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  Ever Noticed strange charges on your daily phone bill?I bet if majority always keep tabs with their daily phone bill progress.Are there tiny but significant charges on it that you are unfamiliar with?
Well,  Some malware is programmed to send paid SMS messages that get charged to your phone bill and deposited into the bank account of the malware writer.

 After posting about how a researcher discovered a flaw on the android front camera seems flaws keep on flanking the operating system.Just recently,hackers reveals how they can control your smartphone easily just by knowing your cell phone  number.The hackers simply send an alarming text ,case in point,similar to the  texts I outlined on "Beware of these texts" post .Once you receive the text,that's when the hack process begins and your phone starts misbehaving.App close and open suspiciously and in extreme cases send messages to your contacts .
  Always remember to


1)Avoid downloading unofficial apps .They may harm your computer or smartphone

2)Only download apps from a reputable app store, such as Google Play or Amazon Appstore .

3)Skim through app reviews on the app stores. Users will often rate  infected app poorly and will
usually warn others through the app reviews and even rant over their experience with the app at hand.

4)Always have strong antivirus protection and keep on updating the antivirus
Remember to use the  Lookout app to scan for malwares on your smartphone.

Sunday, 26 July 2015


A lot has been said about misophonia treatment but seems none of what is suggested meets the 'hack'.Well,i was seated on my recliner and a thought crossed me ,no,actually 2 ideas crossed my mind.
  Remember thync ?A technology that tweaks and torques  your mood on demand.Could this be a treatment to misophonia? Well,here is how the technology works.The module sticks to your temple, a shaped,rounded triangle of plastic with a replaceable strip of flat printed-circuitry plastic that navigates the side of your head down to the base of your skull. The forehead and the neck piece generate impulses,controlled by the program you’ve loaded via a companion smartphone app, that actively jolt the neurons in
those two sensitive areas; these
programs generate mood shifts that
Thync calls “Vibes.” At present, there
are two sets of Vibes available: One
designed to produce relaxation, and
another designed to produce
alertness.Now could this be used in combating the triggers involved?Well to me I think  provides the solution to the thync

However,seems like the method may not be effective as a misophonia patient tried a similar method which she detailed on her blog  " I found someone in my area with a Neuroptimal machine and met her for a consultation. She administered neuro in an office-like setting; it felt like I was going to see a therapist and there was even a reception desk. My practitioner told me she had treated one other person with Misophonia, and that Neuroptimal reduced that person’s Misophonia triggers. I was asked to commit up-front to 24 sessions at $75 each – an $1,800 investment. I agreed.
I started weekly sessions and hoped for an improvement, but ultimately I saw none.
My practitioner, who does not have Misophonia, seemed to truly believe in the power of neuro, almost to the point that it seemed to cloud her judgement when I told her that I wasn’t seeing any improvements. She would ask me questions such as, “Is there anything at all that you’re noticing that’s different? Are you sleeping better? Are you able to focus better at work? Are your relationships better?”
Was she actually encouraging me to seek out a placebo effect? It seemed unscientific and unprofessional. She also told me that it was OK if I fell asleep during my neuro sessions and that it would be just as effective either way.
“Wow… It’s working,” she’d say after pointing to the analytics spit out by the neuro program following a session. “Stuff’s moving.” That was her way of telling me my brain was creating new pathways; it was being rewired to find a different response to triggers. Despite her take on what was happening to my brain, my Misophonia remained the same. I declined further neuro sessions.



 Image credit 
A woman using thync to tweak her mood.
You can choose an option;
1)For calmness
2)For energy
This really comes in handy when anxiety trickles in a misophonia patient .You can use the wearable to calm you down.Thanks to the 'relax' button'.
But this method or rather theraphy can be easily downplayed as it only helps  calm the anxiety.We are concerned with what can not bring the triggers?Which brings me to my next thought

Another thought was the use of special earplugs that block sounds and are commonly   used to block out the sound of the wind under motorbike rider's helmet when the  motorcycle is rode at  high speeds.

