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• THE YEAR THE AVIATION INDUSTRY FACED A MAJOR SETBACK  (A plane was brought down by lightning)

•Why you  should stop eating overcooked natural foods-
 Acrylamide effect:rise of cancer 

• 3 Al jazeera journalists arrested.This time they .....(continue)

•The ultimate key to world peace and happiness- Quite insightful 

•Stop signing up for these quick online cash referral programs.- You wouldn't what hit you 


Friday, 27 February 2015


Hello bizreaders, another day to thank the almighty for.My day is  fine so far ,i hope on the other end is good.Now on todays topic :LIGHTNING.
    All through high school,we've been taught matters related to lightning.We have been tested on why lightning arrestors are fixed on tall buildings.There have been also myths that if you wear red and lightning strikes,you'll be dead meat in a flash of a second.I've witnessed cases of lightning striking cows and most recent a family.The family took shelter when it was raining heavily and by bad luck lightning struck and killed all of them.Since then any talk of lightning sends chills down the spine of the community members.
  Lightning is believed to have brought down planes in the Bermuda triangle.There is an incident that happened in 1967 which a plane was struck by lightning and casualities were reported.This made the aviation industry come up with lightning safety protection mechanisms like covering the fuselage with Aluminium cover since aluminium is a good conductor of electricity and adding more protective layers on the fuel tank area so the lightning spark doesn't find its way through.Since the 1967 incident,aviation industry learnt from the incident and at least every plane is fixed with lightning safety protection mechanisms.The lightning safety measures are applied so that in the event lightning strikes the current discharged is stagnant at the fuselage then later wiped away through the tail of the plane.The plane may experience normal blackouts.The picture below illustrates parts of a plane(just 3 parts)
   The lightning safety standard protection measures have made it difficult for lightning to bring down planes.

The lightning process
So its pouring heavily,then the lightning strikes.This sends chills down your spine especially when it caught you outside fetching water or taking shelter.
It all starts with a branching portion of charge—the “leader”—
descending from the cloud. It spreads downward at speeds of
hundreds of km/s covering the few
kilometers to the ground
in a  dozen milliseconds.
The leader carries
about  200 amps. That’s still
enough to kill a herd of cattles , but
it’s nothing compared to what happens next.

Once the leader makes contact
with the ground or tall object, the
cloud and the ground/tall object
equalize with a heavy discharge of more than 20,000 amps.(Notice the difference). This is the blinding flash you see. It races back up the channel at a significant fraction of the speed of light, covering the
distance in under a millisecond.The upward and download propagation is enough to build a massive current.
  The current built if harvested can be able to serve useful purposes.Its good to see how lightning safety mechanisms have been effective.Like the use of lightning arrestors has really come in handy.When lightning strikes the tallest object as per that time(i.e lightning arrestor),the cloud and the lightening arrestor equalize to release a massive 20000amps.This current is then 'driven' away to the ground thanks to the lightning arrestor.It just saved the day.
  Keep away from lightning.



Biznerati has found out the health effects associated with eating french fries frequently.Are you addicted to fries?Its about that time you
stop from taking them frequently if you want to live a healthy life.Here is how it all started.
   Acrylamide was discovered accidentally in foods in April 2002 by scientists in Sweden when they found the chemical in starchy foods,
such as potato chips (potato crisps),French fries, and bread that had been heated higher than 120 °C (248 °F) (production
of acrylamide in the heating process was shown to be temperature-dependent). [11] It was not
found in food that had been boiled[11][12] or in foods that were not heated.[SOURCE: WIKIPEDIA]

So what is acrylamide??Acrylamide is a chemical compound.Its physical properties include white,odourless and crystalline solid,its solube in water. However,acrylamide decomposes thermally to produce carbon monoxide and carbon(II)oxide. The fact that it produces those two poisonous gases is enough reason to raise
eyebrows.High accmulated levels of acrylamide in the body can be
harmful to health.
  This is how acrylamide enters
your body.An amino acid naturally found in  potatoes .In potatoes,its highly concentrated.Now when potatoes are heated to higher temperatures,acrylamide is
formed.When one consumes the overcooked potato acrylamide enters the body  system.When one
continues eating overcooked potatoes frequently,the levels of acrylamide increases and this
can be harmful to your body.Take for example In the event acrylamide decomposes thermally in the body system,carbon(II)oxide is emitted in the body.Come to think of it,carbon(II)Oxide in your body system.This can lead to suffocation which then leads to untimely death.

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NB:This applies to the potatoes or natural vegetables that have been exposed to high temperatures through frying and others
Take care of your health.Remember,your body is your responsibility.



Thursday, 26 February 2015


Another bright Friday to read some of the posts that made the week successful on biznerati.Get a drink and start sipping while your read on the friday roundup(4th edition)Happy read

•TRENDING: Are these popular dancers in communicado with some 'high' power 

•TRENDING: The 6th installment to #bizneratiImports on ALIEN INVASION

•Swimming pool owners dont want you to know this-  BEWARE 


•Why opening your 'third eye' is a risky venture-Evil spirits in the mix 

•3 Al jazeera journalists in the bing again-Now i dont really think this was serious 

•Could this be the key to world peace and happiness-
 I'm having the epiphany that this could be the ultimate panacea




Could this be the ultimate panacea to  the recent world instability?Well in my own opinion i think it kind of is a remedy to the recent world instability .I'm talking about Astral projection.
   Astral projection is the interpretation of 'Out of Body' experience.It involves an astral plane for the astral projection.Moving out of your physical  body into the spiritual body.Can you imagine?It all involves the use of the third eye , which i highlighted on this post.
While Meditation has proved to Be a  risky venture,astral projection success can lead to world peace and unconditional love.




