Monday, 11 April 2016

What skipping medication does to you

Every tried skipping medication or cutting on the dosage?How did you feel?Well,i once threw away the remaining dosage after getting an impression that i had recovered fully only to learn that it was false.

    I was on a 2  week dosage and everything was going well till i reached the 8th day.On that day i felt like i've fully recovered and saw no need of continuing with the dosage.All was fine till after 2 days.The consequences became severe.It taught me a lesson since then.COMPLETE your dosage. A skipped dose could mean that the blood level of the medication drops and its benefit diminishes. From the picture illust. above you can see the behavior of the bacteria before,when medication starts and the Moment you cut dosage. 

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Each and every morning When I wake up I always get that need to listen to my favourite artists to start out the day.

1)Live on Forever||The Afters -  LISTEN 

"dark days are gonna go away, they wont have the final say....every tear will disappear,heaven is real,we gonna live on forever x 3)Such an inspiring track.

2)We believe ||Newsboys - LISTEN 


3)Back to life||Hillsong Young & free-

Hillsong young and free sing of how they've been brought back  to life in this upbeat track.

4)This is living||Hillsong Young&free ft lecrae - LISTEN E

" Waking up knowing there's a reason
All my dreams come alive
Life is for living with You
I've made my decision
You lift me up, fill my eyes with wonder
Forever young in Your love
This freedom's untainted with You
No moment is wasted
See the sun now bursting through the clouds
Black and white turns to colour all around
All is new, in the Savior I am found
This is living now
This is living now"
This is an amazing upbeat and electronic song.

5)Energy||Hillsong young and free -  LISTEN 

6)Tha church ||Lecrae-  LISTEN 



" I could have been sleeping in my grave, but you reached down from heaven and made a way, it's so amazing how you changed my fait and all I can say is...
You're faithful, to me, even when I've made mistakes you've always kept"

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Great songs to start your day

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Friday, 8 April 2016

Charging your smartphone via subwoofers USB port?

Last Friday will be a day I'll never Forget.I had just bought a subwoofer and was enjoying the output when suddenly it stopped working.(After 6hours of Use).My panic button got activated.I tried troubleshooting but all in vain.I couldn't believe it
I went on a Google search spree and came across people who were experiencing the similar problem.After a tiresome digging ,I came up with 2 theories;
1)My subwoofer had switched to auto-standby because of lack of an audio signal and the remedy to this was to Set my receiver base higher
2)A Fuse had blown and also the ic had been damaged.This was my worst fear.So I leant towards the first theory.
So today,I went to try my sub on a
Friend's house and was disappointed.

My sub couldn't work.My friend called on a qualified technician who came and opened up the sub and after careful examination Located a burnt I.C.This confirmed my worst Fears.Then it dawned on me .
Flashback,during the 6 hours I was playing music,I had my phone charging using the USB port while at the same time using it.I plugged into the Port while at 12% ,as time went by there was surprisingly no change .It stuck at 12%.Did I overdraw more power from the port that led to the damage of the IC?
With 5V , the USB bus can charge a

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small single-cell Li-ion pack, but there is a danger of overloading the USB hub . Charging a device that draws 5V together with other loads(in my case using the phone while charging) connected will exceed the port’s current limit(5V) leading to a voltage drop and a possible system damage. To prevent overload, some subs contain current-limiting circuits that switches to Auto standby mode when overdrawn.Now ,Charging my 3.7V Li-ion began by applying a constant current to a voltage peak of 4.2V, Where did the (5.0V-4.2V)?Read on the Attrition power .Once it reached the peak voltage,the voltage started plummeting.Due to the voltage drop,as well as losses in the charging circuit and the fact that I was using the phone while charging,this might have led an overdraw lets say 2 times my 3.7V(7.4V) which exceeds the circuit limit by 2.4V (thereby charging circuit loss) and this led to the ic damage.
The Ic was replaced and all is good.Just Learnt my lesson.

 Read on the attrition power  

Wednesday, 6 April 2016




Picture this,you are in a matatu and you are feeling kind of weird at the speed the matatu is moving at?You start getting some shots of premonitions into your mind.You are afraid of telling the driver to slow down.You just feel like telling the driver to stop so that you can alight though you still have some kilometers to reach your destination.Worry not,this app does it all.

