Sunday, 30 November 2014


Every culture has its idealized woman a standard of beauty that is sought and valorized. And everywhere around the world,
women are altering themselves to achieve the look that is celebrated, from cosmetics to liposuction.And because of that many  darkskinned females are applying skin lightening products so as to appear light skinned because that's what the society today valorized.Women seeking validation in the society which begs the question,Is the society responsible for what our women have become?
         It is the society beauty standards that has transformed into using all means to fit in the threshold.And this is a worrying trend.
In Jamaica, women have come up with some of their own unique, homegrown beauty enhancement techniques.The use of Chicken Pills.
It started from the country and now is spreading like bushfire with more women across the continent embracing it so as to get a  much more Afrocentric body type that is valorized.

     What I find amazing is the degree
to which women will put
themselves at risk to fit an image
that will make them celebrated.Be comfortable in your own skin.Remember you are wonderfully and fearfully made.
    I happened to be at the hospital around two weeks ago and saw 3 ladies in their early 20s.One abnormal  thing i noticed on one of the girls was her unusual big bum.I mean there is a big bum but then this one was way bigger.The 2 ladies assisted the 'big- bummed' take a sit at the patients bench i was sitting as i waited for my turn to go and see the doctor."Now see what you've done for yourself.I warned you from the start  of the side effects of that pill,"one of the lady who had accompanied the 'big-bummed'  scolded at her  in luo."Ok a winj ma ber,line ni ok sudi yawa.A regret marach[i'm not feeling well,the line is not moving i regret badly],said the lady writhing in pain.
      A standby nurse witnessed what was happening and passed by to ask what the problem was."Shida ni gani?"[what's the problem?]
"Huyu alitumia chicken pill.Uneza msaidia,[She used the infamous chicken pill.Can you assist her]"one of the ladies who had accompanied her answered."I ni side effects ya kutumia that,mbebe adi kwa room 07 kisha mutapata daktari,[These are the side effects,carry her till room 07,you'll see the doctor]"the nurse told them.They proceeded to carry her.I felt pity for the young lass.As sombre thoughts were flooding  my mind,i felt a pat on my shoulder.I looked up,"Hey,it's your turn,"a woman with chubby cheeks and that keri hilson smile told me.I entered the room.
       Now onto the main story.Chicken pill has always been used by farmers on their chicken with the sole purpose of making them grow faster.The chicken pill is made up of hormones that alter growth  hormones in chicken and also human beings.That's why farmers use the pill.Like any other pill,the chicken pill has its side effects.The side effects manifest with time.What worries me more is after farmers continue adding chicken pill to the chicken feed,the pills hormones continue to pile up in the chickens  body.Once the chicken is sold and consumed, the piled up hormones now transfer into the human system and you know what that means.I think farmers sold the idea to desperate ladies who needed to get that 'coca-cola' shape.
        Arsenic found to be in the pill is known to cause cancer.Long period consumption of the pill eventually leads to higher levels of arsenic in the  body which eventually leads to cancer.Ladies,it's better to use padded underwears instead of pills to fix your derriere
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Saturday, 29 November 2014


Did you know that iatrogenesis is the 3rd leading cause of death in America??Doctor-induced deaths.A shocking report on iatrogenesis revealed that up to 225,000 patients die annually as a result  of iatrogenesis.Which raises eyebrows and questions on how safe are patients(we) in the hands of doctors.
     According to ,Iatrogenic refers to any consequence of medical treatment or advice to a patient. It also refers to the illness that results from a misdiagnosis and in most cases leads to death.This is often practised by rogue hospitals that are only interested in money and in most cases often physicians often recommend surgery even for the not serious medical cases.The rogue hospitals use this as a cash cow.That's why i advise you to be wise and intelligent enough to know what's happening.
Want to know whether you have been a victim of iatrogenesis??Very easy. Some iatrogenic effects are clearly defined and are recognised with so much ease(For example) a complication following a surgical operation ( e.g.Instead of having a colonoscopy(colon surgery) ,a physician performs a thoracic surgery,now the complication that arises from that medicall error can make you recognize that you've  been 'iatrogenised'.This can often lead to death as one becomes stressed up and suicidal thoughts flood the minds of most victims of this unfortunate act.
The horror movie Sublime is an example of iatrogenesis.