If the narrations given by those who have undergone astral travel are true then this is the ultimate utopia.Some of those who have experienced this speak of how they meet with God and God  speaks to them on return.They then return to their physical body with a special MESSAGE.I guess you've come across certain people who claim that they went to heaven and spoke with the almighty.Yes,its true and that the astral experience.I once attended a church where the pastor  brought some guy who talked of his journey to heaven and the guy talked of how he was able to communicate with God and what the Lord told him.I was young at that time ,it was like 11years ago.
    How can astral projection bring world peace?
  Well,the SPECIAL MESSAGE one brings out of the successful meditation is  what is key(Successful because some meditations don't come out successful,some reach halfway).After successful meditation,one comes out rejuvenated and has this heart full of love and everything utopia.If everybody can meditate and it comes out successfully then there will be a  utopia  world and this will lead to world peace where everybody loves and  gets loved in return.
    I once tried to meditate but it was not successful.It did not reach even halfway.I had started seeing a black sky with twinkling little stars using my third  eyevwhen i woke up to the physical world abruptly.I've heard cases of  people seeing evil spirits and i know that experience is way too trifling.
   Aside from that,i kinda feel astral projection is the way to go if we would like to have a utopia world.


In the video below a woman who has been suffering from scarlet fever since 12 talks of her near death experience .She talks on her astral projection success >>VIDEO


Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Three Al-Jazeera TV journalists
were arrested in Paris on Wednesday after flying a drone from a park on the edge of the city, a judicial source said.

PEEP:The 6th installment to #bizneratiimports ICYMI

"The first was piloting the drone, the second was filming and the third was watching," the source said. There is so far no suggestion the journalists are linked to a series of night-time drone sightings over the city this week.- [SOURCE]  


 READ ON:Are les twins involved in south eastern occult practices 


Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Dear readers,introducing to you the 6th installment to biznerati imports.In case you are green on biznerati imports Check it out


•CURING YOUR DEPRESSION-Ways to cure your depression 

•Mayweather cancels the much awaited fight - WHAT??????? 

•Dont let the labels define you- SO DEEP 

LMFAO!!Texas man cheats on his wife with a GOAT!!-"He was always kind to animals and i started worrying.... "wife  


Monday, 23 February 2015


What happens when a group of researchers(anthropologists) are held hostage by the community in return for compensation of past political deep injustices?
Well,that's what happens in Hostage in Paradise.The documentary tells the terrifying story of a group
of British researchers who held were held captive by Papuan tribesmen in the remote province of Irian Jaya in 1996.The young scientists rather anthropologists were preparing to return home after a peaceful
two month mission(research), when they were betrayed by a trusted local colleague and taken in the bing by an angry group of armed rebel freedom fighters.
  Now caught  in a violent political
struggle between the rebels and the
Indonesian military, days  turned into weeks,weeks turned into months as the group was marched even more  deeper into the impassable terrain.
    When negotiations for their release collapsed even after the involvement of experts, the half-starved hostages found themselves in the midst of a brutal armed conflict, which resulted in the murder of some members of their team.
  This fascinating special presents a harrowing personal account of the terrors of jungle captivity.
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Sunday, 22 February 2015



Did you know Avocado oil can be used as a hairfood?Avocado 'starter pack' consists of Vitamin E,sterols and levels of monounsaturated
fatty acids.These 3 components provides three different nutrients that have been individually recommended for stimulating
hair growth.The avocado oil also recommended as a hair food due to its deeper penetration property and
faster absorption thus unclogging blocked follicles as a result providing beneficial health effects on the hair and the results are just engrossing
Using it with a blend of castor oil, carrot seed oil &jojoba oil, and massage  into your scalp a couple times a week and wait for the results

Avocado oil is recommended due to its hydrating power and softening power.Not only is it extremely good at hydrating and softening your skin, online skin forums are also reporting that it
is an effective treatment for acne , psoriasis and
eczema, and even useful for diminishing wrinkles.
There are also unconfirmed reports that it can
serve as skin lightening product.
A small dab on each cheek and on the forehead.
Avocado oil is very concentrated
monounsaturated fatty acids, phytosterols,vitamin
E and other antioxidants. A little goes a long way.
" At first,i had doubts.Like is this for real?This was the first time i was going to apply the oil.I took a dab and applied it on specific parts of my face.BAM!Sat there anxiously waiting for the outcome.I Wiped with the white damp cloth and slept.Did this for 4 days and on the 5th day i NOTICED My skin had softened and the wrinkles gone,"Joanne a user talking on the success of the oil.
Just cleanse with avocado oil, applying a layer to your face & put a washcloth into hot water,wring it out & hold it on your face until it goes cool. The results are amazing!Try it!!


