Sunday, 31 May 2015


Don't you just love the countryside atmosphere.So serene.Its healthy to get off your busy schedule and hit the road once in a while. I took mine today:
Was surprised to see changes. Last time I checked ,this path was bushy and had avocado .But today I came to this

All the avocado trees have been cleared to pave way for a new road.Next stop was at the banana plantation.I got a soft spot for bananas

This tree is 67 years old.Owners of the tree have been advised to cut it down but all that has fallen on deaf ears.Reason still unknown

The tea plantation is the main source of income at the village


Friday, 29 May 2015


Wednesday evening(27/05/2015) will be a date that Daraja Mbili community will never forget.
  On the. fateful date at around 1700hours,a primary school child accidentally slipped and fell under the bridge.The primary school child was then swept by the moving water at the time whose speed was fast as it had been raining heavily minutes earlier.
  Efforts to locate the child were futile till later at around 1800hours when the child was found but this time dead.A sombre mood engulfed the residents.
Condolences to the Family




Daraja mbili,'Host' to the 2nd largest market in S.Nyanza  has had it own shares of dark happenings.2years ago,accidents used to happen.
  One monday morning,the Daraja mbili community woke up to shocking news that someone had been murdered  and dumped on the river.On reaching the scene,what I witnessed shocked me.

   A man in his mid 30s hands tied using a rope helplessly lying on the cold waters.Another one was when the community woke up to a car  floating on the river.Luckily,the driver had been rescued in time.The driver had slipped accidentally when negotiating a corner around the bridge.
  Twice in 2 market days,there have been even more strange happenings involving a huge snake which raises it head and leads to road accidents.There were several conspiracies.One being of the ' oboba'[mushroom] .The 'oboba' euphoria.2 years ago,residents were so excited about this.Some people believe the 'oboba 'that were dumped into the river following tales if how it had backfired started renting the air  turned to a huge snake.The oboba went viral  after a preacher endorsed and said it could cure several illness ranging from malaria to cancer.This led to widespread use in the Gusii community.
Every household used to have it.It would be placed in a container.Then you only needed to make 'cold power' (Strong tea) and pour it up on the container containing 'oboba'.This was perceived as feeding the 'mushroom'.Later the next day,one would sieve the water in the container into a glass, then drink it  'spot on'.No taking 'sip breaks'.

Romours came in and out that the oboba was turning into a snake.Users threw away the
containers into the river.After that
period,accidents started happening out of the blues.Some traders talked of how a huge snake would pop out under the bridge and send traders
into panic mode which later would lead to road accidents.(I'll post an Audio of the one of the witnesses who has witnessed the huge snake)

Preachers came and prayers were conducted every saturday and up to date no strange Cases have happened.
  As the residents go about their daily routine,deep inside them lies the coldest story never known to anybody but them



I am now off all aspartame products.From diet drinks ,beverages to protein shakes and Chewing gums flavoured with the substance.Aspartame  is an artificial, non- saccharide sweetener used as a sugar substitute in some
foods and beverages.It's an artificial sweetener common in Diet drinks,chewing gums and even beverages.
  I've been having mild cramps after chewing some of the flavoured chewing gums,pain in one  eye, decreased tears,anxiety and palpitations.I've even raised this issue among my friends.They said they've never had  issues  with the sugar less chewing gum.This led me to a research spree on aspartame.Luckily enough,i came across users who have been experiencing the same issue.In Fact,One former user, Diamond tracks,tells of how he used to drink tons of flavoured water till  he started getting some weird flaky skins on his cheek last year.
"I checked each ingredients in the flavor watered and i see that aspartame is the reason why. stop drinking the flavored water i see that the dry skin reduced but its still there. This thing is poison dont drink anything diet."He cautions



 Image credit 

According to another Former user, Stephen ,He reveals how he drank large amounts of diet Pepsi containing aspartame during a hot summer day.He later proceeds,"A few hours later late that night I experienced severe cramping.This was just the start of years of suffering. In 2010 I had a partial colectomy to remove the large intestine. In Oct 2013 I had a second surgery to remove the rest of the large intestine.
This case is very serious since it resulted to the removal of the intestine.Which brings me to my next point on how the aspartame is broken down under high temperatures. Under Very high temperatures in and out of the human body,aspartame breaks
down into its' killer' components that further degrade into  more 'health damaging' byproducts.
Under high temperatures,Aspartame breaks down into  Methanol,phenylalanine and aspartaric acid.The 3 later degrade to more 'health destroyer' by products.Some of the byproducts include  carcinogenic
formaldehyde, (DKP), a tumour agent. Aspartic acid  in
excess kills the nerve cells, ultimately damaging the brain.Talking about brain damage,
 Did you know that these habits damage your brain 

