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2)Hilarious Tongue twister |
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From viral star to brand ambassador for telecoms giant Etisalat Nigeria,that's the story of one Frank Odega known for saying,“Gerrarra Hia Mehn Shiiiiiiiii” Watch the Gerrarahia viral clip
Frank Odega  became a viral sensation with his popular clip being shared by huge celebrities.He has since then been featured on music videos and now he is  a brand ambassador of a telecom giant.This goes to prove how social media got that magic.
Here is a video of him that I recently came across.I loved the video.Hope you do 

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Monday, 21 December 2015



Location: Morroco

  Man walks past a woman in a green kaftan bending over by a motorcycle and casually squeezes her bum.What follows next is 'tragic'.Woman spins around  just in time and delivers a big Jab that sends the man to the floor.The man lays still on the floor for seconds.See for yourself 


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Wednesday, 16 December 2015


Running into an ex after a breakup is never a pleasant thing especially when the relationship ended badly. It can be awkward, and even painful, but sometimes it’s just unavoidable.
On a light note, running into your ex  can be an opportunity to heal things.I came across 
This video that made me laugh out loud.The video gives you a tip on what to do in case you run into an ex


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Saturday, 12 December 2015




 Pronunciations!pronunciation!!Watch how he pronounces helicopter.





Learning Life lessons the Hard way .Watch this video of A father teaching his son life lessons the hard way




Watch this hilarious video of a Ugandan passenger who struggles to get out of his safety belt



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Tuesday, 8 December 2015


It's a known fact that Onions are way too smelly and make you cry but they have a good side too.
I remember way back when my grandma used to boil an union in tea and give it to me to drink whenever I had a common cold.And just like the common cold would vanish.I also witnessed a neighbour who used to take raw onions as an escort whenever he was having breakfast."Mbona unakula kitunguu kwa chai?"(Why are you taking onions together with tea?I would ask him.He would respond by handing me a plate of raw onions together with a cup of tea which I struggled to take.He would proceed to lecture me on how it cleaned the nasal cavity and also chest congestion issues.

Cup of onion tea

Well,onions have a far much better side despite the smell  ;

Remove rust from knives
Onion really come in handy in removing rust from knives.Carefully pass the rusted part into the juicy part of the onion 5-6 times and wait for the outcome.

Keep frost off your car windows
Smash cut onions into a bucket of warm water ,stir and then sprinkle the solution on your car window.Leave it overnight and you'll wake up to sparkled  windows and zero streaks


Monday, 7 December 2015


Ever wished of doing business anywhere,Connecting with like-minded people and helping your business grow more further?Well,here is an app that does fulfills that.LIVELUVO
LiveLuvo  is a community network for local commerce that gives you the golden opportunity  to realize your potential in real time.
With liveluvo,one can post an offer of a service, skill, product or knowledge to the LIVELUVO community.One can also explore opportunities offered by others  based on your interests and current location.'Contextuality' is key.One can also trade.One can also lookout for  Internship opportunities.Promote your institution.Aside from the business side,one can also
Chat with friends and relatives

All you need to get started is download the app DOWNLOAD LINK Sign up with your mobile number  and setup a profile that shows your vocation, interests, knowledge and skills then start connecting.Grow your business




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A medical clinic

Over the years,There has been a problem of accessing quality healthcare for all.There has been a high anticipation of a revolutionary product that would create access to quality healthcare for all.Well,today, Safaricom  launched #Mtiba , a ground breaking #healthwallet in partnership with PharmAccessOrg and CarePay.

According to ,
#MTiba is a health payment platform  that will deliver a mobile health wallet that channels health-related donor funds directly to recipients." funds will be placed in specialized health wallets through M-Pesa and their use will be restricted to conditional spending at select healthcare providers who form part of a nationwide M-Tiba network. Donors, governments and other funders,will receive real-time access to monitor the use of their funds"-(

According to the World Health Organization, about 5% of Kenyans are pushed into poverty each year because they have to pay expenses for their illness. #MTiba Offers a mobile wallet specific for healthcare expenses