Friday, 20 February 2015



• Awakening your third eye??Be careful what you wish for ( biznerati  tells you what he thinks of the third eye and a member of ATS forum tells of his experiences) (FAIR USE)

• Are les twins in communicado with some 'high' power (You've seen them in beyonce and jay z tour,juste debout dance competition and they made a cameo on AYO video(1s).biznerati goes in depth.Definately check it out)

•EXCLUSIVE!!!20 Years later,the truth about Rendlesham forest incident is Brought out: READ HERE 

•Wow !! Amazing Sony Xperia Z4 Specs 

•Just when you think Android devices are far from over (with the latest being a malware that  hijacks
a shutdown process) a flaw in Google play and browser is found  To make android devices vulnerable to remote code execution 

  There you have it bizreaders.Keeping abreast with all that's happening in the Unique bizworld.Hope you enjoy.I'll be doing posts about the Bermuda triangle and also a documentary on 'Hostages in Paradise 'Very soon.



You probably seen the mention of the third eye in the new age,watched it on the conspiracy sites and even artists flashing it on their music videos but do you know what it really means?
   Third eye symbol  has been associated with the Illuminati sect as a  symbol of enlightment(the All seeing eye) also in hinduism its a chakra(body points that acts as centres of life's energy).Do you know that you have a 'third eye'?I know.Yes you have a third eye and it just takes the right environment to bring it out.
  Take for example,you've probably had a dream.All the events that were happening in the dream you saw them right?What did you use since all your two eyes were closed?Oh now you get it.Its the THIRD EYE(your mind).
  Is third eye meditation healthy?While third eye meditation is known for boosting your intuition,its very important to look at the demerits and the dangers associated with this kind of meditation.
    I came across a third eye meditation experience written by a Member of  ATS at his first attempt at astral projection(interpretation of Out of Body experience) and i must say third eye meditation is not for the frail.I too had a third eye meditation but not that deep.It never reached halfway.I had just locked my eyes when suddenly saw some little stars on a black sky for around 6minutes but came to the real physical body once i opened my eyes.Yes,it was that weak.Anyways,Here it goes:

" I was laying in my bed, getting comfortable and beginning to start meditating. I started to focus on my Pineal Gland, (I won't go into details unless someone asks me too.), but eventually I started to hear/feel this small vibration all around my body. This, as i understood, was part of the process of opening your Third Eye. And no lie, I got kind of excited because this was my first succesful attempt at
AStral Projection. After that is blurry, as I don't really recall much from my transition from awake,to asleep? Unconcious? I don't know how to
really put it.This is where things got sketchy for me.I wake up, and my room is almost entirely black,
which is normal because I don't have windows in my room. But I felt weird, and really groggy so i thought I'd just woke up. Quite the opposite, as I would realize later. I'm sitting up in my bed, and everything gets really heavy. The air, my body,just a really bad tension floating around in the air.Then I start shaking and I'm starting to think I'm having a seizure or something (Which I've never
had fyi). Instinctively I look up into the corner of my room, and standing there is this BLACK figure with what I can only guess is hair, floating around and above it's head. And it's just sitting there, looking at me. I get scared of things, I'm human.
But this was different, I'd never felt anything like it before, and a sense of intense dread just filled my body. And the weird thing is, I couldn't move.I'm just sitting here, looking back at this thing. A fuzzy buzzing noise is filling my head, not sure if
it was trying to communicate with me or?Anyways, right after that this thing starts to move really slowly towards me, and once it was a good
2-3 feet from me, I FORCED my self up out of my bed and started running upstairs (My room is in the basement) as fast as I could. And than I woke up just like that. BAM. My heart was beating too fast. Turned the light on, looked in
the corner of my room where the thing was, and thankfully, the corner was empty."


What was the black thing with hair floating on its head?An evil being or astral realm?I dont know about you but all i know is that there is some occult thing going down.I guess the person who underwent the experience was a frail sinner and this made him vulnerable to those evil spirits.The thought of that evil being looking at him gave him an adrenaline injection which as a result made him escape (Bursts into a laughter)only to wake up from astral projection world  to the real physical world.Could it have been a staunch christian believer,he or she could have not escaped the evil and instead could have continued with the neditatikn.But do firm believers undergo meditation?
   Third eye meditation leaves your mind in an altered state(trance).At this stage,your body is vulnerable to spirits and its at this stage you become demonically possessed.I witnessed  a case in the past,a woman  possessed evil traits after her third eye meditation(real talk by the way).She was my immediate neighbour.We called a pastor of a nearby church and i actually witnessed the whole scenario.She was rolling on the floor with her black pupil on the eye missing .The pastor kept praying and at long last the demons went out and the woman became well.Worst thing she peed  on herself and the pastor ordered her hair to be clean shaved.
    Guys,third eye meditation is dangerous and very risky.Be careful what you wish for.Anyways, for those who want to open their third eye  Link up to this and in any case you want to know if your third eye has opened fully  look out for these experiences here 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Trust your day is going as expected,mine is and i'm so excited to bring you the 5th 'installment' of #bizneratiImports.In case you missed the previous engrossing installments get them after the post.On today's 'installment' i've imported Stories on UFOs(unidentified flying objects).Great reading

• In this 11 minute video,larry talks of encountering the aliens and how they prevented world war 3 by shutting the ..- When UFO shut down government defense systems (VIDEO)

•Former obama aide regrets over undisclosed UFO files.(There have been romours in the recent past over UFOs(Unidentified Flying Objects)Could this confession give us a clear view on UFOs ..-

•Encounter in the Rendlesham forest:(Quite insightful.This really made biznerati believe that indeed UFOs are a reality.In the link below,2 guys went on an investigation spree into the Rendlesham forest  after an incident where an UFO space craft had been found.Quite insightful - The truth about the rendlesham incident 

• 1st installment 
 •2nd installment 
 •3rd installment 
• 4th installment 

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 •Wow!Like for real?Sony xperia mind blowing specs:Sonys Xperia Z4 Mind blowing specs (Ladies and gentlemen,snapdragon 810 and android's lollipop in the mix.whew!Just imagine if snapdragon 801 processor  has these powerful abilities how about snapdragon 810??Nirvanic)

•How it is like to live with ocd(First hand narration - Living with ocd ("My brain is always on"-narrator.)