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Before consuming any  beverage ,soft drinks or food ,check on the ingredients.If you see aspartame or its brands then Run ,Never look back


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Tuesday, 26 May 2015


•Li-fi is a light based wireless communication
It is more secure than Wi-Fi
•However,it has its potential downsides

Could Li-fi be replacing Wi-fi in the near future?Well,after reports of dangers associated with  prolonged exposure to The RF and Wi-fi low level radiation effect on Patients suffering from EHS ,Li-fi could replacing Wi-fi very soon.But what exactly is Li-fi?
  Light-based wireless communication, coined as Li-Fi by Harald Haas at a TED talk , is a method of internet connectivity that uses flickering the light from a special LED to transmit data . The technology is still being developed by researchers at the University of Edinburgh in the UK, but it already looks like it will be more effective and more secure health wise than
Frequently used Wi-Fi.
  Li-fi spews light out to connect to your smartphone and  laptop.


As compared to  Wi-Fi  which  spews out radio waves in all directions around your home  from a wireless router. When your wireless
device  detects the LED light, it connects to your Light bulb( wireless router) which then connects you to
the Internet.

 Image courtesy

However,Li-fi has some potential downsides;
•It operates withing a short range just like you've seen in the photo illustration
•High installation costs.You'll need LED light bulbs
All in all the Li-fi is a perfect plan for the house or office.

Monday, 25 May 2015


rise of the venomous golden lancehead snakes in the now proclaimed island of death
•Nobody is allowed to be near or even visit the dreaded island with the exception of scientists who now live in a lighthouse
•It's alleged that the former inhabitants of the lighthouse were killed by the venomous lanceheads

•According to Epic Wildlife, Well about 11,000 years ago the island was once attached to the mainland, that was until the sea levels began to rise separating it from the coast.
  With very few predators around, the snakes on the island were able to quickly multiply and continuously evolve, leading to them having the
super venom they have today.
No human is allowed to visit, with the exception of a few scientists given permission to study the

  According to a former  Zoologist ,"
I've been there once, for 30 minutes, saw God knows how many snakes, then got back in the boat and left XD
I was with a zoologist and a team, I had to stay with the boat and make
sure no snakes got on it. I had to use a flame torch to ward of any curious
snakes...they didn't like it "




Now picture this, a floating house in the middle of a great lake powered by the sun,has the blinds in it and every feature present in a today's modern house.
"The inspiration came from observing the aquatic nests of water birds all over the world where they
can live and growing their babies in total harmony with nature," explains Zema to Gizmag. "So I
thought of designing something similar that can help us to embrace life and allow us to live a floating experience in a natural and energy saving habitat."


The floating house has a  home automation system allows users to control lighting, draw curtains and blinds, and control the sound system. Preset lighting, air
conditioning and sound profiles can be triggered, and users can monitor energy consumption and temperature.
Would you live in the floating house?

 WATCH VIDEO of the Floating House

 Image courtesy 


A floating artificial island built in Mexico by British artist Richart "Rishi" Sowa. He's first Island was destroyed by a hurricane in 2005; a replacement, Joyxee Island, has been open for tours since 2008.
   In the waters of Isla Mujeres, the "Island of Women", near Cancun. It opened for tours in August, 2008. The new island has three beaches, a house, two ponds, a solar-powered waterfall and river, a wave-powered washing machine and solar

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Saturday, 23 May 2015


Jouhmette salim was just 7 years old when her mom was locked up on drug related charges.This was a challenging moment in her life as she never understood what was going on.She used to visit her mom with her father and at times she would write  letters to her mom while in prison.Something was clearly amiss.She never felt that closeness despite writing letters to her mom.It came to a point where she became tied to her classes and the co curriculum activities  and eventually lost 'connection'.But today things have changed thanks to technology.
      Technology is shortening the distance and making relatives or loved ones feel close thanks to the ConnectInmate app.Instead of writing letters the old-fashioned way, relatives and loved ones  can send a text or email and even attach real time photos from their cellphones(smartphones) to  ConnectInmate , which then prints out correspondence and photos and sends them to the prisoner via the U.S. Postal Service.The respective prisoner can then respond via letter which is sent to the relatives or close ones.(How I really wish the prisoner would also send his or her photos as of that time). This brings about that 'closeness' between the prisoner and his loved ones and also saves on time and distance  the relatives could have spent on going to visiting the prisoner. But at the end of it all,its important to visit your loved one in prison so that human feel or connection is not lost.
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All you have to do is  DOWNLOAD FREE ANDROID APP  and for iPhone users you can download it HERE 

  Image screenshot courtesy

Choose an option then you'll be required to fill in the info of the prisoner

Image screenshot courtesy
Then wait for the letter from the prisoner.
All this made possible thanks to the developer of the app  Sandlain.Though,technology can never replace the human touch or connection,it still comes in handy

