Wednesday, 23 December 2015


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2)Hilarious Tongue twister |
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3)Happy Holidays -Biznerati| Listen 

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From viral star to brand ambassador for telecoms giant Etisalat Nigeria,that's the story of one Frank Odega known for saying,“Gerrarra Hia Mehn Shiiiiiiiii” Watch the Gerrarahia viral clip
Frank Odega  became a viral sensation with his popular clip being shared by huge celebrities.He has since then been featured on music videos and now he is  a brand ambassador of a telecom giant.This goes to prove how social media got that magic.
Here is a video of him that I recently came across.I loved the video.Hope you do 

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Monday, 21 December 2015



Location: Morroco

  Man walks past a woman in a green kaftan bending over by a motorcycle and casually squeezes her bum.What follows next is 'tragic'.Woman spins around  just in time and delivers a big Jab that sends the man to the floor.The man lays still on the floor for seconds.See for yourself 


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Wednesday, 16 December 2015


Running into an ex after a breakup is never a pleasant thing especially when the relationship ended badly. It can be awkward, and even painful, but sometimes it’s just unavoidable.
On a light note, running into your ex  can be an opportunity to heal things.I came across 
This video that made me laugh out loud.The video gives you a tip on what to do in case you run into an ex


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Saturday, 12 December 2015




 Pronunciations!pronunciation!!Watch how he pronounces helicopter.





Learning Life lessons the Hard way .Watch this video of A father teaching his son life lessons the hard way




Watch this hilarious video of a Ugandan passenger who struggles to get out of his safety belt



Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Tuesday, 8 December 2015


It's a known fact that Onions are way too smelly and make you cry but they have a good side too.
I remember way back when my grandma used to boil an union in tea and give it to me to drink whenever I had a common cold.And just like the common cold would vanish.I also witnessed a neighbour who used to take raw onions as an escort whenever he was having breakfast."Mbona unakula kitunguu kwa chai?"(Why are you taking onions together with tea?I would ask him.He would respond by handing me a plate of raw onions together with a cup of tea which I struggled to take.He would proceed to lecture me on how it cleaned the nasal cavity and also chest congestion issues.

Cup of onion tea

Well,onions have a far much better side despite the smell  ;

Remove rust from knives
Onion really come in handy in removing rust from knives.Carefully pass the rusted part into the juicy part of the onion 5-6 times and wait for the outcome.

Keep frost off your car windows
Smash cut onions into a bucket of warm water ,stir and then sprinkle the solution on your car window.Leave it overnight and you'll wake up to sparkled  windows and zero streaks


Monday, 7 December 2015


Ever wished of doing business anywhere,Connecting with like-minded people and helping your business grow more further?Well,here is an app that does fulfills that.LIVELUVO
LiveLuvo  is a community network for local commerce that gives you the golden opportunity  to realize your potential in real time.
With liveluvo,one can post an offer of a service, skill, product or knowledge to the LIVELUVO community.One can also explore opportunities offered by others  based on your interests and current location.'Contextuality' is key.One can also trade.One can also lookout for  Internship opportunities.Promote your institution.Aside from the business side,one can also
Chat with friends and relatives

All you need to get started is download the app DOWNLOAD LINK Sign up with your mobile number  and setup a profile that shows your vocation, interests, knowledge and skills then start connecting.Grow your business




Wednesday, 2 December 2015


A medical clinic

Over the years,There has been a problem of accessing quality healthcare for all.There has been a high anticipation of a revolutionary product that would create access to quality healthcare for all.Well,today, Safaricom  launched #Mtiba , a ground breaking #healthwallet in partnership with PharmAccessOrg and CarePay.

According to ,
#MTiba is a health payment platform  that will deliver a mobile health wallet that channels health-related donor funds directly to recipients." funds will be placed in specialized health wallets through M-Pesa and their use will be restricted to conditional spending at select healthcare providers who form part of a nationwide M-Tiba network. Donors, governments and other funders,will receive real-time access to monitor the use of their funds"-(

According to the World Health Organization, about 5% of Kenyans are pushed into poverty each year because they have to pay expenses for their illness. #MTiba Offers a mobile wallet specific for healthcare expenses


Many Kenyans
s live  miles away from the nearest clinic or even health centres and upon arrival must wait in long queues upon and still have to pay a fee which majority cannot afford.But thanks to  #MTiba this will be a thing of the past as #MTiba will allow services to reach previously inaccessible areas.
One impressive thing I like about M-Tiba is the full transparency on the use of  funds.Imagine you've donated funds to your target beneficiary,then 2 months later you check on your target beneficiary only to find him or her in that same state?Devastating,right?But with M-Tiba ,Donors will  be able to receive real-time access to monitor the use of the funds they've  donated and also the use of the funds will be restricted to conditional spending at selected health care providers who form part of the network.I hope the selected health care providers will provide quality and affordable health-care  to the recipients.
Well,I just find it amazing how technology is  enabling every citizen to access more healthcare.Though, Access to health insurance and healthcare services still remains difficult,I can say we are on the road and it's  just a matter of time.



Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Haa!So  today afternoon I was joking around with my dog and just randomly made farting noises with my mouth around her and she got so scared, to the point where she stopped chewing the bone and gave me that "Wth". The look on her face made me burst out with laughter.She immediately started barking out loud and came 'charging' at my direction.I had to stop the farting noises,and when I did that she became friendly.
Why are dogs scary of farting noises?Like in my case,the dog was scared of the farting noises I made by mouth. I think it's because the dog was so used to my normal voice and she  didn't recognize the strange noises(farting noise) coming out of my mouth.
Could be the dog was scared that it was not really me and that I might have been invaded and changed into someone else. Scary stuff for a  little dog,and that's why it came 'charging' towards me.
Usually,the dogs tend to be scared when they can't comprehend the noise and this leads to the barking.Watch the video of my dog reacting to strange noise