•All the tribulations people with anxiety disorder  go through-Ooh ish!This is DEEP 

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 •Google play,browser  flaw that  could expose android devices to  remote code execution:What does this mean for the android user 

•How wearables  are invading  READ MORE 

•How molly turned lethal- INSIDE STORY 

•The duration molly(party drug)stays in the human body - Talk with an expertee 

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Monday, 16 February 2015



Professionally known as Les Twins , identical twin brothers Laurent and Larry  are French dancers,choreographers, and models.They are recognized internationally for their talents in new style hip-hop dancing.


You've probably watched them on the bey's tour.Well,these twins have the ENERGY.Damn!Just go and watch their youtube videos.All was well till i came across one of their interviews on a  satanic illuminati dance video by  aprilandwayneshow .
   In both separate interviews,the twins mention telepathy.FYI,Telepathy is  transfer of one's thoughts to another person.This connection allows both parties to perform the same move and steps not in the  choreography.Damn!and this is backed up with sustaining evidence.I couldn't believe man.Here's some excerpt from the interview:

•LARRY:"I do the same thing and just imagine it's not in the choreography"
In the video,larry confesses to having telepathy.He also describes  how his brother laurent pushed him during the just debout performance while an accompanying video is playing on the background.The background video shows laurent pushing larry then the telepathy starts.The performance is great and electrifying.Larry then proceeds "After that performance,i went and fell off backstage(probably due to the telepathy) and asked for some space,nobody else knew this."Who is controlling the les tw?Well,i guess twin telepathy is a fantasy.
   On the other side,laurent(brother to larry) who is fond of standing behind larry in most of the performances reveals 'why'."By now you already observed that i always stand behind larry.I stand behind him to get chakra,"Laurent reveals..WHAAAAT???Unbelievably there is an accompanying video that shows Laurent walking the talk.Damn!Now i'm getting convinced that spiritual paraphernalia is at play here.For those who dont know,chakras are points in a human body that are centres of life energy.Note that there are about 9 chakras and the third eye is the 6th chakra.Raising eyebrows?I know.You know what that means ??There is some kind
  of occult shit going on."After smelling the chakra,i get the whew vibe and suddenly the energy comes in and we go crazy,"Larry continues.This means most of theelectrifying dance moves we always see from les twins is occult derived.(Notice after he smells the chakra he gets the gusto)
   The similarity in both separate interviews is that they both cave in on telepathy.It is the telepathy that allows the les twins become one in thought and motion for brief periods of time during performance.After the performance,they fall off backstage.Eyebrows raised.Is telepathy real?Well,i dont know about you but all i know is that telepathy is non existent unless the interceding of some special powers.
   Could twin telepathy be real?Well,maybe.I heard of twins who become one in thought and do the same things.Maybe the les twins are experiencing twin telepathy but who knows!!

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• When Tyga danced to rack city at gunpoint 

Saturday, 14 February 2015


Dear reader,its a beautiful nirvanic sunday to thank the Lord for.I can smell the GREATNESS of this day from like miles away.  biznerati introduced a new segment biznerati imports and so far its doing great.I like the feedback.On todays second edition  looks at the wearables news i found might come in handy.Lets kickstart the segment

•Here's proof that pricey fitness wearables really
aren't worth it  -LINK 

•Hitachi Created A Wearable Device That Measures Happiness -DAMN WEARABLES LOL .Idk why i find this hilarious.Just when a brain altering wearable that alters your mood on demand is expected to be launched then we have a wearable that measures your happiness?Pure coincidence or a' just in time' scenario??

•LeakSmart Can Automatically Shut Off Your Water If A Pipe Bursts In Your House-  LINK (Whoa,isn't that A1?This can save you the embarrassment you would have gotten if there were visitors in the house.I really wish priyanka chopra(from pyaar impossible) could have had this wearable in her house at that scene she was about to get 'closer 'to the investor(for those who are green in that,watch pyaar impossible,a romantic comedy film about a nerd and a dime)

•I said it on my earlier post .Thanks the Guardian for bringing it out crystal clear  Wearables , hearables and nearables won't dethrone smartphones  -LINK 



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Friday, 13 February 2015


First this website(
is a LEADING online referral link ads company(which offers high rates ads).One referral link goes for $0.5,they pay when you
reach $30.Seems too sweet.

    Yesterday i visited the site.At first i was tempted to sign up till i noticed there was no payment feature on the sign up form.I was like is this for real.How do they pay if there is no
payment option on the sign up form to fill your preferred payment method or choice.There was only space for name,email ,password and e.t.c.This made me conclude that this is scam site that will take you
for a ride as they gain on your sweat(driving traffic to the website)and profiting them as advertisers pay them for any leads or conversions resulting from the traffic..
    A closer trace to its ip adress revealed


FILE /@The_red_side

I went on a research flight about the 'controversial' website and landed on some website  The page was filled with rants coming from users of the controversial referral website.