The plot centers on the protagonist George Grieves , who checks into the Mt. Abaddon Hospital for a routine procedure
only to find horrors await him. Awakening from what was supposedly a simple colonoscopy , Grieves is told by hospital staff
that due to confusion arising from similar patient names he was mistakenly given a sympathectomy to cure sweaty palms.[Misdiagnosis alert]>[1st step in iatrogenesis]

As the days tick by Mr. Grieves' post-
operative experiences grow ever more bizarre until he finally realizes that he is caught inside a nightmare of his own creation and seems unable to escape or awaken back in
the real worldg. [The iatrogenic effect]
He understands that
something has gone wrong in his post-operative recovery which is keeping him trapped in this netherworld of manifestations
of all of his worst fears but he understands
neither what the problem is nor what, if anything, he can do to awaken from it.We eventually see his condition from his family's perspective and it appears hopeless.
The doctors explain that there was a
complication during the Sympathectomy which created an air bubble in his bloodstream that
eventually reached his brain and caused so much damage that he ended up in an apparently permanent vegetative state>[Complication arising from the misdiagnosis now manifesting]
He's been dead to the outside world for 10 months and his family is being pressured to remove all artificial means of life support .[Side effects of the medical error on the physician's part]

My only advice to you is to be vigilant while visiting hospital and be well informed of your disease so as to avoid being a victim of iatrogenesis or to avoid being iatrogenised as i like to say


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I bought this Dbest Duo bluetooth mini speakers at ksh 3000 only and so far i'm loving it.What's interesting about this pair is that they magnetically interlock at their bases to form a smart, appealing neat   little tube as you will see in the photis below, the idea being to make them easier to transport when not in use.(portability)
One can also pull them apart much better for listening to music than
speakers that might only be 2 inches apart.
It also comes with a 3.5mm stereo plug which is attached to a microUS -to-USB charging cable.

1)First you switch on bluetooth app on your phone and on the speaker
2)Using your phone, scan for devices so as to pair with the bluetooth on the mini speaker
3)Once its paired,you can play your music from your phone and enjoy the nirvanic moment.

To charge the Duo, you need a powered USB port  plus  it comes with a microUSB-to-USB charging cable that also has a 3.5mm stereo plug, meaning you can wire it
to any player or device that lacks Bluetooth or does not play via bluetooth.

To be honest, I didn't expect much from such tiny speakers, but the pair impressed me with
its loud(noise cancellation), room-filling sound.The feeling that comes with it is NIRVANIC. I'm an audiophile and i strongly recommend this mini speakers

One thing i discovered about the mini speakers,too much volume may rapture the mini speakers probably because of the its small size.
This is a great little set to pack along in a bag or backpack when you want audio that goes beyond
your earphones.