Many Kenyans
s live  miles away from the nearest clinic or even health centres and upon arrival must wait in long queues upon and still have to pay a fee which majority cannot afford.But thanks to  #MTiba this will be a thing of the past as #MTiba will allow services to reach previously inaccessible areas.
One impressive thing I like about M-Tiba is the full transparency on the use of  funds.Imagine you've donated funds to your target beneficiary,then 2 months later you check on your target beneficiary only to find him or her in that same state?Devastating,right?But with M-Tiba ,Donors will  be able to receive real-time access to monitor the use of the funds they've  donated and also the use of the funds will be restricted to conditional spending at selected health care providers who form part of the network.I hope the selected health care providers will provide quality and affordable health-care  to the recipients.
Well,I just find it amazing how technology is  enabling every citizen to access more healthcare.Though, Access to health insurance and healthcare services still remains difficult,I can say we are on the road and it's  just a matter of time.



Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Haa!So  today afternoon I was joking around with my dog and just randomly made farting noises with my mouth around her and she got so scared, to the point where she stopped chewing the bone and gave me that "Wth". The look on her face made me burst out with laughter.She immediately started barking out loud and came 'charging' at my direction.I had to stop the farting noises,and when I did that she became friendly.
Why are dogs scary of farting noises?Like in my case,the dog was scared of the farting noises I made by mouth. I think it's because the dog was so used to my normal voice and she  didn't recognize the strange noises(farting noise) coming out of my mouth.
Could be the dog was scared that it was not really me and that I might have been invaded and changed into someone else. Scary stuff for a  little dog,and that's why it came 'charging' towards me.
Usually,the dogs tend to be scared when they can't comprehend the noise and this leads to the barking.Watch the video of my dog reacting to strange noise


Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Using a mobile phone before going to bed could stop you from getting a decent night's sleep, A research suggests.
A study That was carried out by Sweden's Karolinska Institute and Wayne State University in the US suggests radiation from the handset can cause insomnia, headaches and confusion. This study is the most comprehensive  and was funded by the cell phone industry. Published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium and funded by the Mobile Manufacturers Forum, representing the main handset companies, it has caused serious concern among top sleep experts over the "more than sufficient evidence" showing that the radiation "affects deep sleep".

The scientists concluded: "The study indicates that during laboratory exposure to 884 MHz wireless signals components of sleep believed to be important for recovery from daily wear and tear are adversely affected."( Read the whole study)
Could there be some truth?Well,I recall one time I received a 13 minute call before going to bed and I couldn't just explain what happened after.All I know was ,I was having headache.How I got the headache I still don't know.Could there be a link between the 13 minute call and the headache?
Well,if I can refer to the study,then I think I now know the answer. Here is a  Thermographic image of your head after a 15 minute call 
.Could the same have happened to me after the 13 minute call?


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May be I'm electro sensitive or maybe I'm not but one thing I will be doing is to minimize the cellphone radiation exposure.And from the study suggestion
  "This research suggests that if you need to make a phone call in the evening it is much better to use a land line, and don't have your mobile by your bedside table."


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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Kissing bug could bring kiss of death while you are asleep

Have you ever woken up early in the morning only to feel some swollen lymph nodes on your body or even swollen lips or eyelids??Well,there is a need to worry.You need to visit your nearest hospital as you might have been a victim of the 'Kissing Bug'.
Kissing bug has been present as from early as the 1880s.In 1889,The washington post called it an epidemic on its headline.The chagas disease brought about as a result of the kissing bug was killing many people as at the time.It


was presumed that in the event that you had swollen eye lids ,lymph nodes e.t.c then you were suffering from the disease.It was an epidemic.This prompted a widespread witch hunt for the kissing bug.The efforts proved successful and they succeeded in purging the kissing bug.
However,in 2005 there were cases of the kissing bug again.Its very hard to know the time of the infection since it can take years for the chronic aspect of the disease to be realised. The bug emerges at night when the victim -to- be is asleep.

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when you wake up and happen to scratch the site of the bite causes the trypomastigotes to enter the host through the wound.
() Once inside the host, the trypomastigotes invade cells, where they differentiate into intracellular amastigotes . The amastigotes multiply by binary fission and differentiate into trypomastigotes, which are then released into the bloodstream. This cycle
is repeated in each newly infected cell.(source:wikipedia)
So this continues in a while till the day the host meets his or her death either through heart failure(due to the enlargement of the ventricles) or brain damage.
  During the day, the kissing bug hides in crevices in the walls.Time to do a thorough search for them.

