Monday, 28 September 2015


Met Bev in one of my classes and we hit it off pretty quickly, same major, from the same county, same hobbies and so on. She was a few years older but I figured what the hell, she's hypnotizing and we get along so I asked her out on a Friday.
That Friday we meet at my local chill spot and we have a great time, so great that after a couple of drinks we decide to roll to my crib. We leave her Audi there and head out.
At my place things start off great, after a candle-lit dinner, we are in bed cuddling  and just before I take the briefs off she tells me "By the way, I have my periods". Now I give her props for telling me as she didn't have too and she wasn't having an outbreak so I wouldn't have noticed but I wish she told me earlier. "But that's cool, we can just chill". Till her phone rings which we both ignore. And then it continues ringing. Finally she listens t o her vm(voice mail)and things get even more interesting.

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Her jilted ex-boyfriend of twelve years  has been  tracking her phone's GPS and is trolling my block with a loaded .45 looking for us together with a clique of 6 goons holding baseball bats. Fortunately I parked in the garage

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And her car was at the bar so he never found out which house I was in and gave up.
Skip to the morning of our next class together. There is no way  I'm going to class.Who knows his jilted ex-bf may come charging at me.Ten minutes into the class and my phone starts blowing up. Constantly. Eventually I send her a text and tell her I am sick and would like to get some bed rest, could she please stop calling/texting. Within 15 minutes my doorbell rings and I have absolutely no intention of answering it. After a few rings there is tapping on my window. F#&k all that noise. Eventually she leaves and sends me a text letting me know that she left  chicken drum sticks  on my doorstep along with some cold medicine. 
I appreciate the gesture and tell her to keep away from me.Who knows what her jilted ex-bf is capable of

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I once Went on a blind date with a girl from instagram (super safe, I know). Well when we show up, my bff appears out of nowhere, saying he was going to be my wingman. I told him to stay home, but he didn't listen and just followed us around all night like a dejected puppy.
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We were sitting in the theatre,

and he wouldn't stop whispering for us to make out. Talk of voyuerism. I turned to her to say I was sorry, and she stuck her tongue down my throat. I wasn't planning on lip locking her, and since I was still kind of new at it, got really confused. I tried to put my arm around her during, and ended up hitting her in the face.Awkward!!My bff burst with laughter. She pulled away, screamed, and the entire theatre turned around,eyes glued at us and got quiet.
My  just whispered, "Ok, now grab her bff."This gave me psych and I proceeded to grab.No sooner had I grabbed than she  got up and went to the bathroom. For the whole movie.I waited and waited.She was no longer in vicinity.I later returned back home with my bff.

Monday, 21 September 2015


We spend most of  our entire lives gathering knowledge, honing skills and becoming better people able to give back to society, and then in a second it's all gone, Death.

   Death  steals it all away. Sounds unfair, right? There is so much to learn, discover and explore in the universe. Never let a day go before learning something new.Live,Love &Explore.It's the desire to explore that saw one

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Laura (a venture capitalist)make crucial decisions all in a quest to cure aging☻in humans which she has had an interest in since she was 8 . She stopped
going to MIT(where she had joined as an undergraduate  in order to pursue a two year 100K ( Thiel Fellowship) . The Fellowship brings together some of the world’s most creative and motivated young people, and helps them bring their most ambitious projects to life which later employ more than 200 people and create new technologies .  Each Thiel
winner  is given $100,000 each to start building high-tech ventures of their dreams.Laura's research led to her extending the lives of some worms by 6 times, as this more recent 3 min  video explains.

Here is a  VIDEO   highlighting her quest to cure aging.



File credit
From exhibiting extraordinary mathematical abilities from an early age which saw him attend university level mathematics courses at the age of 9 to running a mathematics blog,  He is definitely the undisputed king of mathematics in the whole world.   


He became the youngest person there ever promoted to full professor at the age of 24 . Terry's IQ has been assessed as between 230 and 240 .