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Yik yak,the anonymous messaging app that has rabble roused thousands of college students.It is this same app that led to the closure of a school for 2 academic days.But just what is Yik Yak.
     Yik Yak founded by Tyler Droll &Brooks Buffington is 13 months shy.It has grown for the last one year since most of its users are college students.The college funkies has helped it(Yik Yak) get the much desired breakthrough 'cause in funkies college students get to mix andd in the process Yik Yak gets a widespread exposure.One controversy with Yik Yak is the fact that the platform has been used to further the cyber bulling menace and this has led to a great uproar and parents are spitting venom on the app with some schools proceeding to ban the app.The app has also been used in exchanging  vulgar texts between partners which corrodes the moral fabric of the society.
  Yik Yak has masked its users and you all know about digital masks?The fact that its users are anonymous has provided a  provided digital masks for bringing out the troll  'game' in more people than expected.This feature has all become a platform for hurling insults in and out.I really hope Yik Yak owners will look at this and
  Fix the issue now that they got $62 million boost.
Despite all the hate,capitalists and marketers are' making a kill' out of the app.That's why Yik Yak is attracting more investors.Why invest in the app that is eroding the moral fabric of the society and acting as a breeding ground for hate speeches?Well,Yik Yak is witnessing a rising number in its user base and investors use this as their blue print.In the near future,Yik Yak will garner over 1million users and this will draw the attention of potential business enterprises and multinational companies which will in turn lead to MONEY.With over 1million users,The app developers can then sell it to a company like a Facebook for like 20 billion.[LAUGHS]Just like an estimate.Talk of Yik Yak being a cash cow.Thats what the investors are eyeing.They'll spend huge monies on the app so when the time is ripe they will reap massively .More and more teen will be eager to join the app because of its anonymity feature since its much fun and one can be reckless and free to post anything on their mind and this is why an increase in its(Yik Yak) is inevitable.Alternatively,marketers can display product ads on the app which is also a cash cow.
Just like bluetooth,Yik Yak is limited to a 1.5 mile radius.The messages on the app are known as Yaks.However,Yik Yak works in only fee phones.Tried accessing it today and was told it was not compatible with my device.Lastly,i wish to congratulate Yik Yak for the $62 million boost it got.Just hoping they use the money to weed out all the bullies and vulgarity on the platform and make it an insult-free/bully-free platform.Will Yik Yak pass the test of time???Only time will tell.For now like they say in the movies HASTA LA VISTA


Monday, 24 November 2014


Slots for Stoners. Call it Marijuana, Cannabis,
Weed, Ganja or Sativa ,pot- *yg voice*it's 4:20! Free as in Free
Weed to Play Daily, it's Chronic Kush.
Stoner Slots PlayStation
☆ Free Slots Game
☆ Fun Sativa Kush Sounds..mmmhh
☆ Not forgetting kind Graphics, All Original
☆ Daily Free Weed
☆ Download Free
☆ Pack this Hookah up tight with

Interesting???I know.




I know everybody dies for  dazzling white teeth.The question is,how can one achieve that dazzling white smile?
  We all do brush everyday but do we get the desired effect?Well,not really.Sometimes i do get jealous of those who possess white dazzling teeth  and wish i had them.I know of friends who have tried in and out to achieve the dazzling white teeth all in vain."I've used different toothpastes but never achieved that,"said James,an industrial worker.Peter,a charcoal burner talked of his struggles to get the dazzling white teeth,"Nimejaribu kutumia makaa since nilisikianga makaa inatoa impurities but bado haijaleta desired effect though imetry kiasi"[I've tried using charcoal since i had it(charcoal)removes impurities but it  has not brought out the desired effect though there was some change]…


   That's just but a few to all those that i talked to.A dazzling white smile makes the difference to your overall beauty and this strongly cements your self confidence and might even land you a marketing job by a big company so to say.Turns out my dream of having white dazzling teeth may soon be a reality,when i finally came across a procedure of whitening  teeth.The procedure has been adapted from irene njoroge column(hair &beauty) on saturday nation
>1)A shade guide is used to check the level of darkness
2)A protective gel is then  applied on the gums
3)Whitening solution is then applied on the gel
4)Then a laser is introduced to commence the whitening
5)Thorough cleansing of the mouth and teeth
6)From there you are good to go and the good thing the effect will have a lifespan of 13 months and beyond.

To achieve the much-dying-for white dazzling white teeth,VISIT :



Thursday, 20 November 2014


The year 2014 is about to fall and here at biznerati wish to take a glimpse of events that culminated in the year.Biznerati is today starting a series of #2014_breakdown.A segment looking at all the events(posts) that made it big in the year.Topping the list on #2014_breakdown is the INFAMOUS YAHOO MALWARE.It almost broke the internet.It all started with:

"There have been reports going round about a thousands of yahoo users being hit by a malware after clicking on the yahoo ads.The malware that found its way in the yahoo ad servers is said to have started on 20th december 2013.
How could the malware find its
way to the ad servers?