You can make judgement for yourself.
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Hello dear reader,introducing new segment on this blog biznerati Imports.In short,these are external posts that i have found interesting and insightful.Hope you'll enjoy them as we grow into a family.

12 ways to get more attractive  READ HERE 

•AT&T and LG G3 Receiving Android lollipop version  FULL DETAILS 

•Amazing!!Airlines are now winning the war on lost luggages  READ MORE 

•Living with someone who has OCD  Guidelines  Follow  instagram 

• Drake's dad swears he will never wear timberlands again while driving 


5)ICYMI:During the week,The Blacker The Berry racially charged Song.Could this be the first step in the revolution? READ

4)"Wearables will never replace smartphones,in fact most wearables work in cahoots with smartphones to transfer data.However ,The H2 Smartband is set to be game changer in the health care system.."
3)'Lecture capture'(podcasting) for universities??Is it possible in 3rd world countries?Biznerati delves deeper ... READ

2) "In the process of strolling on the bed,the pillow
slip and i saw a white envelope.What could the i
proce.. READ

1) Valentine's Day First time affair:Well,This was
my first time i was having my valentine..A lot of anxiety

•Why its advisable to apply Vaseline before going in the swimming pool.This takes me back at when i first Went to the ' pool.. READ

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 JUST IN:Drake disses tyga  

Thursday, 12 February 2015



"3..2..1..LETS DIVE",John shouted arms up in the air ready to dive into the swimming pool.First time in the swimming pool.Damn!Now this was interesting!!I could see johnny was an expert at this.After 30 minutes of swimming i took a position at one of the corners of swimo.Placed my legs inside the water while the rest of  the body basking.I had barely sat for 26 minutes when i got some itchy feel ."Hahaa!Ni nini?"Johnny asked(What is it??)"Man,naskia some itchy feel bana."I told him.(I'm feeling some itchy feel)."Usijali,ni venye its your first time swimming.."johnny told me(Dont worry,its because it was your first time).I had begun believing that but then there was something.Nobody saw it except me.

Swimming in the pool during these hot periods definately  gives you the much needed respite from the scorching heat and that nirvanic 'woo-lala' moment, but did you know  this joyous moment could also bring disease  to your well toned skin?Tell serotonin to turn the panic button off.
   Well,swimming pool granuloma is REAL.This is why chlorine is usually added to the water at the pool to fight germs.But did you know that if the PH of chlorine and that of water is not balanced it could lead to some pesky effects on the skin?
   That is why its advisable to apply some adequate skin protection lotion to prevent skin breakage that is caused by staying so long on the water.Staying too long on the water in the pool can lead to skin breakage leading to exposure of germs in the pool as per that time.One disease is the swimming pool granuloma caused by mycobacteria marinum which  affects the back of the hands  and fingers leaving you with a  painful nodule.Nobody would ever want that to happen.I mean who would ever wish for a fun-turned tragedy 'showdown'?Nobody.
     Excess chlorine in the pool can lead to an itchy skin.Next time you 'swimming pooling' ask for the PH balance.If its normal,then fun time,but remember not to stay too long in the water unless you applied that powerful skin protection on you 'cause in the event that the skin breaks then you'll be vulnerable to skin infection present inside the pool.
Also remember to take a power shower after coming out of the pool to purge any traces of chlorine left on your body.

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By Alice Adalla
     Valentine’s Day is here again. It’s
‘the season of love’, and for those of
us who are single, it may just mean
another Valentine’s alone. To some of
us, the day is a cruel reminder of
how lonely we are, and we wish that
by some form of magic, we would be
ferried to wonderland like the little
Alice and come back when it is all
over. But now, that won’t happen,
right? We are just going to have to
live through it. But how do we live,
not only through this Valentine’s, but
for the rest of our lives as singles and even beyond.  This is my resolution
this Valentine’s as a single lady.
One, I choose not to feel incomplete,
because I know that I do not need the
opposite sex to be complete. I
understand God’s mathematics, not
that 0.5+0.5=1, but that 1+1=1. I
understand that when He
says, Therefore, shall man leave his
mother and shall cleave to his wife;
and they shall be one flesh
(Genesis 2:24), He did not mean that
half a man and neither did he mean
half a woman, but a complete man..





 It was the first Valentine’s Day I was
spending with a person. I was
relatively new in this relationship
business, so the fears and jitters I
had were real. I could not think of
ways of coming up with a perfect
surprise, at least to impress the
person. The furthest I had gone in
the ‘treating’ business was
occasionally throwing in ‘smokie
chinjaz’ when we took a stroll to the
Stage to procure ka-quarter ka
supper. You see, we had a lot in
common. We played the same game,
which gives you an idea on how we
met. Unlike Tedd Mosby, I did not
have a story to tell. I just saw the
fundamendoz while on the pitch and
fisi mode kicked in. Two days and we
were locked. Again, back then, I was
not like the current me. Closed.
So where was I? Right. We played the
same game. We had a joint supper
account, occasionally slept in the
same bed, either in her room or
mine. We never exiled anyone, just
to put things straight. Back to ka-
quarter. You see, while CREDIT SOURCE(READ MORE) 