This app gives you all the speed details about the moving vehicle that you are in as you will see in the screenshot below

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Once you see the full log its now time to alight from the vehicle if your worst fears are confirmed.This app also:
Chart your progress, get notified at every milestone, and see a full log of all your past goals
• See a full list of all your personal bests for races, distances and times for any sport or activity, whether you’re doing epic hiking treks,
running ultra-marathons

 Download the runkeeper app for android 

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Monday, 4 April 2016


Some toothpastes were found to contain chemicals that affect the quality of sperms.The research was carried out in the lab and the outcome was shocking.

This outcome may force men and women  to embrace the
Esekon Wonder tree that the turkana use.The brush is highly regarded due to its soft bristles.Its also able to keep the mouth fresh for the whole day as compared to urban toothbrushes where you have to brush twice or thrice to keep it fresh all day.
I remember there was a time i swallowed a peanut size of toothpaste and i felt like i had ulcers.Then there was this red alert about colgate toothpaste I'll post a link at the tail end

One esekon toothbrush goes for only 25.With all these  chemicals we are exposed to, esekon is probably the best option.

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Nutrition is one determining factor when it comes to health and weight loss. Numerous techniques have been tested to and one research study has discovered an effortless way to lose weight.
Research conducted at the Mayo Clinic and published in the New Journal of Medicine found that chewing gum burns about 11 calories an hour The researchers concluded that the simple act of chewing non-caloric gum during your waking hours could help you lose more than 11 pounds of body fat a year. According to another study noted in the
Issue of
the "New England Journal of Medicine," it took participants just 12 minutes of gum chewing to burn 11 calories.
Wow!Too good to be true,right?Well,the best part of this technique, you won't even feel like you're doing an exercise

Read the whole    issue 

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So one sunny afternoon, Biznerati decides to gather views on the topic.

Caught Up in the Trap of the Late Night NurseBASED ON A TRUE STORY

"I started weekly sessions and hoped for an improvement, but ultimately I saw none. My practitioner, who do"
According to Jay,Gum-chewing keeps him from binging by giving my mouth something to do."It really works the muscles of my cheeks and jaw."Another Addicted Gum-chewer,Angie,talks of how her her bff tried to lose weight by chew gum so that she wouldn't eat any junk but she's yet to see the results
"Ever since I read a study on the internet about gum chewing benefits,I've been extremely addicted to chewing gum and Lately I've noticed my face looks fatter."Lenna says with a sad face.I'm disappointed and I've also ditched gum.

Well,some say it works ,some say it's pure hogwash.But here is the catch.


Caught Up in the Trap of the Late Night NurseBASED ON A TRUE STORY
I once read that if you were to chew gum all the time you are awake, that chewing gum alone would cause you to lose 0.5 of a lb in a year.Extremely small I know, but this just shows that the more body movement, the more calories you are burning.Chew a sugar-free gum today!


"He twirls the fork into the noodles but in the process ends up raking it on the metal plate.Ooh no not again.Why wouldnt he use th....."

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Friday, 1 April 2016


Millions of people eat banana fruit every day.This is evident with the increased number of banana peels tossed into trash cans.Did you know that banana peel you just trashed could really come in handy in times when you need some well toned skin and even serotonin increase?

Well,i guess its true.According to some post which i'll later post the link after the post,banana peel boasts of anti-aging oxidants and also rich of nutrients.Now on to today's topic,have you ever heard of people using banana peels to shine their shoes?Yes.So i decided to put it to the test.
•I rubbed the inner part of the peel on the surface of my black shoe
•(Aaargh!That's gross)Some particles of the peel stuck on my shoe.I buffed the shoe with a soft cloth till the expected end result happened.
NB: SHARE ON WHATSAPP Banana peels are rich in potassium which is also present in Kiwi(product )
I Was like Whoa!Did it just happen.Wow!My shoes were shining looking brand new.So i stepped out ready to own the day.But to my utter surprise i noticed something along the way.



Oh no!Drosophilas were on my shoes.I guess it was the permanent banana smell that attracted the fruit flies.It was awkward.Luckily,i had not moved far from my house.I returned amidst surprise looks on the faces of the neighbours ,changed the shoes and i said i'll never use banana peels again.
They have the desired end result but the thought of Drosophilas (fruits flies) kills my vibe of trying out again

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