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Alright " is a song by American rapper Kendrick Lamar, taken from his third album, To Pimp a Butterfly 

pay per click The video carries a strong message and kendrick delivers it clear-cut.I found some portions hilarious. Kendrick takes shots at the police and even goes ahead to mock them.This is the same video kendrick was shooting some time ago atop a LA traffic pole .I also love the progressive visual flow in the video.Ooh and there is something about the first verse.I really didnt figure out what that was.

One thing i've observed about  Kendrick Lamar's music is that its imaginative, innovative,
and thoughtful conveying a deeper message to the target audience.Watch the video on the link below.Ignore the beat,listen to the message


  To Pimp A Butterfly(album) 


THREE UFOs blasted out of Earth's atmosphere in this shocking footage that is causing quite a stir online. If you've ever had doubts over aliens existence you got to watch this video



Sunday, 28 June 2015


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Give your hands a break next time you are having a spaghetti meal,Get this Twirling Fork that automatically winds up your spaghetti onto its end. However,be careful when you putting the spaghetti in the mouth lest your tongue gets twirled.

Eating spaghetti just got easier

Buy it ($8) 


You can also  [WATCH] a Video  on the twirling fork

Saturday, 27 June 2015



Watch as Bree(that has led to #FreeBree ) takes down the Confederate Battle Flag at the South Carolina State Capitol 




Thursday, 25 June 2015


You got to love old school rap.Old school rap never goes away.From the Likes of  Kantai throwback tracks [LISTEN HERE] ,Its a hard hitting evidence that old school rap was and still ace.Talking about Ace,Have you listened to Eazy E's Gangster beat for the street?Well,I bet you've watched it.Now Dj Fleet came up with a remix that comprises of 2pac,Biggie,ice cube and the game.With such a compilation,you know what to expect.Hit the Watch button

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·A searing heatwave has caused death of up to 800 citizens(cnn reports)
·The options at hand
·The way forward

  Could cloud seeding provide Karachi’s citizens that have been subjected lately to searing heatwave that has claimed over 800 lives according to Cable News network   some respite?
Well,the current situation is really unfortunate and protective measures should be undertaken as soon as possible.Cloud seeding apart from offering a temporary solution has it side effects. Though the method has been common practised in nations like Russia, the method has been surrounded by controversy.For instance,the fear of polluting the masses with the silver iodide used.In the case a large amount of silver iodide is used,then chances of masses getting polluted are high.Also who knows,an innocent civilian may falla victim to the method.Think of it,the damage that would be caused if the sand fails to fragment.


It is expensive to deliver the chemicals to the sky and have these released into the air. Also if  cloud seeding is not properly done it may result to opposite expectations.Remember in the late '80s when Baluchistan govt experimented with artificial rain but when seeded, the clouds  often delivered the rain in Mianwali area(different from the target area) instead of Zhob.(target area).
  Increasing Forest areas covers and Planting Hundreds of thousands of trees is a better and Long lasting solution as compared to Cloud seeding which is costly,harzadious and Temporary solution to the problem.Also the cloud seeding process is time consuming because after seeding into the clouds the participants will have to wait again for a specific period of time to assess the situation.Sometimes the process can be a major flop and lead to untimely death on innocent civilians and destruction of homes just like the huge Russia cloud seeding Flop .

Quick measures need to be put in place to prevent more casualties.Knee jerk reactions might really come in handy during these times.A problem is an opportunity to create an alternative. Tweet 

Tuesday, 9 June 2015


The video for “U Mad,” Vic Mensa’s
Team up with Kanye West is finally
Watch the video for Vic Mensa's “U Mad” ft.
Kanye West now.

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Sunday, 7 June 2015


Fair use :FILE CREDIT:littlethings.com

Biznerati looks at what various lines on your palm mean(palmistry)
•Results are from a sample biznerati took from 25 people
,results may vary
So Biznerati went on a palm reading spree and came up with  results.Having a background knowledge on the names of the palm lines all to  LittleThings.comBiznerati went on a 'questionnaire' game and used the answers that the participants gave to come up with the results.NB;Only the active hand(dominant hand) was used.First started by viewing both passive and active hands looking specifically at 4 major palm lines as illust. By the Image above.If there are differences,then it gives us a general view or the impression of how the person has worked hard


•If your fate line is kinda faint,then it means you are experiencing dissatisfaction in whatever slot your are in
•If its deep that means that the
persons life will be strongly controlled by fate

•If its shallow that means you are lazy and tend to be less ambitious
•If curved that means you are strong

•If its short in length,that means you treasure physical achievements
•Curves that means you are creative
•Separated from the life line then that means you love adventures