Parts of the file adapted from for FAIR USE

Tired of cases where lecturers dont show up after preparing for the classes?Are you a lecturer and want to migrate from analogue to digital lecturing?Well , Biznerati got you covered.
    All you need is the use of podcasts.A Podcast is a digital audio file that can be automatically downloaded from the internet once the user subscribes.This digital audio file could be an online radio show or even business. Podcasts have proved a success for bloggers and most 'underground' radio shows.All you need is to get a podcasting host and your tools.Getting started with podcasting for more info..This is just similar to starting your show and the audience in this case is your students.
   All you will need are to get you (Tools of podcasting) started and all the students will be  required to subscribe (under the RSS Feed button) and once you publish a podcast it will automatically get downloaded into your audience(your students) smartphone.Your podcast should strictly contain only the intended topic in the particular unit designated to the  lecturer. This system of lecture can be set up to
help students replay, revisit and revise from past lectures(past podcasts) which can be retrieved from your phone's file explorer.
    However,one caveat though.Not all students have smartphones and this tends to advantage those who have smartphones.But i'm sure this is the way to go.If you are a lecturer who always has a busy schedule,podcasting  is the way to go.


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Wednesday, 11 February 2015



What does the future hold for wearables?Will wearables replace smartphones in the coming future??Well,I dont know about you but to me wearables will never replace smartphones because they always work in cahoots  most of the time and its very difficult to pull a huge smartphone consumer  base to  unknown (the wearable technology).
    Last night as i was in my ritual internet adventure,i came across a report on how consumers dump their  wearables after 6 months use.With  that kind of attitude do you think the wearables will replace the smartphones?(chuckles) .But why are consumers(wearables consumers) dumping their wearables after 6 months shy of use?Well,i tend to  think that  the only reason is that the consumers raise eyebrows over the amount of privacy breach by the wearables.Do you know that wearables can collect anonymous amount of your data and to make it worse this data can be harvested and sold?This reminds me of the samsung smart tv voice recognition feature  that allegedly spy (eavesdroops)on you and whatever happens to the illegally  harvested data only samsung  knows plus the speech-to-text conversion company.
    Weaables like Google Glass can harvest lots of data.Who would want a device that  breaches your privacy?I think that's why most wearables get dropped after 6 months of use.Talking of getting dropped,Did you read about the brain-altering wearable that tweaks and torques your mood on demand?This is crazy.I mean who'd allow some wearable to electrocute their neural system in the name of tweaking your mood.Who got the  guts though?
   However,on  the brighter  side,Wearables are the holy grail in  the health care system.Though,not enforced in many  health care systems worldwide,Wearables are the next game changer in the health world.Like for example,the H2 wearables that monitors your blood pressure in real time (20s).The smartband is paired with an online dashboard for managing the data it captures.Now this is a win win scenario for both physicians and patients.This device assists the patient take care of his or her wealth and she or he can manage it at the comfort of her or his house.Now one screaming thing about this device is that it monitors  your activity.Kinda privacy invasion but what do i know?
    Will wearables replace smartphones?NO.Will wearables game change the health care system.OH YES !!But only if leaders in the country understand the impact of the wearables like H2 in the health care system and do the neccesary.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Kendrick lamar is back with a banger,The blacker the berry.Just from listening to the banger and i must say this song is DEEP.Talks about the blacks.Kendrick is proud of the black community.He raps about being a proud monkey.He also takes shots at the  racist 'You the real masturbation of a real nigga'.He talks of all past injustices the blacks have suffered."You trying to sabotage my community making a kill".King kendrick definately vented in this song.This is the VENT of all vents.No diggity ,this song will be the theme for blacks future injustices.I'm very much impressed KING KENDRICK

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Monday, 9 February 2015


Do you know  the amazing benefits of mango juice?Find me with a bottle of afia inside my duvet sipping at intervals.Its my hobby(chuckles)
    I prefer it to other drinks.The only caveat is that if you take it  before going to bed you'll wake up with some mood swings just like a bipolar vegan.I really dont know the science about this.I'll delve deeper and of course you'll get it here in this blog.
    Did you know mango juice can make your skin radiant?Forget about cosmetics,mango juice will make your skin radiant.You'll never have to apply the cosmetics.Besides that,it gives your skin a perfect tone.(Bomb diggity,isn't it).Try it if you doubt it.
•  Mango juice provides you with  good eyesight.Nourishes your eye  with its rich  nutrient

•Improves  digestion.That's why i drink it after taking a meal. and you somehow feel nirvanic.

•Maintains a healthy heart
This is due to pectin that is found natural mango.Pectin helps in reducing bad cholestrol(just like avocados) in blood and also cholestrol in general.

•Increases the number of red blood cells in the blood
These are just but a few.Treat yourself to some mango juice today

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Did you know that pineapple juice
1)Can serve as an anti-biotic
2)Make the skin radiant
3)Can suppress coughs 7times more than the cough syrup

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Sunday, 8 February 2015



A HILLBILLY as defined by NEW YORK JOURNAL refers to a free and untrameled white citizen of ALABAMA,One who resides in the hills,dresses carefree and one who fires a revolver as the fancy
takes him. A Hillbilly is a merge of two words.. hill refers to a hill and billy refers to comrade which translates to a hill comrade.Upto this age , there are people who live inside the forest and
derogatory environment characterized by poor
houses and poor living standards.They usually
hunt for wild animals for their food and always
play hillbilly music. Remember the horror film WRONG TURN?G REAT!!LET'S BEGIN.
       Last week biznerati went on a research spree on the term.Found out the term got its major breakthrough following the American civil war. It was during this reign that the appalachian region stayed marginalised while other parts witnessed major 'facelifts'.Then came the Year of the Great Depression when many mountaineers left their homes to find work in other areas of the country
but the appalachians refused to move and remained in the mountains till today.
      Since then the hillbilly has been stereotyped and has even
been used as a racial slur on poor whites.One of the issues associated with stereotypes is that it is profitable.The same case applies to
hillbillies and entrepreneurs see this as a window for potential revenue.For instance,film makers
have 'recycled' the image and brought it to life through thrillers.Just like THE WRONG TURN
1,2,3,4,5,6).Wrong turn recycled the hillbilly history and brought it out.Remember the Inbred mutant
cannibal hillbillies on the movie.Well played.The film potrayed the hillbilly with both derogatory personality and derogatory environment.