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Friday, 18 September 2015


"Hey,let's go download some files over the wifi,"Nijo tells me."Great Idea,i really need to furnish my playlist,lets go."I tell him. So we take seats and activate our browsing mode.5 minutes later.."Oh no!The progress bar has stuck on 99% !Nijo is Clearly  getting impatient.I tell him to exercise patience.10 minutes later,his phone progress bar is still stuck at 99%.I advice him to Cancel the file,but as he's just about to press the cancel button,he gets a FILE DOWNLOADED SUCCESSFUL notification.Nijo sighs with heavy relief.I bet this has occurred to you.I know of people who smashed their phones because of the 99% .So why 99%??
1) The phone system may hang at updating of the progress bar at 99% when a security scan is one requirement that must be performed during the 1% hiatus.During the 1%,if the security scan is performed and a problem is discovered then there will be A FAILED noticed.Maybe the file was  nuke.The time period of the security scan may           

2) Computer/Smartphone and operating system latency

Let's say ,you were downloading Jumia app from the play store.The Jumia app developer might have dedicated the 1% hiatus to another helper app that updates the system configuration.If at his workstation,the time it took make the 1% hiatus over was 10seconds,then that's the default time it will take your phone to complete 100% but these time may vary with devices.
3)You might have run of bundles hence no internet connection

While the progress bar could be a psychological trick to alleviate frustration,at times it do creates tension and anxiety trickles in especially if the file or app is of a huge size.

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Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Zscaler,a security firm,came across a  new mobile ransomware variant that leverages pornography to lure victims into downloading and installing It.
In their blog , the security firm. Gave out crucial details about the fake android app.For instance,the Url looks suspicious,it starts with "hxxps.That only is enough to raise eyebrows. Security firm found out the ransomware  acts as a porn app named "Adult Player" and lures victims who assume it is a pornographic video player. When the victim starts using it, the app silently takes a photo of the victim, which is then displayed on the ransomware screen, along with the ransom message.This is enough to drive a victim into a panic attack.The app demands a ransom of 500 USD."Now imagine if the app snaps you while in a compromised face 'situation'.[Chuckles]You'll be obliged to pay the ransom  in a bid to save face.
One female victim confesses,"This happened to me and I had to buy a new smartphone .I mean the app caught my face in the compromised situation and the thought of being a laughing stock scared me.blah so not just men lol"


Another victim talks of how he was held 'hostage' for 2hours by the ransomware as he looked up for ways he could flush out the ransomware."I downloaded a root explorer,looked up for the ransomware,flushed it out,then rebooted my phone.[Sighs]I'm never downloading any app from any website other than the official stores."

What android app asks for administrative rights as a must consent  pre- installation?Anyway,if the permissions appear 'intimidating' flag that app

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Sunday, 13 September 2015


·Biggest change in the search field
·How this change will affect

So You've just clicked on the Google's search button after entering a query,you sip on your drink while waiting for the search result.aaah!Nice.You click on the first result and while the desired webpage is preloading,your are slammed with an intrusive brand ad on your face !You try to close it but it aggressively comes back.It affects your web experience ,right?Well,that's going to be a thing of the past all thanks to Google.Google is bringing a change. This could be the  biggest change to happen to search in years.Nicknamed Mobilegeddon,this is going to have an impact on majority websites traffic.Could be huge gain in traffic or a huge loss in traffic.
I ran my blog on the Mobile friendly test and luckily passed the test

Good to Go!Now I proceeded to test the same blog's web version and was slapped with this

But all was not lost,Google offered this

What this means for ;
· Brands that push their mobile apps too aggressively will fail the Mobile friendly test
Have you ever visited a website only to be slammed by an intrusive brand ad on your 'face'?Well,brands will be bearing losses as the websites that host the intrusive brand ads will witness a huge drop in traffic.
Website's pages Using app install interstitials will  Mobile friendly test ,There will be a huge drop in website traffic as the content will no longer appear on the organic search result.


Khaligraph nailed it on this cypher.I also loved Ace tha Don verse

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Here is the Video of Young Thug daughter..that plies posted on Instagram and young thug didn't like that .  

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Stone fish

Image credit
·Biznerati looks at the most poisonous fish
·How it feels like to be stung by the fish

 Found in the Coast of Australia,the stone fish is without a doubt the most poisonous fish.
Remember When a stonefish killed a tourist after the tourist mistakenly stepped on the rock fish?Well,it also happened to one Gina  " In all my years , I never considered that anything that lives beneath the water could hurt me, but recently, on a gorgeously warm day in Rincon, that all changed.
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A poisonous Stone fish stung me. It felt like a bolt of lightning had hit the bottom of my foot.At first I took it lightly till I noticed that the swells were a bit choppy.I was immediately rushed to the hospital where I got treatment.My foot was already swelling by the time I reached the hospital.



