Well,Good things come to those who wait.There is a mobile spa  that will come to your home and set up,give you your favourite treats and leave you relaxing.
This is convenient  and gives you that breezy bohemian feel as you dont have to go to the proverbial 'mountain' )They give;
1)Spa treatments

2)Kids sparties
3)Adult sparties
Next time you take time off from work,you know what to do.:-)
 Interested in mobile spa ?Contact 

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Lenny ,my new found bestie set me up on a blind date. She fully admitted that she didn't know much about the guy but that he was cute ,chubby cheeks and seemed nice. Ok, sure, why not. One day shortly after agreeing to this date , so I'm meeting the guy for the first time(not official blind date) guy shows up at the venue


I wore My favorite LBD with few accessories and he wore a beige coat,white shirt and velvet trouser. Ah well. We say a quick hello but I had things to do so I went about them until he asked me, "Do you want me to park your trailer for you?" WTF? Sugar, that ain't the way to a horse girl's heart--I am perfectly capable of parking my gooseneck all by myself, thank you very much!        While I suppose he thought it a nice gesture, I would have paid money to see my own expression at that question.Anyway, we set up a date. Date comes and I show up. He's outside the restaurant chomping on gum and talking on the phone and holds up his pointer finger (as in, give me a minute) so he could continue his convo for the next couple minutes. (huh.) Finally gets off the phone, doesn't apologize, and we walk into the restaurant. We sit down and he tells me to order whatever I want as it's on him. Again, nice gesture but eh. Though next is the kicker. While not a fancy place , it did have cloth napkins. We sit down and he then takes his gum out of his mouth and STICKS IT TO THE BOTTOM OF THE TABLE!!!
WTF! This man is in his mid-20s! Are you kidding me? I was done at that point but am good at putting on a nice face and making it through dinner. The rest remains history.
I'm never going on a blind date again



As the Unemployment rates keep on going up,people are forced to come up with measures to escape the 'drag' net.This saw one S.Korean woman identify a need in the country and the perfect solution to the problem,now she's raking in $8999 ( 10,751,310 South Korean Won)monthly.
The woman studied and observed the country's gastronomic voyeurism craze( the desire to watch others eat) and came up with an online show that allows the viewers to pay to watch her eat food.Woow!Weird,ain't  it?
Her name is Park seo yeon according to Reuters.She sits in front of her camera and dines for up to three hours a day from her apartment . Woow :-) Chowing down for a living,impressive.
How about you try it?Come up with an online show where you chow down for a living.This might help those who don't want to feel alone while eating giving them some form of virtual company.This can work well in hospital.A patient can eat on sync with you(the one chowing down for a living),this will make the patient feel at home and the hospital can subscribe to your shows at a fee.
This can also satisfy some of the Viewers who have that weird fetish of watching people eat.Try it today.Who knows

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Saturday, 22 August 2015



If the narrations given by those who have undergone astral travel are true then this is the ultimate key to  utopia.Some of those who have experienced this speak of how they meet with God and God speaks to them on return.They then return to their physical body with a SPECIAL MESSAGE(That of Love).I guess you've come across certain people who claim that they went to heaven and spoke with the ALMIGHTY.Yes,its true and that's the astral experience.I once attended a church where the pastor brought some guy who talked of his journey to heaven and the guy talked of how he was able to communicate with God and what the Lord told him.I was young at that time ,it was like 11years ago.
How can astral projection bring world peace?
  Well,the SPECIAL MESSAGE one brings out of the successful meditation is what is key(Successful because some meditations don't come out successful,some reach halfway).After successful meditation,one comes out rejuvenated and has this heart full of love and everything utopia.If everybody can meditate and it comes out successfully then there will be a utopia world and this will lead to world peace where everybody loves and gets loved in return.
I once tried to meditate but it was not successful.It did not reach even halfway.I had started seeing a black sky with twinkling little stars using my' third eye 'when i woke up to the physical world abruptly.I've heard cases of people seeing evil spirits and i know that experience is way too trifling like  In this post
Aside from that,i kinda feel astral projection is the way to go if we would like to have a utopia world
 I recently came across a  video of  Brother Rick  who fell and hit his head on the concrete as he was working to restore power after a hurricane. He had several broken ribs, brain hemorrhage, and became comatose. Doctors didn't expect him to survive. While he was comatose, he was taken to the Throne Room of God. And he came back from coma and got recovered. Heaven is real! Jesus is the only way to heaven! WATCH VIDEO
A video below of a woman who has been suffering from scarlet fever since 12 talks of her near death experience .She talks on her astral projection success VIDEO 
I kind of feel that the feeling that comes after a NDE is warm and revolutionary(changes the person you were  before)