.Well,Maybe the yahoo ad team could have been sent a normal ad just like other ads by advertisers .The 'normal ad' might have had the malware in it.
The other question is:
How did the malware manage to escape the filtering stage where ads presented are filtered for
Or maybe the ad system servers
were hacked and the hackers did what they are best at.
However the yahoo spokeswoman in a statement released on friday stated that
they value users privacy and have identified
some of the ads and have deleted and blocked
the ads.The person involved in the attack is
still unknown. READ MORE

.Yahoo staff is
deleting and blocking the poisoned ads.It will
take time to clear them out of the ad server
system.Yahoo takes the users privacy much
more serious and thats why they are blocking
the malware.If you are a mobile user or Mac
apple then you survived the attack .See more
info at <<>>

It is emerging that not only did the Cybercriminals install Bitcoin malware but Also other dangerous malwares such as zeuS
and andromeda.Zeus is designed to steal bank information of the victim.It attempts to steal
personal banking information.Hackers can now control the
infected PCs.I suspect that
bitcoin cybercriminals are behind all these because the PC s have been turned to mine
fields with the criminals mining more bitcoins which will see the value spring up.There is
also adjacking which prompts the user’s browser to click on the ad links milking money from that.

For how long have the users
been affected unknowingly?How did the ads manage to get into the system?Did yahoo team
up with the crooks?Too many questíons few
Its a wrap.That was the end of #2014_breakdown segment.No 1 on the list is done.This is the beginning of the series.NB:This will be done till 31st December 2014.

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Tuesday, 18 November 2014


The good thing about android is that there will always be apps that automatically work on your phone.App developers always tend to build more android app for smartphone users.Business Insider came up with a list of the best android apps that will make your iphone friends jealous.
If your phone has an LED light for
notifications, Light Flow(android app)will let you
assign a custom color for when you
receive a text, email, phone call, calendar reminder, or even when you're running low on battery.Something that your phone needs so much.Amazing.Who wouldn't want a custom.colour for when you receive a text,phone call e.t.c??

This should be in every android user's phone.But i have a problem with phones with android version 2.3.5.A friend tried to install VLC but the media player couldnt be installed.With VLC,you'll have no problem with playing media files in various formats

This is the best launcher so far.With over 200million android users installing,Go ex launcher stands at no 1.I recently installed it and its A1.I can customize my homepage,dock e.t.c.It makes your phone look awesome.


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Monday, 17 November 2014


Ca n you imagine getting your leg 'spa'd' by a  fish?Sounds weird.I know.Well,its true and it's a practice common in some spas in Kenya.Its not the ordinary type of fish used,it's the Doctor fish..Welcome to Fish pedicure theraphy.


  The Doctor fish is a fish particularly used for treating skin diseases and it's also used in skin softening.Others call it the epidermis-eating fish.All you need to do is insert your legs on the home-made pond containing thousands of the Doctor fish and relax as the Doctor fish do their work.
  The first time you insert your legs on the pond you'll get that 'ticklish'
Feeling but with time you'll get used to it.Maybe that 'ticklish' feeling you get is a way of them greeting you or welcoming you for the service.(Giggles)After running your legs deep on the pond for approximately 30mins .You remove the legs from the pond and apply some oil to the skin to soften the leg around the skin further and that way you are good to go.


Over the years fish pedicure theraphy has been banned in several countries after questions arose of the spread of fungal diseases.With people streaming in to use the theraphy,questions rose of how secure  they  were  in terms of health if the same doctor fish were being used for different clients.Because if a doctor fish feeds on the dead skin of the first client, then the 2nd client uses the same water in the tank(pond) and the same doctor fish,wouldn't there be a risk of skin disease or fungal infections spreading??