   If you are familiar with w rong turn ,then you are a witness to the derogatory attitude that has been
inflicted by the film industry on the race.The type that is exhibited on the film is the inbred mutant
hillbilly cannibal,and this is how they came about." Long time ago,there were families that lived in
the forest(today's hillbillies)All was well till the pulp mill shut down and the poison emitted killed all the wildlife,the only source of food for the hillbillies.As a result all the families in the forest evacuated the area except for one family.The
family later got affected by the chemicals from the pulp mill and it's side effects a year later become a sad reality which would see the whole family and the coming generation have deformed
ugly faces and body parts.On the lighter note,thegeneration would see strong hillbillies that would
    Film makes and also moguls always cash in on the stereotype(hillbilly).Should the hillbillies be discriminated?
Well,this a debate and biznerati raised this question and there were varied reactions with almost 80% spitting vitriol." At this age,how can
one live in the forest with a 'semi-naked house'??Fumed one of those i managed to reach for answers.While another one was against
discrimination "I believe every citizen has a right to stay where he or she feels like,". I tend to think
that hillbillies chose not be associated with American community and choose to be
conservative of their culture.
But why are the hillbillies choosing to have such a lifestyle in a civilized country?Is there a secret
they are hiding?(heard of an incest case).Till when they will migrate from the hills/mountains,the stereotype will continue being used
for profitability amongst film makers and moguls and also give anthropologists a case to study.

Saturday, 7 February 2015


Have you been to an ATM recently?Noticed any changes?YES!Its because banks are monetizing their ATM networks in a strategy called ATM targeted marketing.
   Targeted marketing is an excellent way to turn the ATM network into a conversion generation tool . In fact, quite a few banks started to target customers and non-customers on their ATM’s successfully. ATM targeted marketing is one way
of monetizing ATM networks while offsetting banking operational expenses.Though the targeted interactive marketing  is  picking up slowly ,i can assure you this is the ultimate gamechanger in the history of banking.


•Banks can now craft successful campaigns through the technology like the campaign above requiring customers to acquire the new debit card and its working so far.
•Acquire new customers by the contact that is feedbacked by the new customers while on the p.o.f

•Banks can sell other products through the interactive technology

•Banks can get feedback from the targeted customers to which the banks can utilize on such info

    However,ATM targeted marketing needs to be executed with caution if you may ask for an advice from me. Why?Because the consumer is at the ATM for a very short period of time and for a very specific purpose(withdraw money), so here are some tips to a successful ATM targeted marketing.
•The message should be short and precise so as to reduce the transaction time over the ATM.It should be short and precise to get to the mind of the targeted customers and get digested in a span of second or 30s.The shorter and more precise it is,the more  a lead is likely to be generated.

•Consumer experience should be key or rather top most priority.If the consumer experience is affected then the bank is doomed .First time,i felt distracted by the screen like so many targeted messages were blinking on the screen.I wasn't comfortable at all.I felt like this interactive message was invading my privacy at the atm.

•Bankers should always diversify their interactive messages just to test which method generates more leads.They can use call to action buttons and many others rather than just relying on one.
     ATM targeted marketing still has a long way to go.As per now,this technology is beneficial to the banks as it offsets the banks operational expenses.This is a sitting cash cow.How i wish more banks could embrace this technology in the right way.



Its days to the valentines.*Sigh*A once in a year event when couples express their love for each other and for team single embrace the cuddlr app.Its an important day for couples or rather those in relationships.
   It's that time men  express  love and appreciation through romantic gestures…i.e. roses, chocolates,
fragrances, lingerie and what have you.Doesn't matter whether you are in a platonic friendship, just surprise her with a rose no matter the zone she has confined you in.(chuckles)

    It is important that you set the mood properly throughout the duration of your romantic evening with the appropriate background music(i prefer hiphop love ballads and some soft rock ballads).This ballads will take both of you into your zone and it will make your day memorable and nirvanic.
  Here are some of the places in KENYA you can take your partner this valentines  15 romantic places to take your valentine 
Until then its a wrap,Happy Valentines.Meanwhile,i'll listen to some soft rock ballad 


Your prosperity is not on your education but to
your gift.
2)Once a tree bores a fruit,it never calls you to
take the fruit,its you that goes to it
3)True leaders attract followers
4)The environment does not stimulate the seed
to become a fruit
5)In every seed there is a tree
6)Your future is not ahead of you it is in you
7)Your gift is for everybody
8)No job will give you prosperity,
your Work will
9)Whatever you were born to do,it is within
you.You need to create the environment just like
i did it-Myles monroe
10)Service is the greatest act of leadership
11)Self discovery is the greatest thing in the
12 )The greatest place on earth is the cemetry
13)Go to the cemetry and dissappoint the
14)"The greatest act of leadership is what
happens in your absence. If everything you've
done died with you, you are a failure.True
leadership is measured by what happens after
you die."