Friday, 22 May 2015



Remember a time i wrote about getting a new power bank  5600mAh ?well i decided to put it to the test.
    I charged it overnight 'cause the next day i was to go on a journey so i thought it would really come in handy.So i woke up next morning
unplugged it and carried on my backpack since it was full.Connected my phone to the powerbank and it started charging.I kept peeping at the progress and that's when i got shocked!
My phone had taken upto a mere 75% and the reading on the powerbank was at it last
(25%).My panic mode got activated.From the powerbank specs,The powerbank had a capacity
of 5600mAh which means it should charge my 1800mAh battery to upto 3 times.What was happening then?The powerbank went dead and my phone battery had now
reached 85%.


However, it take about 5-6 hours to fully charge it up yet it charges my phone for 1hour 30minutes. I don't understand this. By the time of writing this I have fully discharged
the charger twice thinking that maybe it should take a few full (dis)charging cycles in order for it
to perform at its advertised (5600mAh) level just like with many phone batteries but again there
were no instructions with it so I don't know.

.Ladies and gentlement,here is the little secret about your powerbank that they dont want you to know.THE ATTRITION POWER THEORY.Its
about the 30% energy or power lost when the powerbank boosts the phone.
When you connect your 5600mAh to your phone(1800mAh) via the
USB cable provided.A 30% power is lost in the name of boosting.Power input from AC to the powerbank is 5v while powerbank output to my
phone is 5.3V which means the powerbank 'stresses' a lot to get to reach the 5.3V mark and this uses a little amount of energy so as to
reach the voltage mark.
     NB:The attrition power varies with
devices.Next time you visit a powerbank shop ask on the attrition power of the powerbank

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mPedigree is once again coming to the rescue  of consumers .After Giving the farmers a reason to smile
,the network has now a hot product
Goldkeys.The product has picked up and is now on upto ten million products worlwide.You might be wondering,product on a product?I Know.
  Goldkey is a product i can say acts like a scratch card,just like 'glue-ing ' a scratch card on a product only that in this case the scratch card contains all the details of the product which can be acquired after a potential buyer of a certain scratches to reveal a digit number after which he or she follows the prompts.
Talking of prompts,These are the prompts you should follow to ensure the product you are buying is real:
1)Look out for the scratch off panel on the product package.Gently rub off to reveal the pin code
2)Go to www.1393.Co and your browser will
direct you to this page


Then you enter the pin code and click on the validate button
Alternatively,you can send an SMS to a special short code.

3)Wait for a response confirming
or denying the validity of the product.

VOILA!!!!!!Thumbs up to mPedigree
network.Continue with the same spirit mPedigree=Bringing quality to life
But notice this can be achieved if product companies can work hand in hand with the network(mPedigree).
   Are you a product company tired of all the counterfeits (replica products)and
want to realise your proceeds then
contact and bring quality into life.

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Thursday, 21 May 2015


She was dancing until something went wrong.Hehee!I bet we've had this  embarrassing moment   PLAY VIDEO 

 Hahaa.Ignorance is bliss.Some people really don't know the meaning of a gynaecologist  WATCH 

 Motorist near death encounter with Armed thugs.Phew!That was close.(Notice how the security guard 'flew') WATCH 

Daughter of Kenyan Billionaire beats up bf for dumping her. WATCH 

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Wednesday, 20 May 2015


•Molly discovers a pen cam in her bf room
•Another victim,funnyhorse,reveàls how her bf used to Audio  tape her

    How Would You Feel If Your Partner Secretly Audio Or Video Recorded You?VIOLATED,right? Well that's what happened to one Molly.(Name has been altered to protect)
   On that fateful day,Molly was doing her touch up when she saw something glowing up red at the corner of her tiny boyfriends bedroom.Surprised,She went to have An upclose look at the strange thing glowing."I was shocked to find a pen cam.I couldn't just stomach the idea that my bf had a hidden pen cam.What for?I proceeded to connect it to my laptop.Curiosity was killing me.What I saw next was unbelievable.Lewd videos of me and my bf.I cried as I skimmed through"I waited for him later in the evening and confronted him.That's when he told me that he was just taping us for fun and that he had no malice.It was just for pure entertainment.I formated the drive and broke up with him,"Molly reveals.
Well,Molly is just lucky it didn't get far.If the bf could have posted the videos on the internet then the damage would have been done.