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Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Here is a quickie ;
1)Cut back on foods like Red meat,dairy products,too much eggs.This lowers fibrinogen

2)Increase your daily consumption of  fruits and vegetables.This increases anti-oxidant activity

DID YOU KNOW: This Fruit Heals you Ulcers in Real time 

3)Limit consumption of sugary and processed foods

4)Limit Saturated Fat intake

5)Supplementation with Vitamin B6 and folic acid.This goes a long way in reducing homocysteine levels

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Remember the phrase 'Dirt is good'?Let me take you down memory lane.The phrase was associated with the Omo brand.Infact it was a communication campaign by omo dubbed 'Dirt is Good'.Kinda controversial,right?
I remember it was in '07 and the catchphrase was met with misconceptions.Majority of the people talked about omo was encouraging dirt but did the brand  mean that?Well,coming at a time when the culture of letting children go outdoors and having some fun was fading,the only way to revive the culture was to come up with a catchphrase and omo  did that  cleverly.
Omo was trying to reverse the trend(children spending time indoors watching 'toons) and encouraging them to get outdoors and get dirty.But this did not go well with majority of the public

"What is the brand trying to imply?That Dirt is good.I would not let my child get near dirt.He'll stay indoor,"said one Mr Jamal.Another member of the public,"With the ongoing current criminal activities(kidnapping),how do you expect  my child to get outdoors?"Lyn  also had to sound off,"If the children are not getting hurt, they are messing their clothes and who knows they might get 'homa'?There were a lot of misconceptions at that time.Some even said that it was a plan by omo to increase their sales at the expense of their children's health.
What next after getting dirty?Omo offers the solution because it purges the hard to remove stains.That was when the perception of the public changed.They're started fathoming what omo was trying to push.
  All in all,omo achieved its intended mission.First step was to create a controversy to get the people talking and once the brand is on everybody's mouth,omo proceeds the next step to offer a solution or push its intended mission.What a strategy?Well played
Up to date,the campaign is one in many that has remained etched in people's minds 




We work overtime with the ultimate goal of finding a perfect place for shade,Money trees.(Financially comfortable).I was digging up on the internet and came across a website where people from all walks of Life converge  in search of wisdom and Health

Some of the topics raised in the wazua page

Since no one has the monopoly on information when it comes to creating wealth, Wazua is the ultimate place share,learn and 'blow'(thrive).
All ideas and conversations on creation of wealth are continuously flowing.There are also the investor articles,market data ,discussions on stocks,bonds,offshore investment and the overall economy.SMEs are also in the mix.



•Put GOD first in everything you do.
Pray that GOD guides you from day to day and always stay true to HIS ways
•Dont compare your life with other people's
Dont even think of comparing your life to others.This might or can kill your VIBE and lead to low self esteem

READ ALSO: "In Every Seed there is a tree"-Dr Myles Munroe
•Stay Positive
Positivity is KEY!!Positivity in

biznerati 7th Edition
your heart will increase your happiness by a thousand fold.Positivity boosts your self esteem.
•Make Peace with your past
They always say your past will come haunting you.So in order to prevent karma, make peace with your past and start as a revitalized person.
•Stop Overthinking
  Overthinking ruins your happiness.Stop overthinking and let the brain get some bed rest.
  A smile a day keeps death away.SMILE If you can.Its all Good.
•Unlock your full potential
Its important to unlock your full potential and exploit it fully.Loving what you do will make you happy
•Share your talent with the world
Sharing is caring.Share your talent with the world.As Dr. myles munroe said "Go to the graveyard and disappoint the graveyard(Go to the grave empty)



Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Little creatures that run the world.Im talking about ants.I was resting under my perfect shade spot on a sunny thursday,chewing on sugarcane and one thing     grabbed my attention
It all started with one ant that came close to my feet .It started 'feeling'on the peel.After 2 minutes,the ant left the spot and I witnessed it leaving a trail.After 10 minutes,i noticed a colony of ants following the trail coming towards my spot.They came and started 'feeling' on the peels.I really enjoyed the little show.This would be followed by other ants following through the same trail  and I loved how they would stop and 'greet' each other.
Any myrmecologist will tell you, chief among an ant’s super powers is its ability to communicate. In fact, ants primarily communicate through the release of chemicals called ‘pheromones’. They’re typically released from the mandibles, gaster and cuticle.
Different pheromones indicate different things, and each species can have their own type of pheromones system. So there’s one chemical, or mixture of chemicals, that indicates danger, one for foraging and so on. Ants detect these pheromones using their antennae, and they’re pretty good at it. Let’s say you’re at your favorite chill spot. You’re unwrapping that biscuit and you see one lone ant.Just know you are about to be flanked by a thousand other ants.Once the lone gets the biscuit crumb,it releases pheromones and the sweeter  the crumb the greater the scent of Pheromone.If the lone ant senses danger,it releases a pheromone that other ants will 'decipher'.After 'feeling' on the crumb,the ant will create a trail that will be used by the other  'incoming' ants and the incoming ants will reinforce the trail and will stop on the way to 'greet' one another.
Don't you just Love the modulatory communication?I can watch ants do their thing all day :-)

Something we can learn about ants ;
2)Team work
Among others.Hope you learn something.


Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Who else thinks the Alphabet(Google's new Parent company) URL and minimalistic page design screams majestic?Well, Google has a new parent company,
Alphabet( Awesome,doesn't it.

Along with the new name,Alphabet, some of Google’s businesses are splitting off to become their own separate companies under Umbrella 'Wing 'Alphabet just similar to the regular modern day SBUs. Google’s core Internet business will stay Google. But some of its crazier ventures will now exist on their own under Alphabet giving the leaders of the ventures wings of independence and installing deep roots of responsibility at the same time.

As Larry Page puts it ,"Alphabet is about businesses prospering through strong leaders and independence. In general, our model is to have a strong CEO who runs each business, with Sergey and me in service to them as needed. We will rigorously handle capital allocation and work to make sure each business is executing well. We'll also make sure we have a great CEO for each business, and we’ll determine their compensation."
  This is a smart move and I know The company will leverage on the 'SBUs' 


Start every morning with this prayer, and you will find yourself in a more positive mood, and have a better day.>>>>>>  WATCH 


Madness on the Road: >>> VIDEO 



A video of Kenyan Women Locked up In Saudi Arabian Detention Center, Tarlhill upto 160 women mostly from The Kenyan Coast and Central Kenya. Some have been locked in for up to 6 Months. They are not provided with pads, necessary necessities, others could be seen scratching their skin that could have resulted from the harsh conditions. The sanitary issue is a disaster!Watch the Video on the button below!


Monday, 10 August 2015


I bet you came across a story of How   A Bunch of Bananas led to the temporary Shut Down of  A supermarket?Sounds Unbelievable right?
  Well,this was after  a nest of the  World's dangerous spider according to World Guinness Book of records ,the wandering spider,was found on the bunch of bananas by a family who  bought the bunch from the supermarket.According to the Guardian ,this sent the family into panic and was forced to flee but it was later  found out that  the spider eggs were not of a dangerous species. The supermarket on the other end was closed then reopened after no spider was found.

  Rather than building a web like other common spiders do,to catch its prey, the dreaded spider hunts insects, small mammals on the jungle floor.In the event it is confronted by an enemy,it activates its 'defense mechanisms' and the end result is you getting bitten. During the day they hide inside termite mounds, under fallen logs and rocks, and in banana plants.


 Image Credit 

Chemicals on Its venom are currently being isolated and studied carefully for use in erectile dysfunction treatments after it was found that a single bite from one of the spiders can give male victims a painful 4-15 hour erection.The unwanted erection comes as a side  effect and its often  accompanied by pain and discomfort.(priapism)and at times leads to Death.It gives the victims an erection which then leads to death of the victim.
In the meantime,if you happen to come across the  wandering spider,Run and never look back!!