•If it ends below the middle finger,you are selfish
•Ends below the index finger that means you are satisfied with your love life
•Ends in between the middle finger and index finger you get easily in love.(Fall in Love easily)
•If short lines cross over it,then you are a gigolo

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Let the Game begin..Its Fun


Recently i have noticed something suspicious with my smartphone.The camera app has been opening itself when the phone is not in
use.The other day,i was at the field and happened to on the time from my phone.Then i suddenly found the camera preview
on.Damn!I mean this is suspicious 'cause this is not the first time.One question that crossed my
mind was ,could someone be spying on me?And what strengthened my suspicions was the fact
each time this happened the camera switched from the rear to front.How that happened i'm still trying to figure out.
  Well,i went on a research spree on the internet and found out i was not the only one.Others android users have also been experiencing the
same issue.Then this article happened.I was on my  research then came across this article
by Patrick Howell O'Neill on dailydot.com .It
stated ;
According to researcher Syzmon
Sidor, your smartphone camera can
spy on you without so much as a
notification to tip you off. The spy
app, which doesn’t even show up in
the phone’s list of installed
applications, can then send photos
over the Internet Is someone hijacking my android camera??The researcher then proceeded
to ( ..READ MORE ..)
  How is the spy app installed without the owner noticing?Well this could happened over Wifi. Talking about Wifi,Will it be getting replaced by Lifi? In this case i'm referring to unsecured wifi which lets a third party see your communication with your laptop or smartphone.A malicious hacker can inject codes of the spy app into a 'clean' Google app from the play store.In the event you
are downloading the app,you also download the injected spy app attached to the clean app.
  When its the turn to install,the codes of the spy app get' runned' and just like that the spy app is disguised in your phone. You can read on the •Google play,browser flaw that could expose android devices to remote code execution: What does this mean for the android user ?
This clearly exposes a flaw in the android camera.This is inexcusable .The fact that Android is tricked into
believing a legitimate preview is
running shocks me.This leaves me with the question of privacy breach.Come to think of it the camera spy app(invisible) can breach your privacy and go as far as recording your every activity and your videos might be uploaded to the youtube or used in blackmail plots by the black hat. If someone can hack an android camera by installing a spy app without the owner identifying the app then its time to 'run'.I just hope Google will fix this flaw.



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Friday, 5 June 2015


I doubt whether this is real.After watching the
[VIDEO] of a pretty lass who turned into a snake
as she was about to get g-raped.
I hope this will have a positive turning point on the rapists.I mean this happen to them.Picture this,a young lass is confronted by 7 heavy built men,she tries to scream but no one is around to help so there is no other option but to
get raped by the men.
The video starts with the lass being carried by a group of young men who seem to be talking nigerian language.Attempts to resist the energetic young men proves futile.The men then drop her down then removes their shorts ready
for the act.Thats when she turns into a snake and everybody(the men) are seen running helter- skelter.Only one man who did not have the
energy to spring gets attacked by the snake.
(Laughing)I just remembered the look that man
wore.You gotta watch the video.Here is the mp4


Thursday, 4 June 2015


I bought this Dbest Duo bluetooth mini speakers
at ksh 3000 only and so far i'm loving it.What's
interesting about this pair is that they
magnetically interlock at their bases to form a
smart, appealing neat little tube as you will in the photo below,

the idea being to make them
easier to transport when not in use.(portability)
One can also pull them apart

much better for
listening to music than
speakers that might only be 2 inches apart.
It also comes with a 3.5mm stereo plug which is
attached to a microUS -to-USB charging cable.

1)First you switch on bluetooth app on your phone and on the speaker
2)Using your phone, scan for devices so as to
pair with the bluetooth on the mini speaker
3)Once its paired,you can play your music from
your phone and enjoy the nirvanic moment.
To charge the Duo , you need a powered USB
port plus it comes with a microUSB-to-USB
charging cable that also has a 3.5mm stereo
plug, meaning you can wire it
to any player or device that lacks Bluetooth or
does not play via bluetooth.
To be honest, I didn't expect much from such
tiny speakers, but the pair impressed me with
its loud(noise cancellation), room-filling
sound.The feeling that comes with it is
NIRVANIC. I'm an audiophile and i strongly
recommend this mini speakers
One thing i discovered about the mini
speakers,too much volume may rapture the mini
speakers probably because of the its small size.
This is a great little set to pack along in a bag or
backpack when you want audio that goes beyond
your earphones.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015