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Biznerati introducing a new segment
#InspirationSundays from this sunday.Make sure
to bookmark the blog so as not to miss
out.Todays inspiration comes from Bill gates
Some journalist came to visit Bill Gates and
during the interview and asked him
"Sir, how did you feel when you made your first 1
billion dollar?
The billionaire turned right but saw no one.All his
workers had gone on their daily 1 hour breakbut
turning left he saw one diligent worker moping the floor.
He called the worker,wrote something on a
cheque and gave it
to the man.The man took the check and as he saw his name with 1 billion dollars, the mopping stick immediately fell from his hands,he jumped
up so high that he almost hit the ceiling and then ran out of the house shouting like a mad man.
Then bill gates turned to the jourmalist and said "That was how i felt when i made my first 1
billion dollars.
Prayer: God will send such a helper to you and
that you will be
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BEST WAY TO PURGE MOTORBIKE RELATED CRIMES Image used under the doctrine of 'Fair use'

Recently you've heard of all motorbikes related crimes and if this trend is not contained then it
will get messier.The government should step in and do something about #MotorbikeAssassins
This trend is common in the Coast region where News on imams being victims of this menace.
     Well in 2012 November, Yemeni
authorities came up with laws and tough measures on motorbikes.This was after it was found out Al-Qaeda was using motorbikes for
assassination missions and the manner in which the motorbikes enhanced their swift escape.
Away from that,Kenya particularly the Coast region has been marked with Various Assassinations involving use of motorbikes.Over a year ago, a muslim preacher was
gunned down by men on a motorbike.Could this be the new terror M.O??Well, biznerati thinks
    Terrorists are now changing tactics and motorbikes seems to be the new M.O .One worrying thing about the motorcycles being
used in terror and other related crimes is that The number plates are not registered or the number plate is covered with mud which makes
the perpetrators get away easily.In some parts of the country it happens in broad daylight.Cases of robberies associated with motorbikes tells it
all,which begs the question Are you safe while boarding that motorbike?Has it ever crossed your mind that that motorcylist could be your next door terrorist?
     There was an incident of a young man(25years shy) was.murdered in cold blood by a motorbike
rider.Sources revealed that it was a well organized syndicate that was involved.1year later,biznerati reveals ' behind the scenes'.Its a syndicate.First ,there is the usual boda boda man.He acts just like the normal boda boda guys.In this case,he's always near the
ATM places hawk eye-ing on his next vulnerable potential victim.Once you are from the bank and feels like riding on it to your way back home you'll easily  slip into his trap.One thing that's common is the
time they pounce on unsuspecting users.It always during the dark hours.

   So you the unsuspecting victim accepts to ride on the bike on your way home not knowing what
is ahead of you.When the ride starts ,the boda boda receives an incoming call and they talk in a coded lingo.Little do you know that he's in
communicado with his other gang and when you reach halfway he fakes a tyre puncture.Thats
when his other gang comes from their hide out
and then ambush you the unsuspecting victim.


The only way to wipe out the trend is to register all the motorcycles and the respective IDs associated with the number plate on a secure
database and the area of operation so as to keep the roots of accountability firm and well grounded. This will ensure that
motorists work responsibly.
This should be done in all the 47 counties to reduce the levels of terror and other related crimes.

In case you are boarding a motorbike during night hours and going at a distant place i would advise you to text the number plate of that motorbike to your family member just in case anything happens.This is the best way to reduce or purge motorbike related crimes.I would urge all county governments to embrace the culture of registering every motorbike and storing the particulars on a safe database.



What happens when lemon,clove,natural salt and
mint are fused into a toothpaste?

    Fused with lemon,clove,natural salt and mint,
snowden t is the toothpaste you have been
looking for in case you've tried all other means
to achieve that dental hygiene
Snowdent is unique and it
1: removes stains√
2:Restores natural whiteness√
3:Strong healthy &gum
4:Super white sparkling teeth
Besides that gives you a guaranteed 24Hours
protection.It also has a great flavour while giving
your mouth a fresh breath.
I will upload the video review to snowdent very
soon.First time i tried it ,the results were
A1(excellent).I could feel the lemon taste on my
tongue as i continued to brush.Once i finished i
felt very fresh.As i was wilding out,i couldnt
resist the urge to smile.It comes
automatically.You have no control over the
smile.It just comes out.
Worth trying .Be sure to bookmark this blog for
the upcoming video

Monday, 2 February 2015


Came across this Dope track by raj Titled Gaaki.This track is A1.It makes me proud.The single’s execute production was solely handled by MusicBank while JackJack on The Beat produced the beat. (Btw,the beat is off the hook)I kinda feel this was not the beat suitable for this song though.I mean the video concept does not complement the beat(i mean the beat should complement the situation),but what do i know?Anywhere lets move to the
    The video is tale of the song, which is that of a girl Raj has gotten smitten with ,but she is not interested in him with no reasons forthcoming. (lol,the nerve)The reason however, turns out to be
that she is a dyke. The song and consequently the video is based on a true story.
  This is the artist to watch.WATCH HIS VIDEO
 HERE And turn your speakers on and hear them going hummer.Great music   

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