    However,beauty clinics offering fish pedicure theraphy defended themselves saying they do not use the same water to different clients.They use filters and are able to change water used and also they check on the client's feet before dunking their feet on the tank(pond)
  The fish pedicure theraphy service goes for $80 thats approximately sh7000.Next time you are visiting the spa centre ask whether they do fish pedicure theraphy.You'll love it

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Saturday, 15 November 2014


Earlier in the week,a video clip of a woman being humiliated and stripped naked by a group of men in Nairobi County for allegedly being skimpily dressed went
viral with many blaming matatu touts from the Embassava Sacco for the unfortunate incident.
     The Sacco has however denied any involvement in the incident.  [VIDEO]This infortunate incident has drawn mixed reactions with a majority condemning the action of the touts.It is this week that saw a politician and controversial blogger exchange words.It is also this week that the hashtag #MyDressMyChoice popped up.Onto the main story
     First,you all have been in situations which make you play dead to escape what was to happen to you.For example,police officers.If all your colleagues have been killed and you are the last man standing you'll have to play dead so as to escape the scenario.This what happened to one Beryl
      This unfortunate incident has led to women reacting in different ways for fear of being victims of stripping.This week a lady on Facebook narrates how she was in tights in town waiting to board a bus when 2 suspicious looking men sorround her.On sensing something strange may happen,she goes ahead and pretends to be talking to someone(police officer).The men sensing that she could be a police undercover officer they dissappear into the mammoth crowd.
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Photo credit:Kenya citizen tv

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


FINALLY EUGENE DOES  IT!!Piracy is every musician’s nightmare.Despite all those interventions the internet has continued to render a big blow to artists major effort.Remember when 'oloo' album flopped 'cause by the time emmy kosgei was launching it there were a thousand unauthorised copies in the hands of the consumers.But thanks to the digital age,music artists proceeds from the online services(music platform) look promising.Now onto the main story.

This young man came up with a tool that could bring the musicians some smile on their faces.This tool is aimed at reducing online
piracy.And here is how it works

1.The artist uploads their music to the online platform and to that effect is assigned a userID
and artisteID.
2.The song is converted into a
format designed by the innovator
3.The format that the song is converted into is pirate -free.
So when someone tries to use the file downloaded from the online platform will never use it  for piracy.
Last i checked he was still working on it.It will be ready for use  come next year if everything goes well.Mdundo is now the big thing.With artists signing up and submitting their tracks.Kenyan artists are now embracing the  digital platform.Mdundo allows the users to download music by means of pre-paid scratch cards which means proceeds from the sale of music goes to the artists and this beats music piracy.Artists can also team up with file hosting websites such as waptrick where they get paid per download.The future is bright for kenyan artists

However,piracy can be a boost to up coming artists as through piracy they get to be known.Also it gives them the exposure they need and eventually the much desired breakthrough.Consumers can get the pirated up &coming artist music at low cost.For example,an up coming artist can submit his track to a file  hosting website,later if he's not satisfied  with the proceeds,he or she can allow piracy as a strategy to get that breakthrough.He can allow the pirates take over the wheel and the much desired breakthrough will come.But note that this strategy is only tied to up coming artists.It serves as a demerit to the established artist but a merit to the up coming artist.

As years pass by,kenyan artists can sigh with a relief as now  the 'cancer' that has been present over the years is dying down.

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Monday, 10 November 2014


Just woke up to news of Motivational speaker Myles monroe's death.I am still in shock.Recently about a week ago he was in Kenya doing his work and even had an interview with Jeff Koinange on #JKL show where he talked of challenges and inspiration.Where he talked about how he got his breakthrough and talked about ThE GIFT.He also talked about how we would like to die."The greatest place on earth is the cemetry...I would like to go to the grave empty(after finishing his purpose on earth).Dissappoint the grave yard",He said.

Forbes reported that he alongside his wife and  their only daughter died on the plane crash at the bahamas airport this morning.He will be missed by many especially me.I had the opportunity of watching his Motivational talks on DVD that were so inspiring.

