Tuesday, 29 March 2016

What can cause a power bank to explode

Ever since I heard about   a power bank that exploded inside a car glove compartment  ,I've reduced the number of times I use my power bank. The phenomenon of my power bank exploding is terrifying and I know can lead to regrettable incidents.

“I advise the public not to leave any electrical gadget or power bank inside their vehicle,” the owner of the power bank that exploded says.This is after he left his power bank in the car exposing it to the 'heat' environment .Another victim,Omonso,talks of how his cheap unbranded power bank disappointed him."Last year my power bank exploded.Luckily no one was hurt.There was a deafening sonic sound before it exploded.My blinds got burnt.No more power bank for me."

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What can cause a power bank to explode?

1)Exposing the battery to the unsafe environment.
Exposing the battery to unsafe environment  such as high temperature or humidity can cause the cheap unbranded power bank to explode.Rise in temperature has the ability to cut your battery life by half.

2) Constantly overcharging the power bank
Constantly overcharging the power bank may damage the batteries if the power bank is not equipped with quality power protection features.Remember when EE recalled all power bars.

3)Malfunctioned Overcharge prevention IC
A malfunctioned overcharge prevention IC  will cause the power bank to explode.

  4)Recycled batteries
Some power bank dealers use recycled batteries on new power banks which may have an effect on the end user. Power banks built with cheap batteries could easily explode or start a fire.
To be safe,buy a branded power bank from a reliable and trusted vendor.



Thursday, 24 March 2016


You got to love old school rap.Old school rap never goes away.From the Likes of Kantai throwback  Tracks ,Its a hard hitting evidence that old school rap was and still ace.Talking about Ace,Have you listened to Eazy E's Gangster beat for the


street?Well,I bet you've watched it.Now Dj Fleet came up with a remix that comprises of 2pac,Biggie,ice cube and the game.With such a compilation,you know what to expect.What a remix!!!!

Hit the


Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Why its advisable not to rub your eyes when you wake up

Biznerati 5th Edition

Have you ever woken up early in the morning only to swollen lips or eyelids??Well,there is  need to worry. You need to visit your nearest hospital as you might have been a victim of the 'Kissing Bug'.
Kissing bug has been present as from early as the 1880s.In 1889,The Washington post called it an epidemic on its headline. The chagas disease brought about as a result of  the kissing bug was killing many people as at the time.It

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was presumed that in the event that you had swollen eye lids ,swollen lips e.t.c then you were suffering from the disease.
  It was an epidemic. This prompted a widespread witch hunt for the kissing bug.The efforts proved successful and they succeeded in purging the kissing bug.
However,in 2005  cases of  the kissing bug hit  again.Its very hard to know the time of the infection since it can take years for the chronic aspect of the disease to be realized. The bug emerges at night when the victim -to- be is asleep.


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It then proceeds to deposits feces that contains the parasites on human skin. The parasites then enter the mammalian (human) host through the bug bite, or breaks in the skin or conjunctiva. Occasionally, the parasites enter through mucosal cells of the mouth or airway when ingested or inhaled.- adapted from 

It's advisable not to rub your eyes when you wake up in the morning since the rubbing effect may rub the deposit left by the bug  leading to the parasites finding their way into your bloodstream.
The parasites eventually enter  the bloodstream and lodge in  the muscular structure of the organs. The parasites multiply and eventually cause chronic symptoms related to the involved organ or organs that can include cardiac failure,arrhythmia that eventually leads to death.

Time to monitor closely your wall crevices.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016


Remember a time i told you about my power bank 5600mAh  ?Well, i decided to put it to the test.
I charged it overnight 'cause the next day i was to go on a journey so i thought it would really come in handy. So i woke up next morning unplugged it and carried on my backpack since it was full.Connected my phone to the power bank and it started charging .I kept peeping at the progress and that's when i got shocked!
My phone had taken up to a mere 75% and the reading on the power bank was at it last (25%).My panic mode got activated .From the power bank specs,The power bank had a capacity of 5600mAh which means it should charge my 1800mAh battery to up to 3 times. What was happening then?Was i conned?The power bank went dead and my phone battery had now reached 85%.I was conned .It was phony.
   However, it take about 5-6 hours to fully charge it up yet it charges my phone for 1hour 30minutes. I don't understand this.
By the time of writing this I had fully discharged the charger twice thinking that maybe it should take a few full (dis)charging cycles in order for it to conform  to its advertised (5600mAh) level just like with many phone batteries but again there were no instructions with it so I don't know.
Ladies and gentlemen,here is the little secret about your powerbank that they don't want you to know.


Its about the 30% energy or power lost when the powerbank boosts the phone.When you connect your 5600mAh to your phone(1800mAh) via the USB cable provided.A 30% power is lost in the name of boosting.Power input from AC to the powerbank is 5v while powerbank output to my phone is 5.3V which means the powerbank 'stresses' a lot to get to reach the 5.3V mark and this uses a little amount of energy so as to reach the voltage mark.

NB:The attrition power varies with devices.Next time you visit a powerbank shop ask on the attrition power of the powerbank



Just got a special gift for this Easter.A power bank.Been dying to have a power bank 'cause I've always had a dark past with phone batteries.Got a problem like mine,powerbank is the ultimate solution.To the main story,the powerbank i'm talking about power original 5600mAh power bank (PICTURE ABOVE)
1)4 LED lights to indicate the
remaining power supply-25% represents one LED light
Built-in LED flashlight (press the power button twice)
2)Small and convenient
with rounded corners to
fit comfortably in your
pocket .
3)Compatible with all versions of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
4)High capacity battery(5600mAh), High
efficiency output
5)Over current and short circuit
6)Long battery;lifespan,
500 times recharge cycles
7)Standard USB connection
Want to know how many times the power bank you bought can charge your phone?
T=Power bank capacity in mAh x efficiency /phone battery capacity
like mine is 5600mAhx0.7 /1800mAh that means my phone can get charged by the powerbank to upto approx. 2 times.One of the factor to consider when buying a power bank is its capacity. A higher capacity the better.