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Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Walk around the streets on a normal day and you'll never miss to come across s omeone with earphones,earhooks or even headphone.Its sad many peoples way of life is now built around these accessories.It’s socially acceptable to have a cell phone and be contactable 24/7.Which brings my question,aren't we risking brain tumors and even cancer?


I had plans of purchasing a Bluetooth headset since I felt it would make my life much more easier but after learning of the dangers associated with bluetooth technology I quickly ditched the plan.I learnt that by using the Bluetooth stereo piece,one is being exposed to cell phone radiation and bluetooth radiation being emitted by the Bluetooth headset. You’re better off using a wired headset than a wireless one.
Then I quickly had to drop the habit of using my earphones in answering incoming calls.
Also it depends what your headphones are connected to.Since answering calls using your wired headset could increase your exposure to cell phone radiation.Most wired headsets  Wire has metal in it.
This metal conducts the radiation coming from your cell phone allowing it to travel up the wire and into your head while receiving your call.
Risk factors for cancer and tumors caused by radiation sources are directly proportional to exposure levels.I find it weird how the more we embrace the  gadgets coming into our hands,the greater our lifespan reduces.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015


You've probably come across QR Codes on product boxes,newspapers,posters e.t.c.Have you ever tried to scan the code using your smartphone?I bet you haven't probably 'cause you don't have the scanning app.Get the app from Google playstore.Then open the app and

After that,You'll be able to access the information held in the QR code .Very easy.

QR Codes have always come in handy for marketers.It has offered a cool way for effective marketers to grab their potential audiences
targeting them with optimized advertising.
The widespread adoption of
smartphones Has led to the QR code’s expansion into the marketing industry. However,QR codes are vulnerable to malware hijacks.A malicious hacker can use These QR Codes to malicious purposes.Could be to drive malware into the the target's smartphone.Talking of malware,did you read on the The Dridex malware  ?


Go to the 'settings' button QR code scanner app and tap on 'not to allow direct visiting of websites'.If you give direct access to websites offered in the QR codes,then you are at risk 'cause in the case a malicious hacker hijacks a genuine QR code or generates a malware-contained QR code then your smartphone will be affected by the malware.
QR codes can also be used in cheating.Write a text about a topic,generate the QR code then use the QR code scanner app to decode the topic(in code form).You can also convert the QR code to PDF and also bluetooth to your partner in Cheating .DISCLAIMER:Cheating in exam is illegal.Dont be found doing it
CAUTION:Dont go around scanning every QR code you see around.


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Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Ever been a victim of of MITM ?I Have been a victim three good times.This has happened on my twitter account.The first time i logged in i was taken to undesired webpage and a disturbing message on it which read [b]
First time i didn't know what this meant .I later found out a couple of weeks later that this was a man in the middle attack.What if i could have been doing an online banking transaction i would probably been paralysed by
now.Man in the middle attacks have proven to be a success.The atm fraudsters are stopping at nothing ..Remember ,How the banks were caught
unaware.To jog your mind a little bit,the fraudsters used spyware and keyloggers to steal confidentialbanking information of the potential victims to later use it on him or her.Many banks lost billions..You can read it all on the link provided
above.This latest style may give the banks the wake up call and make the banks step up their game to enhance secure
transactions.Peep my next post


Image cred
Remember when there was a DDOS attacks on WordPress sites? here is the link in case you missed .
DDOS (Distributed Denial Of service) attacks can result in Heavy financial drains,especially if they’re launched against the website of a company that relies heavily on online service for its business operations. However, as far as hacktivist attacks are concerned, I don’t know of any operation relying on DDOS attacks that has made a difference, one that has influenced political or business decisions.
For instance, a few years ago, Anonymous hackers ( Operation payback) launched a massive DDOS attack against PayPal after the company decided to stop processing donations to WikiLeaks. But paypal did not change its stand on the issue.
Then there was the Mega upload Ddos attack.DDOS attacks were launched but mega upload site was never brought up.Should DDOS attacks be considered legal or no?
In my own view,i think These types of attacks should be
treated as legal as they are a form of protesting against justices just like ‘occupy’protest.
Picture this,a business company is acting unfairly to its customers,legal means have been used to deal with the issue but the business company is not able to stoop low to the suggestions being
made.What do you do?A ddos attack is launched and after that the business will have
changed its way of operating.Feels like blackmail?From the  company's perspective.There have been massive ddos attacks in the recent past.Remember the
wordpress ddos attack?
Another massive campaign that relied on DDOS attacks
was the one launched against several US government and anti-piracy outfits after the shutdown of Mega upload in January 2012.While this was one of the biggest DDOS
attack operations launched by hacktivists,no one
said “OK, let’s restore Megaupload
because people are unhappy.”
.However,whats peculiar is the aftermath of ddos attacks?There  is always no change.Its time ddos be taken seriously and be recognised if its done on a right purpose not a selfish purpose      