Image credit

Just like ,you too can fall a victim easily because the rock fish tends to  camouflage itself ending up resembling the rocks on the shore.Its uses this tactic to gobble up the unwary fish that happens to cross its path.
When a stonefish stings you,
By now the Stonefish venom it's venom starts flowing through your bloodstream and your foot starts swelling .This may lead to temporary paralysis and even shock which might have a negative effect on your heart that can eventually lead to Death.
    What you need to do is to administer the correct anti-venom or you can   also place your foot inside a bucket containing hot water(specified by the physician?
Next time you're in open water, be wary…you might step on one of the most venomous fish in the world

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Saturday, 12 September 2015


"Nimechoka kuvaa hizi headphones,ebu niekee kwa bag,"(I'm tired of wearing these headphones,please put them in your bag.")Brian tells me.I proceed to tell him to buy the LG tone stereo bluetooth headset 'around-the-neck headphone.'(Behind-the-neck headphone)
How cool is that?It has a wear-around-the-neck style and also you can see the earbuds hanging outside their 'house'(pocket in the cylindrical pod).How awesome is this?
You can also choose what colour you want.
»The stereo Bluetooth headset supports the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile in a quest to give you the best audio quality even for audiophiles.
»Noise cancelation giving you a high quality premium voice
»Very comfy-You can wear it throughout the day
» Easy Pairing to devices

As you can see, It consists of

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NB:I get paid by amazon on a successful purchase of the product.:-)

two cylindrical pods connected via an 8 inch flexible neckband with a wired earbud coming out of each cylindrical pod.
There are also magnetic pockets at the end of each cylindrical pod that holds the earbuds tight
From the above pictures,you can clearly see the hole-like pockets where the earbuds are housed when they are not in use.
Could this be the next big thing in the stereo Bluetooth headset field?Well last time I checked the Tone was going for

Monday, 7 September 2015


Enable “Show advanced options ” then under IP settings , change from DHCP to Static IP.
Scroll down and ensure that your DNS settings are only pointed to your router.


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Wednesday, 2 September 2015


I know that there are apps  apart from  Crowdfire( which tells you who's following you, who unfollowed you, plus gives you options to copy followers of someone else),that tell you if someone blocked you or not but here are 2 quick tips;
1)If you click  FOLLOW  button and it says FOLLOWING then turns back to  FOLLOW ,that  means that person  blocked you.

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2) The fact that you can't see the person's POSTS and it also says NO POSTS also means that person blocked you.


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*There have been cases of healthy people dying in their sleep
*What the post-mortem reveals
*What could be the cause?Biznerati reveals

I bet you've heard of people who die in their sleep.People who peacefully go to sleep at night with the hope of waking up to a new day but never make it.A quick health background on the deceased reveals no sign of any illness.So what killed him or her? Biznerati. Takes you through what might just be the reason

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Have you watched  Wes Craven's horror movie "A Nightmare On Elm Street" (1984) ? The plot revolves around several teenagers who are stalked and killed in their dreams (and thus killed in reality) by Freddy Krueger . The teenagers are unaware of the cause of this strange phenomenon, but their parents hold a dark secret from long ago.  Could this be happening to those who die in their sleep?Could the victims of such deaths be suffering from  "sudden unexpected nocturnal death syndrome"(SUNDS)?
During the night,victims often experience life-threatening nightmares in which they see weird scary 'aliens' surrounding them ,making scary faces and even sometimes strangling the victims.All this time,it's the victim experiencing the nightmares which seems like an illusion but in unfathomable way are a reality and in this case the evil creatures are strangling the innocent victim to death.However,a post mortem on the victims  reveals That a Heart failure was responsible for the death.How does the heart failure comes in ?
When the heart slows down for sleep, the electrical problems that cause SUNDS become more pronounced,which overtake the body’s ability to regulate its own heart beat and this lead to heart failure causing the victim to die in his or her sleep.
Voila!I hope it helps explain the mystery

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