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Saturday, 8 August 2015


I guess you watched this viral video on an RC plane who's wing is removed with CGI while its on air and it manages to stay in air one winged then at the end the plane lands safely and the pilot comes out safe and sound.Too Good to be true,right?
Well turns out this viral video was fake and it was a ploy by a  German clothing company. The plane at the end ( which is real ) was digitally altered to look like the RC plane.Well,its  logically and practically impossible to fly with single wing under any circumstances ,even kite will fall if its fly with single wing and no one
can control it.So was this a marketing ploy?
Yes,this was  a ploy.After the VIDEO went viral,The German clothing company Killathrill  website stats rose up to 100,000 views from unique websites.Also the one winged had a killathrill label on it which tells us who is behind it .  Watch the Making of the viral video 
Well,marketers there you go..You can leverage on such ploys.


Wednesday, 5 August 2015


Are you tired of cases where lecturers don't show up after preparing for the classes?Are you a lecturer and want to migrate from analogue to digital lecturing?Well, Biznerati got you covered.
    All you need is the use of podcasts.A Podcast is a digital audio file that can be automatically downloaded from the internet once the user subscribes.This digital audio file could be an online radio show or even business. Podcasts have proved a success for bloggers and most 'underground' radio shows.All you need is to get a podcasting host and your tools. 

RELATED:Key to scaling your lecture capture 
1) It  allows students to cover the material at their own pace.
2)It also serves as a  tool to encourage tech adoption amongst the tech illiterate.
3)It also provides a flexible learning experience among the students as it gives students access to video, audio recordings of many of their past relevant  lectures.
4)The students can listen at their own time
5)Each lecture is automatically downloaded directly into the student's File explorer hence the student is always abreast with the unit's content

Fair use

We need to make all universities aware of the benefits of Digital note taking technologies,Don't you think?

Sunday, 2 August 2015


Lost in a museum


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you've lost touch with your schoolmates during a school trip to a museum and stranded ,undecided on where and what to do?Well,I bet many of us have gone through such a situation or a similar one?But thanks to Apple,you'll never get caught up in such a situation.
In 2013,Apple came up with a technology called Ibeacon  that uses Bluetooth low energy(BLE) communication to transmit a
universally unique identifier picked up by a compatible app or operating system. The identifier can be used to determine the device's physical location  or trigger a location-based action .  Now back to the situation I mentioned earlier.You've just lost touch with your schoolmates on a school trip to the museum and stranded.Now this is what you can do.You need to go to the administrator of the museum ,they'll give you their Ibeacon detector app.Once your IOS Device installs the app and running the app, it can be programmed to look for the museums UUID(identifier). When it detects it, it looks at the major and minor values and can determine which of the museums your classmates are in as well as the room the you are in.This is only  possible if the museum has placed  an  Ibeacon that acts as a transmitter.
When the museum app  picks up a transmitter(present in the room your classmates are in)containing the museum UUID of “122549566-18S1-1GE1-B3A1-25F8135C7D21″ and a major of 1 and minor of 16, it knows the schoolmates are in the museum and in room 16 of that museum.
Easy,isn't it?Think of supermarkets that could put them around the shelves so you can more easily find products.


example,you visit a supermarket to buy snowdent toothpaste  and already  the snowdent team had given you their ibeacon detector app,you run it on your IOS device and start detecting and picking up the  transmitter offers.The beacons placed at the snowdent  shelves will start transmitting to your IOS Device indicator the place they are and on which row or column they are located.Once your IOS device (acting as the receiver)picks up the transmitter 'broadcast' or 'offers'.You'll be able to get the physical location the snowdent product is located.Saves time,isn't it?
The protocol uses the Bluetooth Low Energy communication and it can work with your ordinary bluetooth(4.0) providing your operating system is compatible.My hope is that businesses pick up the use of the ibeacons or even buy the beacons(  iBeacon-compatible hardware transmitters) that can be bought from various vendors like cubeacon e.t.c



So I guess I'll tell the whole story. Me and this guy, we'll just call him Christopher, have been talking for about two  months. We started  on

flirchi,traded numbers then we started texting each other a lot.(6 times a day)We decided we should plan a trip to Miami South Beach, so we did and a few days ago was our first time meeting. This is how it went:

So I had a few things to do that morning but they all ended up back firing. So since i couldn't do anything I planed I ended up at our meeting place 30 minutes earlier than expected. So I waited until 11:30 rolled around (the time we were supposed to meet) and nothing. (I had broke my phone 2 days earlier so I couldn't text or call him) 10 minutes went by. Nothing. 20 minutes. Nothing. I almost left but I told myself I would at least wait an hour. About 40 minutes later he shows up. I wasn't too upset about it, he said he woke up late which means it took him longer to get stuff done at his job than he thought. All was forgiven.