Here are a list of quotes he said on the show:

1)Your prosperity is not on your education but to your gift.

2)Once a tree bores a fruit,it never calls you to take the fruit,its you that goes to it

3)True leaders attract followers

4)The environment does not stimulate the seed to become a fruit

5)In every seed there is a tree

6)Your future is not ahead of you it is in you

7)Your gift is for everybody

8)No job will give you prosperity,
your Work will

9)Whatever you were born to do,it is within you.You need to create the environment just like i did it-Myles monroe

10)Service is the greatest act of leadership

11)Self discovery is the greatest thing in the world

12 )The greatest place on earth is the cemetry

13)Go to the cemetry and dissappoint the graveyard

14)"The greatest act of leadership is what happens in your absence. If everything you've done died with you, you are a failure.True leadership is measured by what happens after you die."

May he rest in Peace.Your talks will always stay in us.RIP

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Sunday, 9 November 2014


A professional drive-by assassination attempt at a defensive driving school. — [Image]by © Louie Psihoyos/CORBIS

Recently you've heard of all motorbikes related crimes and if this trend is not contained then it will get messier.The government should step in and do something about #MotorbikeAssassins
This trend is common in the Coast region where News on imams being victims of this menace.Well in 2012 November,Yemeni authorities came up with laws and tough measures on motorbikes.This was after it was found out Al-Qaeda was using motorbikes for assassination missions and the manner in which the motorbikes enhanced their swift escape.

Away from that,Kenya particularly the Coast region has been marked with Various Assassinations involving use of motorbikes.Recently a muslim preacher was gunned down by men on a motorbike.Could this be the new terror M.O??Well,biznerati thinks so.Terrorists are now changing tactics and motorbikes seems to be the new M.O
One worrying thing about the motorcycles being used in terror and other related crimes is that The number plates are not registered or the number plate is covered with mud which makes the perpetrators get away easily.In some parts of the country it happens in broad daylight.Cases of robberies associated with motorbikes tells it all,which begs the question Are you safe while boarding that motorbike?

There was an incident of a young man(25years shy) was.murdered in cold blood by a motorbike rider.Sources revealed that it was a well organized syndicate that was involved.1year later,biznerati reveals 'behind the scenes'.

Its a syndicate.First ,there is the usual boda boda man.He acts just like the normal boda boda guys.In this case,he's always near the ATM places hawk eye-ing on his next victim.Once you are from the bank and feels like riding on it to your way back home you'll easily slip into his trap.One thing that's common is the time they pounce on unsuspecting users.It always during the dark hours.


So you the unsuspecting victim accepts to ride on the bike on your way home not knowing what is ahead of you.When the ride starts ,the boda boda receives an incoming call and they talk in a different lingo.Little do you know that he's in communicado with his other gang and when you reach halfway he fakes a tyre puncture.Thats when his other gang comes from their hiding place and just like that you done.

The only way to wipe out the trend is to register all the motorcycles and the respective IDs associated with the number plate on a secure database and the area of operation so as to keep accountability awake.This will ensure that motorists work responsibly.
This should be done in all the 47 counties to reduce the levels of terror and other related crimes.

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Saturday, 8 November 2014


What happens when lemon,clove,natural salt and mint are fused into a toothpaste?
Fused with lemon,clove,natural salt and mint, snowdent is the toothpaste you have been looking for in case you've tried all other means to achieve that dental hygiene
Snowdent is unique and it
1: removes stains√
2:Restores natural  whiteness√
3:Strong healthy &gum
4:Super white sparkling teeth

Besides that gives you a guaranteed 24Hours protection.It also has a great flavour while giving your mouth a fresh breath.