On  sunday when i visited the countryside,I came across Johnny, a farmer,basking at his farm field, watching a 'lonely' cloud drift away,
taking with it the last hope of a much-desired burst of rain.Feeling disappointed,he returns to his home fetches a can and heads to the almost drying river to at least get some water to irrigate on his farm.
   As he irrigates his farm he tells me an idea he once heard on radio of inducing  rain.He says that seeds are sprinkled on the clouds then rain is formed.I quickly interrupt him and say "Cloud Seeding?".."Kitu kama Hiyo."He responds.Cloud seeding is a process of inducing rain in areas struck by drought.Just like a farmer throws seeds to his farm,cloud seeding companies also throw 'seeds' but this time it maybe silver iodide, dry ice and various salts that acts as water droplet nuclei.Silver iodide is used to increase the ice concentration in the clouds.In the past,we've witnessed Russia practising the method.Like the infamous case when Russia threw bags of cement and sand into the clouds with the aim of enhancing precipitation following the upcoming public event.It failed and the outcome was displayed on "1000 ways to Die".The video was that of a pimp that fell a victim to the particles that failed to fragment.

When droplets of this super-cooled water in the air meet specks of dust, salt or sand, they form small ice crystals . Water vapour in the cloud then freezes directly onto the surface of these crystals. When these crystals become too heavy to stay afloat, they fall down as rain.
  Though the method has been common practised in nations like Russia, the method has been surrounded by controversy.For instance,the fear of polluting the masses with the silver iodide used.In the case a large amount of silver iodide is used,then chances of masses getting polluted are high.Also who knows,an innocent civilian may falla victim to the method.Think of it,the damage that would be caused if  the sand fails to fragment.
   This has also led to an uproar by conspiracy theorists which has led to the infamous Chemtrail conspiracy theory which argues that the contrails left by airplanes flying at high attitudes are harmful to the masses and fear that this could lead to adverse health effects on the masses.
All in all,anything involving chemicals has some adverse side effects

Tuesday, 2 June 2015


• ASD patients reveal on their pains
•ASD is common with those who work in call centres equipped with cheap headsets
•How Call centers can solve this serious problem

"I've been suffering from this type of thing for a little over 7 months now.I experience a burning sensation on my ear all day and also at the very moment I hear of a loud noise which surpasses my designated decibel level Reached at by my audiologist."Narrates Taty with a saddened face."I also experience constant ringing tones on my left ear also referred to as tinnitus,which  I wrote a small post about how you can get it.
   Taty is among the few who have actually come out.Most victims of this disorder Acoustic Shock Disorder(ASD) fear coming out as they fear getting scold and also stigmatisation. As Bever,another ASD patient,reveals;
"I have been badmouthed,scolded at,chased away by parents of small children who I happen to sit beside on different occasions.I have ASD and when a small child cries loud,I start experiencing' stinging 'pain on my face and ear and this goes on for the rest of the day.Parents of the children always are shocked by my negative reaction towards their children and always counter-react by chasing me away,abusing me and they start badmouthing me."You might be familiar to the misophonia disorder which is also known as selective sound sensitivity.I recall when I was young  I used to have this lovely neighbour who had it.I used to play with her boys.From all the childhood games to scratching the wall with metallic objects.One day,her boy was scratching the wall with a metal object.His mom came at the room and snatched the metallic object from the son and told him not to repeat that again.I could comprehend why..but as she walked out she said the sound produced from the scratching action was giving her an imaginary tooth discomfort.Years later I came to fathom what she meant.
  Similar to ASD but way too different from ASD since ASD is Real while Misophonia like that of tooth discomfort is Imaginary but all in all they bring discomfort in the patient.

According to Myriam Westcott,an Audiologist, ASS(Acoustic Shock Syndrome or disorder)is  an "involuntary response to a sound perceived as traumatic
(usually a sudden, unexpected loud sound heard near the ear), which causes a specific and consistent pattern of neurophysiological and
psychological symptoms. These include aural pain/fullness, tinnitus, hyperacusis, muffled
hearing, vertigo and other unusual symptoms"
This syndrome has been acquired mostly by those who work at call centres.This is because in call centres there are all levels of noise.It could be the fax machines,could be an unexpected loud noise during the call e.t.c. This is a serious condition that treatment must be availed to.
  Companies with call centres can avoid this from happening to their employees by having in place headsets that can reject the incoming shriek in real time(16milliseconds) like this headset

Polaris Soundshield 4G Acoustic
Protection device.

 :Image credit courtesy 

Stay safe


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Monday, 1 June 2015


Cassper just hit a nerve and he is now trending. It all started with this tweet by cassper

Then followed the memes.Hahaa

Hahaa.Then came another one

Hahaa.Then came

Funny how the twelebs always gang up on the celebs but when a celeb hits back with a tweet ,feelings are caught.Hahaa