We start driving to MSB and the first

thing i notice about him is that he's super quiet. I was the only one keeping the conversation going. Which was annoying. He did say he was bad at making conversation but who's really that bad at it?? When we arrived it got a little better. We would get into long conversations that felt natural and flowed well but when the conversation died, it was dead and gone. I'd try to start a new one but he'd just be very short with his responses and seemed uninterested. He would even sometimes say nothing at all like I would point out some things and he would just sit there quietly. I hated that, is it really that hard to find something to say or respond with. I mean, when you're getting to know someone, you try right? I felt like he wasn't trying that much. I had to ask him the same question four times before he responded and his response was a very annoyed "I don't know." He did end up Googling a bunch of questions to ask me which was fun.
We ended up doing that for the rest of the time. Those conversations flowed naturally and turned out to be pretty hilarious due to some of the questions. So we laughed a lot. We're both very sarcastic so we'd banter back and forth.
But sometimes I felt like he was very inconsiderate. He wouldn't ride some of the rides that I really wanted to ride, no matter what I said. I know most people would do it anyway but he was adamant about it. He was even kind of jerkish about it. I told him something (i forgot what it was) and he just clapped his hands and said "good for you".
But, apart from all the bad things, most things were great. He was funny and fun to talk to (when he would actually talk). Ironically our time there was like a roller coaster. We had awesome highs where everything was amazing, then really low lows where everything sucked. When I think back on our time I almost want to forget all the bad moments and just remember the good one because with just the good ones, everything was perfect.
Unfortunately there were too many signs that pointed to him being uninterested in me. I'm not stupid, so I can tell when someone is interested and when they're not. I think He just went along with it because he had already paid for the ticket so why not enjoy it while you're there, right? I get that he wanted to be nice without sending the wrong message so he kept his distance. He would literally stand across from me. And when I was in line to get some ice cream, he just wondered off. He wondered off after getting off every ride too. He wouldn't even wait for me, I'd have to catch up to him. And he didn't stand by me or anything. If that doesn't scream "I want to be nice to you but I don't want you to think I like you" then I don't know what does. I've never once met a guy that was interested that acted like that. They wouldn't be shy about holding my hand or wrapping their arm around me. But this guy was just off in his own little world. It just sucks that I spent 2 1/2 months really falling for this guy, only to have it backfire.
So after that terrible experience, I figured "I just won't text or call you and you won't text or call me, and we'll leave it at that" Low and behold. He texted me. So now im confused. If I didn't like someone I would just leave it alone and let it die so why would he bother trying to talk to me. And the funny part is, when i tried to let the conversation die, he just kept trying. Which he didn't do before.
So I really want a guys perspective on this. Am I reading the signals wrong or something, I mean, He appeared totally uninterested when we met, or are guys just like that? I'm not the kind of person to read between the lines of someones actions. I take them at face value. If you stand far away from me that means you don't want to be close to me, plain and simple. I don't take that and think "Well maybe he wants to seem like (fill in the blank, i dont know lol)" So am I reading his signals wrong? What does his actions mean?

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1)Avoid too much fat in your diet
2)Move that body(Exercise)
3)Increase your intake of 'kienyeji' foods and decrease the intake of fast foods
4)Avoid smoking
5)Avoid alcohol or limit its intake
6)Adopt healthy eating habits

 Image source 
7)Stay away from aspartame
8)Limit consumption of cured meats


Saturday, 1 August 2015


Mziiki App by spice is the next big force in combating music piracy. Mziiki Service focused on african content.Its encrypted in a way that the track cannot be used outside the app.The content is stored on a cloud.
Almost 800 artists are currently signed to spice.When downloading the music from the app,the file does not go to your smartphone's download folder .
Sending downloaded music via bluetooth to friends is an artist's worst nightmare.On a positive connotation,it helps the artists get viral but it really pays in terms of pay per download.Mziiki does not let you send the 'downloaded' music to your friend so you'll have to stream the music and can also download the music for offline use.
Could this be the ultimate solution to music piracy?


The streaming app Mziiki now allows you to download songs and keep them inside the app for offline listening. Yes, you will be able to download and listen to your favorite songs even without Internet.