I will upload the video review to snowdent very soon.First time i tried it ,the results were A1(excellent).I could feel the lemon taste on my tongue as i continued to brush.Once i finished i felt very fresh.As i was wilding out,i couldnt resist the urge to smile.It comes automatically.You have no control over the smile.It just comes out.
Worth trying .Be sure to bookmark this blog for the upcoming video[WATCH]

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Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Todays #Throwback segment biznerati features Jamaican superstar nyandaBnl of Brick and lace .She's known for releasing banger after banger.Trouble,love is wicked ,slippery when wet e.t.c
Ever wondered how she looked when she was Young???She posted on her insta.Have a look


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Has it ever crossed your mind that the internet can actually collapse?I bet you would never want to wish for such a thing to happen.Well,that question popped up on my mind and i built up a theory that can lead to the collapse of the internet.Ladies and gentlemen,THE HEARTBLEED THEORY BY BIZNERATI!!
       To start with,i guess you are familiar with the heartbleed bug that hit the internet waves on April 2014 affecting upto 1million websites found on Open ssl cryptography.This was the biggest flaw in the history of the internet with conspiracy pointing a hand at NSA.But i guess it was just a conspiracy.The conspiracy points out that NSA had built a bug which went undiscovered for 2 good years and they exploited the bug to steal private info.Just conspiracy but who knows.Onto the main story,Open ssl is an open source software hold across the global to encrypt communication happening over the internet.Heartbleed on the other hand is a bug that affects the open ssl which results to massive passwords,encryption keys and sensituve data being compromised.Heartbleed is also a bug in the open ssl heartbeat extension and you know what that means.
     Internet comprises of 99% communication and most of the communication happening is under Open ssl because Open ssl is preferred due to  the ability of bugs being identified and fixed in due time by experts and public in general.Thats why majority of communication in the internet  is enclosed by open ssl.This comes to the stream of conscious flow i was having about the internet downfall.
       When heartbleed strikes,all the communication in the open ssl is compromised and sensitive information is leaked.Since open ssl is the library used by programmers to encrypt data from the web.So you can picture the impact of heartbleed.This is an advantage to enterprise hackers as they can utilise the information they have at hand for their own gain.The heartbleed bug can be exploited by a hacker or hackers to read blocks of 66KBs from the servers Random Access Memory .The hacker can sift 66KB block at a time till he or she gets all he or she  wanted.That validates my stream of conscious flow.Check it,All the communication done on the internet or most of the communication done over the internet is stored in a memory  on open ssl server.When heartbleed comes it sweeps all the communication stored in the memory  and can be deleted or harm done.
    Heartbleed also leads to a  tsunami of high profile hacks as well.Established organizations with websites are always a target for enterprise hackers.The big question is how the heartbleed came into existence.With reports pointing out that heartbleed was born on 2011 and it came to be realised 2 years later which indicates that thousands of passwords may have been compromised over the 2 years heartbleed still had not been detected.
     However ,the good news is that the bug can be fixed by patching up servers and having an up to date cert and it also does not affect most of the social media sites.
     To know if your website has been attacked by the heartbleed bug,just run the Heartbleed Test page or alternatively if you have an android phone you might as well download the Heartbleed security scanner  that helps detect whether your android device is affected by the heartbleed bug

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Monday, 3 November 2014

Nyanda New single

Had a glance on @nyandabnl 'gram and saw some juicy photos of her upcoming new single
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Sunday, 2 November 2014


Biznerati introducing a new segment #InspirationSundays from this sunday.Make sure to bookmark the blog so as not to miss out.Todays inspiration comes from Bill gates

Some journalist came to visit Bill Gates and during the interview and asked him
"Sir, how did you feel when you made your first 1 billion dollar?
The billionaire turned right but saw no one.All his workers had gone on their daily 1 hour breakbut turning left he saw one diligent worker
moping the floor.

     He called the worker,wrote something on a cheque and gave it
to the man.The man took the check and as he saw his name with 1 billion dollars, the mopping stick immediately fell from his hands,he jumped up so high that he almost hit the ceiling and then ran out of the house shouting like a mad man.

    Then bill gates turned to the jourmalist and said "That was how i felt when i made my first 1
billion dollars.
Prayer: God will send such a helper to you and that you will be
at the right place and time to receive it.
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