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Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Biznerati looks at the latest mode of personal transportation
•The mode is gaining traction
The Future of Personal Transportation has arrived!.Just like the skating boards,the phunkee duck is is going to revolutionize the
way people travel for the better.The Only difference from the skate board is that the phunkee duck spews light acting as headlights at night.
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You've probably seen celebrities in them.From Wiz khalifa,
brown,Kendall Jenner and many others.

At a top speed of 12 MPH, trust the Phunkee Duck to get you at your workplace,school or destination on time.The good thing also is that One charge will last for over ten miles,great,isn't it?
Just similar to vehicles,only that the fuel in this case is replaced by charge.I must say this is the greatest product in the self transportation Field. Tweet

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Saturday, 31 October 2015


Image from

Virtual reality headsets could be the hottest gadget in the smart world right now and even in the years to come.Users of the headsets have boasted about the nirvanic experience.Users are taken to a virtual world made possible by the VR headset where they are totally immersed into the virtual reality.Could this be the next big thing ?

Well,according to me VR headsets are going to be the next big thing.This is because the VR can be used to enhance consumer entertainment ,theraphy,gaming experience and many others.VRs (virtual reality headsets)can be used to enhance consumer entertainment as consumers of the headsets are able to explore the new world(virtual) ,a creation of the VR headsets.A user talked on how he was on a flight and the plane was flying above the skies when the plane started experiencing blackouts.Thats when he came to the real world.The user said this was pure entertainment.Another user talks of how he walked into a place full of beautiful roses arranged well in a garden.Then there was a blue sea and everything was cool and the environment was serene.The user explained the experience as nirvanic.
VR headsets are also enhance the gaming experience.Gamers can wear the headset then get Totally immersed in the Gaming world.For example Football games.When one puts on the headset they get totally immersed in the game.The VR headsets increase the gamers experience by a thousand fold.Expect the VR headsets in more gaming activities.
Virtual reality also enhance theraphy.This theraphy can be for the people with anxiety disorders,post-traumatic stress and even bipolar disorders.It also relates to the third eye meditation i mentioned on my blog before.If you have an anxiety disorder just put on the headsets and be prepared for a nirvanic experience.The whole virtual reality thing relieves your stress and even anxiety and you come out strong,calm and stress free person better than the person you were before entering the VR.This relates very much to the third eye meditation where you open your 'third eye'. READ MORE- Third eye meditation
Now,can someone develop an VR app?I'm 100% that the developer of the VR app will totally make a 'kill'  Tweet

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Friday, 30 October 2015


* Biznerati looks at the hottest  product in the market
*How a consumer can differentiate a genuine and counterfeit product
Goldkey is a product i can say acts like a scratch card,just like sticking a scratch card to a product only that in this case the scratch card
contains a number that contains all the important details of the product which can be accessed after a potential buyer of a certain product  scratches to reveal a digit number after which he or she follows the prompts.
Talking of prompts,These are the prompts you should follow to ensure the product you are buying is real:
1)Look out for the scratch off panel on the
product package.Gently rub off to reveal the pin
2)Go to www.1393.Co and your browser will
direct you to


where you'll proceed to enter the pin then send to the short sms special code

VOILA!!!!!! Thumbs up to mPedigree network ,continue with the same spirit
mPedigree=Bringing quality to life
But notice this can be achieved if product companies can work hand in hand with the network(mPedigree).
Are you a product company
tired of all the counterfeits (replica products)and want to realise your proceeds then contact and bring quality into life. Tweet