 Image source 

How about we combine both the  technology and the special earplugs?I think that will provide a short term solution because the patient does not hear the sounds and also can always tweak his mood with the touch of a button when he or she is not wearing the special plugs

12 Year old Genius Goes to college

12-Year-Old Genius Goes to Morehouse College!Stephen Stafford,after 2 years of homeschooling now attends college classes and even works out calculus easily.But this is nowhere near to the smartest kid in the world with an Iq 176 who has started his own college
Says a lot about the education system




The most shocking thing about this video is the brazenness of it all and also the bike guys  that gave a lift to
one thug.surely the bike guys were part of the gang and this touched on an earlier post   which I  Highlighted on the worrying trend  


Saturday, 25 July 2015


"Few minutes ago as we are on our way to Nairobi to attend obama 's conference at Kenyatta university tomorrow comrades have saved someone 's life. A man travelling with his family in a car had been involved in the accident with a lorry and was fatally hurt. We were among the first people to arrive at the scene and we used our university(Kisii) bus to take them to hospital. They are under medication now and we pray to God that pray they be okey.- Rapper menace 

Tuesday, 21 July 2015


"Nimechoka kuvaa hizi headphones,ebu niekee kwa bag,"(I'm tired of wearing these headphones,please put them in your bag.")Brian tells me.I proceed to tell him to buy the LG tone stereo bluetooth headset 'around-the-neck headphone.'(Behind-the-neck headphone)

How cool is that?It has a wear-around-the-neck style and also you can see the earbuds hanging outside their 'house'(pocket in the cylindrical pod).How awesome is this?
You can also choose what colour you want.

»The stereo Bluetooth headset supports the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile in a quest to give you the best audio quality even for audiophiles.
»Noise cancelation giving you a high quality premium voice
»Very comfy-You can wear it throughout the day
» Easy Pairing to devices

 RELATED:Whoa!This Headphone fetches a cool sh39,995 

As you can see, It consists of two cylindrical pods connected via an 8 inch flexible neckband with a wired earbud coming out of each  cylindrical pod.
There are also  magnetic pockets at the end of each cylindrical pod that holds the earbuds tight

From the above pictures,you can clearly see the hole-like pockets where the earbuds are housed when they are not in use.
Could this be the next big thing in the stereo Bluetooth headset field?Well last time I checked the Tone was going for $79.Would you buy it

Monday, 20 July 2015


"Its literally the most excruciating feeling to eat dinner with my roumie..he slurps,chomps..he is a noisy eater and is slowly driving me insane. I never knew  he was like this before we moved in. I guess people are more reserved in public but this chewing..tsk..tsk..I'm seething with rage..So tonight is the night just like other nights,tonight will be my worst nightmare,he's made spaghetti and Tea.
He twirls the fork into the noodles but in the process ends up raking it on the metal plate.Ooh no not again.Why wouldnt he use the new Spaghetti twirling fork .tsk..I quickly  Clench my fist in anticipation of his next move.He proceeds to take in the spaghetti amid ear disturbing sounds.He then proceeds to sip his tea but intentionally slurps.I'm now seething with rage.One more move and I'm  breaking his neck.I start experiencing sweaty palms,anxiety kicks in as I watch him proceed to take another sip.Its now or never,an end to this misery.I slowly climb down my bed and positions myself like those Tae-kwondo experts ready to pounce.Suddenly ,an MPESA text pops up on my phone.The atmosphere changes.I start celebrating.My roumie joins and just like that I squash away that misophonia feeling."Nijo tells  biznerati 
This is just but one of the plethora of stories never told.I'll be posting a series of misophonia stories in the quest of trying to understand the disorder.Be sure to not miss the Biznerati Explores series.

What really causes misophonia?First what I know is that 2 systems are involved;
1)The auditory system that is tasked with hearing
2)Some part of the brain system
The Few I managed to chat with talked of how they hear the particular sound then they get triggers which lead to an immeadiate action.The triggers are very aggressive and this may lead the patient to do something dangerous which may involve killing the person contributing to the sound or the patient himself.
I find this similar to Acoustic Shock Disorder which also involves the auditory system.
I think the patients always have low tolerance to the decibels (dB) produced by the particular sounds.So once the particular  sound hits the auditory system responsible for hearing.The wave hits the limbic system(set of structures in the brain that are responsible for emotions and behaviours).Once here,triggers are formed which may be as a result of Sensory processing Disorder. One person with SPD may over-respond to a particular sound such as slurping which brings out the difference why someone may not react to a person slurping yet you find someone with misophonia over-reacting over the same.
  Is there a cure for misophonia?Well,to my understanding,there is no cure for misophonia that is genetically inherited  but the one that is obtained,there is a cure.Watch out for my next post showing a case where a misophonia patient got treated