Anothet victim ,funnyhorse,talks of how her Ex was fond of secretly recording their Audio arguments," Well, my EX boyfriend secretly audio recorded me almost daily over a 4 month period .. He would instigate and provoke an argument, then
turn on the recorder without me knowing for all that time. Worst 4 months of my life, as he would start fights daily and I had no clue what
was going on. Worst of it was he would get so in my face. He was trying to get me to talk to his pants pocket where he kept his cell. Living
hell it was. He is a paranoid delusional man.. I couldn't believe it when he handed over a flash
drive with recordings - my whole mess of the previous 4 months made sense. He was trying
to make my life hell, How do i feel...violated,
violated, violated...furious, betrayed, disgusted and sickened by him. Everyone should have an
expectation of privacy in their OWN home.. One
party consent laws are ridiculous, Well, ANY and
all trust vanished immediately. His reason for why is a rambling delusional mess that makes no sense to me. Severe mental health issues I guess, but he hid it well!! Careful out your intuition when it tells you not to trust somebody.."

Another user ,loyalty,speaks.. "Same happened to me a week ago. I found out my be had video taped me a few times without me knowing about it. He sets the camera up in the bedroom pointing where I would usually sit. I found a few video tapes only one hr long each."Its time to check on your room 'cause you never know there might be a spy can around watching every step you make.

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Tuesday, 19 May 2015


It started with an IG post by
@NickMutuma.Could this be what the local music industry has been looking for all these years?Could this be the future?I'm talking about #MpesaMusic.Coming soon.Let's look at some facts about it;

•Buy full albums
Fans will be able to buy full albums of their favourite icons.

•Instant download of songs after purchase
After making purchase, you are able to download instantly the desired song or songs depending on the price tag of the song or songs

•Realtime monitoring of online sales
Artists and even record labels will be able to track online sales in real time therefore erasing doubts of foul play.

•Biggest revenue share to artists
A big percentage will go to artists and record labels about 90% of the revenue share

And last but not least,access to over millions of mpesa users.
The future is bright for the artists and their respective record labels.Artists will get what they deserve.However,Will majority of  Kenyans  buy the music? Well,I tend to think, it will need around few years for the service to gain traction because majority of The fan base are used to  free music from the internet.
   "Why would I buy music when I can get the same music from the internet for free?"One local fan asks.I think this will take some time to gain traction just like online shopping.

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Tuesday, 5 May 2015


This headphones fetches a cool sh 39,995 on Jumia(including tax).Let's have a short description:
•Dual-mode Adaptive Noise .
-Awesome.Most headphones lack this much desired feature.You won't hear outside noise thanks to the noise cancelling feature on the Studio headphone

•Iconic Beats sound
-Signature '808' sound.

•Durable and foldable
-This headphone has been remastered and the outcome is a durable and foldable headphone compared to the plastic type that you can never give a thought of folding it cross your mind .

•20 hour rechargeable battery with Fuel Gauge
- Woow!20 hour rechargeable battery?Now this is A1 compared to the other 8hour rechargeable batteries.With the The visible Battery Fuel Gauge, you always know how much juice is available.

•Take calls and control music with
RemoteTalk™ cable




Now picture this: you’re on your way home from work,you are almost ranging on home when it hits you there is  nothing in the fridge for dinner. The supermarket is like a 3hour journey away.The

   Well,i bet you will have to go to the hotel and take dinner since your house is 'dry'.This is when Qr code shopping comes in. Qr code shopping popping up at subway stations across the globe.
The concept is simple! Posters replicating supermarket shelves line the tunnels of a subway.
Instead of buying physical products spot on, You the shopper scans the Qr code on the ‘shelves’ (posters on the subway or even billboards)using their smartphones, pay for their purchases online and the shopping is delivered to their home at a convenient time, from as little as
a couple of hours.This is powered of course by the Qr scanner app available on Play store.
Just who's behind the idea?This innovative concept came  from an  idea trialled by HomePlus, South Korea’s operation of British grocery giant Tesco. This will go a long way in averting situation like this.
  With emergence of sites like
 Jumia , Olx and  kaymu ,it is safe to say online shopping is gaining traction.I'm optimistic that online shopping will be the 'in thing' very soon.With trusted sites like Jumia,who would not want a safe and secure way of buying a desired product?Though,online shopping is associated with extra costs,it is the best so far.
  The Emergence of Qr codes serves as a catalyst to online shopping.By scanning the qr code,the browsers may be automatically directed to open the webpage depending on your default setting.However,this may be a risky affair 'cause the browser might just open a 'virus' or hijacked link.It is SAFE to change the default setting of the Qr code scanner app and don't go on a Qr code scanning spree.
  Manufacturers can also fix a qr code containing all the vital information about the product instead of painting information all over the package.Once the product hits the shelves,an interested shopper can scan the Qr code on the package and get more info on the product.But the problem could be that,majority of consumers do not possess smart phones and that's why an effective market research needs to be conducted.I long for the day Qr codes get fully accepted.Just a matter of time