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Image credit
Just learnt  that Guinness World Record holder and famous bulldog Tillman has died at the age of 10.
All I can say is that Tillman lived life to the fullest,holding a Guinness world record for fastest 100m on a skateboard by a dog and even entertained in the streets with the skateboarding skills.
Here are some of the videos on Tillman; Tweet

>VIDEO 1(Guinness world record) 

>VIDEO 2 (Tillman surfing) 

VIDEO 3(Tillman skimboarding)  

  Life well lived.RIP Tillman

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After getting equipped with Dr. Myles Munroe 7 principles of the Eagle ,here are some traits one can pick from a hen
1 A good planning ; She first lays enough eggs before sitting on them.Mobilize the resources you need before you embark on your dream.
2.Focused; When She starts sitting on her eggs,she minimizes mobility.She's focused on what she has planned.After drawing your blueprint,the next step is to stay focused.
3. Self denial;While sitting on her eggs,she  rarely feeds:She's focused on her eggs.:-) In the journey to fulfilling your dream,there are some things you'll be forced to deny yourself.
4.Sensitive :She detects unfertilized eggs and rolls them out.You should be able to purge fake friends out of your life and surround yourself with  people who bring out the best in you.
5. Protective Love No one can touch her chick:She gives the chick security from intruders.
Same applies to you,protect your dream from intruders.Ignore cynics.
6.Mentorship:She mentors her chicks and can't abandon them before they mature.Same applies to a parent,its the responsibility to give their children "wings of independence and deep roots of responsibility" Tweet
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Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Did you know that pineapple juice
1)Can serve as an anti-biotic
2)Make the skin radiant
3)Can suppress coughs 7times more than the cough syrup
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"Biznerati bro,I'm not feeling good today.Got this fever,cover for me,"Davis requests."Are you sure it's not Malaria?I could get you some tablets, you know,"I respond."I'm not sure about that,all I know is that I have this mild fever."Lets try  Fyodor Urine Malaria Test."I suggest."Do you have the dipstick kit?"He asks."No,lets visit the clinic."
30minutes later we are at the clinic.Davis is given the dipstick and minutes later he comes back with a smile saying its  negative.No malaria.Thats a relief.We head back home satisfied.
Unlike Davis,there are many others who take matters into their own hands and are always fond of diagnosing themselves at the slightest sign.A fever is enough for them to conclude that they are suffering from Malaria.They proceed to purchase tablets.This could pose a health risk on the individuals. But thanks to  Fyodor's Urine Malaria Test (UMT), currently in clinical validation,which is indicated for use in individuals who present with fever suspected of being malaria  

The Great news is that It is equipped with  mPedigree's cellphone technology . According to myjoyonline
"The mPedigree cellphone technology element multiplies the benefits several fold by ensuring that all UMT Broad kits are carefully tracked through distribution channels safely into the hands of patients in all households that need them, however remote"
   Patients text a special ID on the pack to register the kit before use via the toll-free SMS hotline, 1393. Patients thereafter receive instant logs via free text messages containing authentication, traceability and customer service information. Once registered, the UMT kit enters an electronic surveillance and warranty program."


Wonderful,isn't it?However remote place you are in,you can still get access to these UMT dipstick kits which can also be used regardless of whether you are trained or not.The only thing you need to do after acquiring the kit is to send  the special  to the  toll sms line.By doing that,the kit will have entered the warranty program and  also the  electric surveillance ID.This will see the purging of fake UMT ,more transparency and also an end to wrongful diagnosis. Tweet this


7000for50000[BASED ON A TRUE STORY]

*George,a villager,is reporting to work.Mind you,this is his first day in the  city
*On the way he gets involved in a Deep Game
*At the end of it all,George never reports to work.
7000for50000 [Based on a true story]
  So this guy ,(George) was walking down the street on the way to workplace first day in the city when this guy who was afew metres infront of him came and suprised him with news that he had come across some envelope containing 50k a man had just dropped a few minutes ago

Excited by the 'breaking news',george suggested the money to be shared equally."To avoid suspicion,lets go to somewhere safe or maybe put it in your bank account then you can withdraw the money and give me my share,"the guy suggested.George nodded."no biggie"."er..before you go how sure am i if you will return back"the guy asked .George replied "My phone can do.Let me leave you with my phone i can also add my ID"