 IMAGE source 


I recently joined audioboom :-) audioboom  is A free platform that enables the creation, broadcast and
syndication of audio content .Have a listen :-)

1)They don't know (bizpodcast) >> 

2) Blooper 

 3)Campus babes 

  4) Misophonia 


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FINALLY OUT!!*sighs*The much waited collaboration '' They Don't know''by Wangeci and Fena is out people.The single characterized by   a fresh,urban upbeat dance anthem is definitely going to be a HIT.
The song is catchy and its been on heavy rotation since Wangeci released it via her SoundCloud account.Waiting on the Video :-):-) I really loved wangeci's lyrical dexterity.:-)Have a listen:


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1)You eat at your desk.
You don't move to eat your lunch, and instead you eat at your desk. Part of your increasing waistline problems.Move that body
2)You choose fries for lunch over Home Made Food on a daily basis Why I don't consume overcooked potatoes
3)You don’t drink enough water daily
4)You over-think.This might be common in OCD patients.Over-thinking leads to anxiety attacks and
depression. Therefore, don't worry, be joyful.Appreciate Life.T
5)You don’t get enough vitamin D.
Vitamin D is absolutely necessary for your body.
6)You wear headphones for really long hours.Keeping headphones on for a longer duration can cause hearing loss and Also listening for 15 minutes can lead to tinnitus
7)You don’t take breaks. Did you know that sitting for lengthy hours could increase your chances of contracting colon cancer?
8) You sleep very late.
Your body needs at least 7-9hours of sleep everyday. Also read on brain damaging habits
9) You don’t include fruits in your daily diet.
Fruits have great health benefits like this fruit that treats your ulcers  


Sunday, 12 July 2015


Hope you doing great today :-) I am.Now i've been observing the rate at which motorbike crimes   are happening and I must say it's worrying.This trend needs to end.Let me start with this video 

In the CCTV footage,2 armed thugs can be seen.One of them pretends to be limping while the other one can be seen helping him cross the road.Then out of nowhere a ... (contd)>>>>  WATCH VIDEO (1) 
  This is Sad.Now let's proceed to Video 2.Watch how this car's side mirror is 'Gone in 60seconds'

 WATCH VIDEO <<<<<<<<<<<
Notice that in the 2 cases,a motorbike is involved which gets me worried and paranoid about motorbikes.Could this sector be a breeding ground for criminals?
.One worrying thing about the motorcycles being
used in terror and other related crimes is that The number plates are not registered or the number plate is covered with mud which makes
the perpetrators get away easily.In some parts of the country it happens in broad daylight.Cases of robberies associated with motorbikes tells it
all,which begs the question Are you safe while boarding that motorbike?Has it ever crossed your mind that that motorcyclist could be your next door terrorist?

RELATED: There was an incident of a young man(25years shy) was.murdered in cold blood by a motorbike rider.Sources revealed that it was a well organized syndicate that was involved.1year later,biznerati reveals ' behind the scenes 

The only way to wipe out the trend is to register all the motorcycles and the respective IDs associated with the number plate on a secure
database and the area of operation so as to keep the roots of accountability firm and well grounded. This will ensure that
motorists work responsibly.
This should be done in all the 47 counties to reduce the levels of terror and other related crimes.
In case you are boarding a motorbike during night hours and going at a distant place i would advise you to text the number plate of that motorbike to your family member just in case anything happens.This is the best way to reduce or purge motorbike related crimes.I would urge all county governments to embrace the culture of registering every motorbike and storing the particulars on a safe database.

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This documentary takes you on a trip few  have ever been, knocking at the door of the head of the most powerful drugs cartel in history El Chapo.ENJOY

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·Biznerati reveals how scammers trick their potential victims into giving out their sensitive particulars
·The scammers use 'Panic texts' and leverage on this technique
·What a user should do
   This goes out to all the smartphone users since the cyber crooks have identified that most smartphones are used for mobile banking transactions.In this phishing scam ,a message pops up on your screen informing you that your credit card has been blocked and to unblock it follow the link.Trust this message to give you a panic attack.Most users have fallen victims and finances have been drained in the process.
What you need to know is that This is a phishing scam.Don't bother to click on the link.Because if you click on it you will be directed to a bogus website where you will be redirected to a fake webpage containing a form where you will be required to enter your sensitive credit card info similar to that of the real page.Once you enter all the sensitive particulars on this fake form.The crooks will use the information you entered and do the monetary damage.
Most of the phishing websites have a lifespan of 3 to 5 days.This is why the crooks try to make the most out of the limited period the website is on operation.
What to do when you receive a malicious text?Ignore the text message .Dont bother to click on it.

