Tuesday, 26 May 2015


•Li-fi is a light based wireless communication
It is more secure than Wi-Fi
•However,it has its potential downsides

Could Li-fi be replacing Wi-fi in the near future?Well,after reports of dangers associated with  prolonged exposure to The RF and Wi-fi low level radiation effect on Patients suffering from EHS ,Li-fi could replacing Wi-fi very soon.But what exactly is Li-fi?
  Light-based wireless communication, coined as Li-Fi by Harald Haas at a TED talk , is a method of internet connectivity that uses flickering the light from a special LED to transmit data . The technology is still being developed by researchers at the University of Edinburgh in the UK, but it already looks like it will be more effective and more secure health wise than
Frequently used Wi-Fi.
  Li-fi spews light out to connect to your smartphone and  laptop.


As compared to  Wi-Fi  which  spews out radio waves in all directions around your home  from a wireless router. When your wireless
device  detects the LED light, it connects to your Light bulb( wireless router) which then connects you to
the Internet.

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However,Li-fi has some potential downsides;
•It operates withing a short range just like you've seen in the photo illustration
•High installation costs.You'll need LED light bulbs
All in all the Li-fi is a perfect plan for the house or office.