"No need ill just have the phone,I will be waiting here ".The guy replied.George gave him his phone and proceeded to go to the bank.On the way to the bank,questions were running through george's mind.He could hear voices in his head to tell him to run with the money anyway whats 7000 to 50000.So george made up his mind and ran away with the money.
What he didnt know was that he was playing a game.The game was a guy was to drop an envelope containing 50k(1000 on top of bundle 500 at tge bottom and fake money stack in between to make it look somehow heavy).The next guy was to pick and pretend that he has picked and now wants to divide with the victim,and by that the victim would fall easily for the trap
George reached his apartment full of happiness.As he reached out on the envelope.He was shocked.Only 1500 was legit there other bands were fake.He didnt know what to do.He took that as a lesson.Tweet this 

Monday, 26 October 2015



Did you know that too much running can lead to a short lifespan?Well,a  Research study that was done confirmed this.
The enzyme that is released after running a marathon is the same as the one released when there is heart failure.Well,by now you already know what that means.When one runs continously from day to day as much as its perfecting the body and allowing free flow of blood circulation,it could also pose a risk of shorter lifespan on the  downside.
That's why its advisable to not run continuously from day to day.At least a break should be in between.Its healthier to run a comfortable distance.Moderation is KEY.
The fact that there is similarity between the enzyme released after running a marathon and when heart failure occurs is reason enough to stay on the safer side. Tweet


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 Prolonged consumption of overcooked natural foods could have a negative effect on your body  


*Biznerati talks about Fish pedicure
*How it feels like getting a treat from doctor fish
*Is it safe?
Imagine getting your leg 'spa'd' by a fish?Sounds weird.I know.Well,its true and it's a practice common in some spas in Kenya.Its not the ordinary type of fish used,it's the Doctor fish . . Welcome to
Fish pedicure therapy.

The Doctor fish is a fish particularly used for treating skin diseases and it's also used in skin softening.Others call it the epidermis-eating fish.All you need to do is insert your legs on the home-made pond containing thousands of the Doctor fish and relax as the Doctor fish do their work.
The first time you insert your legs on the pond you'll get that 'ticklish' Feeling but with time you'll get used to it.Maybe that 'ticklish' feeling you get is a way of them greeting you or welcoming you for the service.(Giggles)After running your legs deep on the pond for approximately 30mins .You remove the legs from the pond and apply some oil to the skin to soften the leg around the skin further and that way you are good to go

Over the years fish pedicure therapy has been banned in several countries after questions arose of the spread of fungal diseases.With people streaming in to use the therapy,questions rose of how secure they were in terms of health if the same doctor fish were being used for different clients.Because if a doctor fish feeds on the dead skin of the first client, then the 2nd client uses the same water in the tank(pond) and the same doctor fish,wouldn't there be a risk of skin disease or fungal infections??
However,beauty clinics offering fish pedicure therapy defended themselves saying they do not use the same water to different clients.They use filters and are able to change water used and also they check on the client's feet before dunking their feet on the tank(pond)
The fish pedicure therapy service goes for $80 thats approximately sh7000.Next time you are visiting the spa centre ask whether they do fish pedicure therapy.You'll love it .Tweet

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Saturday, 24 October 2015


Exit Intent

Could Li-fi be replacing Wi-fi in the near future?Well,after reports of dangers associated with  prolonged exposure to The RF and Wi-fi low level radiation effect on Patients suffering from EHS reported here ,Li-fi could replacing Wi-fi very soon.But what exactly is Li-fi?
  Light-based wireless communication, coined as Li-Fi by Harald Haas at a TED talk , is a method of internet connectivity that uses flickering the light from a special LED to transmit data . The technology is still being developed by researchers at the University of Edinburgh in the UK, but it already looks like it will be more effective and more secure health wise than
Frequently used Wi-Fi.
  Li-fi spews light out to connect to your smartphone and  laptop.


FILE/Fair use
As compared to  Wi-Fi  which  spews out radio waves in all directions around your home  from a wireless router. When your wireless
device  detects the LED light, it connects to your Light bulb( wireless router) which then connects you to
the Internet.

 Image courtesy FILE/Fair use

However,Li-fi has some potential downsides;
•It operates withing a short range just like you've seen in the photo illustration FILE/Fair use
•High installation costs.You'll need LED light bulbs
All in all the Li-fi is a perfect plan for the house or office:-)


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