READ ALSOThere is a terrifying telephone scam that is going on and is taking swipe at vulnerable potential customers.This latest deception is known a 

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ADAPTED FROM "After more than 20 years, I've finally
decided to tell the world what I
witnessed in 1991, which I believe
was one of the biggest turning point
in popular music, and ultimately
American society. I have struggled
for a long time weighing the pros
and cons of making this story public
as I was reluctant to implicate the
individuals who were present that
day. So I've simply decided to leave
out names and all the details that
may risk my personal well being and
that of those who were, like me,
dragged into something they weren't
ready for.
Between the late 80's and early
90’s, I was what you may call a
“decision maker” with one of the
more established company in the
music industry. I came from Europe
in the early 80’s and quickly
established myself in the business.
The industry was different back
then. Since technology and media
weren’t accessible to people like
they are today, the industry had
more control over the public and had
the means to influence them anyway
it wanted. This may explain why in
early 1991, I was invited to attend a
closed door meeting with a small
group of music business insiders to
discuss rap music’s new direction.
Little did I know that we would be
asked to participate in one of the
most unethical and destructive
business practice I’ve ever seen.
The meeting was held at a private
residence on the outskirts of Los
Angeles. I remember about 25 to 30
people being there, most of them
familiar faces. Speaking to those I
knew, we joked about the theme of
the meeting as many of us did not
care for rap music and faile Read the whole story   

Real or Not?


Honestly coming to Nairobbery from the village you automatically activate "Liar mode"..So back in 2010, I had gone home for my first holiday.After two weeks of rest, it was time to be back in this torturous city!I woke up very early in the morning and my mum dropped me in town and gave me pocket cash around shs. 3000 (Back then such mulla could make me wanna pay people to sing for me...."Kebini eeeeh kebini naire".I took my seat and was waiting for other passengers to come!Deeply inside I was praying those old men with "big stomachs" like pregnant women to avoid the seat next to me like a plague and luckily......I was answered. ...yeeeeees!A fine, young, angelic, chocolate, good smelling and well dressed lady sat next to me.Her sweet smell made me remember how my village girlfriend Naomi could use "cow's cream" and she smelled like "mabere maruranu"(Yoghurt lol)yet she was one of the hot cakes in the village!
On the way just after Bomet, she dropped her phone and I picked it up for her.Thats where our conversation started and we got to know each other.By the time we were in Narok, the village in me was buying her yoghurt and chips!! She was excited and that was my joy(I was feeling like a village hero)...So anyway we talked a lot and by the time we had arrived in Nairobi I had her phone number plus a booked date(I felt great but for me to achieve that I had LIED AND LIED!!! The biggest lie that small pocket money made me say is "I work for organisation ABCD"....My friend it's not a small organisation! I was talking big like my LUOMATES!So we bid each other bye and went our separate ways.... (Oooooh she was a 2nd year student at Nairobi University)....
So the "booked date" was here! I had been saving little by little for it! The amount by now was adequate to entertain a future graduate (So I thought)..I had agreed with Lynnette we were to meet at exactly 8 pm in some club in town,we first watch a football match then have fun. She had totally agreed to it!! Being me I was there by exactly 7.45pm and on checking on Lynnette, she was around the corner.I was very anxious to see her again...I had ordered for Coke and was sipping it slowly like a boss..Then throwing a quick glance at the entrance, I saw Lynnette entering the club accompanied by 2 other ladies!!!! I just hoped they ain't together but when they all came to the table I was sitted at,I felt like crying like a baby!! What could have made this mumu to bring other people along? Is it because I lied? Or she did not want me to eat nunu? Or she wanted to show off her rich boyfriend to these friends?...Those were some of the questions hitting my mind....Anyway as destiny had it and the cruel 2010! I spent a fortune on those 3 rabbits and I never saw any nunu!!!! At around 5 in the morning they went back to campus as I headed home in tears! That whole week I remember walking all the way to school and skipping meals just because I had spent a fortune on some campus rabbits
Kim Kev(story credit )