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Monday, 21 March 2016


Biznerati 5th Edition

I'm always fond of  listening to music while performing tasks. The act of listening to your favorite jam while performing a task can motivate you and even easen the task at hand.But recently I discovered something weird.

When I was reading (with music playing in the background)an  eBook I had downloaded from the rcg.org  ,I found it harder concentrating that I just closed the book minutes after opening it.This was rather strange. How comes when I was performing less cognitively demanding tasks like cleaning my room while listening to music ,I would get motivated to perform it effectively and efficiently?

Well,In 2010, researchers at the University of Wales Institute
showed that when adults were asked to complete a relatively complex task of recalling a series of sounds presented in a specific order, their performance decreased while listening to music.
The study concluded that your ability to learn something new that is cognitively demanding decreases when you listen to music.
The eBook I had downloaded from the rcg website was cognitively demanding.This needed my mind to be fully concentrated on the  new resource.Listening to music would drive away my concentration from the material and this would lead to my inability to read it.

That's why you'll find it easier reading old literature while listening to music since it's not cognitively demanding as compared to new material.



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Biznerati 5th Edition
Remember the phrase 'Dirt is good'?Let me take you down memory lane.The phrase was associated with the Omo brand.Infact it was a communication campaign by omo dubbed 'Dirt is Good'.Kinda controversial,right?

I remember it was in '07 and the catchphrase was met with a lot of misconceptions.Majority of the people talked about omo was encouraging dirt but did the brand  mean that?Well,coming at a time when the culture of letting children go outdoors and having some fun was fading,the only way to revive the culture was to come up with a catchphrase and omo  did that  cleverly.

Omo was trying to reverse the trend(children spending time indoors watching 'toons) and encouraging them to get outdoors and get dirty.But this did not go well with majority of the public .


"What is the brand trying to imply?That Dirt is good.I would not let my child get near dirt.He'll stay indoor,"said one Mr Jamal.Another member of the public,"With the ongoing current criminal activities(kidnappings),how do you expect  my child to get outdoors?"Lyn  also had to sound off,"If the children are not getting hurt, they are messing their clothes and who knows they might get 'homa'?There were a lot of misconceptions at that time.Some even said that it was a plan by omo to increase their sales at the expense of their children's health.

What next after getting dirty?Omo offers the solution because it purges the hard to remove stains. That was when the perception of the public changed. They're started fathoming what omo was trying to push.

  All in all,omo achieved its intended mission.First step was to create a controversy to get the people talking and once the brand is on everybody's mouth,omo proceeds the next step to offer a solution or push its intended mission.What a strategy?Well played
Up to date,the campaign is one in many that has remained etched in people's minds  



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I guess I'll tell the whole story. Me and this lass, we'll just call her Bev, have been talking for a

bout two  months. We started on Flirchi,traded numbers then we started texting each other a lot.(6 times a day)We decided we should plan a trip to a botanical garden, so we did and a few days ago was our first time meeting. This
is how it went:
So I had a few things to do that morning but they all ended up back firing. So since i couldn't do anything I planned I ended up at our meeting place  minutes earlier than expected.
We enter a botanical garden and we're having a good time, when suddenly one of her heel breaks off.I take it and fix the nail and bang it back so it's at least walk-able in.Not even 5 minutes later, the clasp on her handbag breaks and all of her contents spill out of her bag. I'm handy, but I'm not able to fix the clasp, so she basically carries it .Whoa!What a start.
  So we're laughing about the tough luck she has and something tiny hits her on her expensive weave. There is an elevated garden next to the path we're walking, so we think a  kid is throwing tiny pebbles. We run up to catch the kid, but as we're running, I see her weave and realize it's not a pebble but a 'bird crap' on her expensive weave.I don't want to alarm her, so I tell her to stop and come over.
I grab a leaf and wipe the crap off her weave. She then realizes what it was and she is mortified.
I couldn't help but basically laugh in her face. I wasn't laughing at her, but it was so hilarious that I couldn't contain myself. I reassured her that everything's alright and sometimes stuff happens.
She can't take it.She is so vexed.She stands up and hurriedly walks towards the gate on phone calling an uber


Wednesday, 16 March 2016


Nothing beats the taste of freshly picked ripe tomatoes.I like my tomatoes fresh from the garden.The feeling that comes with eating the fresh ripe tomato is  a feeling I cant trade anything with.However, as the  temperatures  drop, there are  lots of green tomatoes left on the plants that take 'decades and centuries' to ripen in time.This always tests the farmer's patience and at times farmers like me tend to rely on the "Good things come to those who wait"  quote but at end of it many get frustated.But thanks to a little hack,farmers will wait no longer.
  Here is a simple hack that will really come in handy.
*Place a green tomato next to a  ripe banana or rather  place 5 green tomatoes in a jar contain a ripe banana and tightly seal it,Keep checking on the tomatoes on a daily basis. The tomato will ripen due to the ethylene gas produced by the banana.

Monday, 14 March 2016


I was recently shocked when a girl I had just met in campus, demanded I take her lunch...her beauty was ecstatic I can assure you but still I couldn't let her control me, the next day after I had refused her bulshit demands I met her and she was already in another man's arms,  the reason am writing this post is not because am bitter , but the question that you as a campus guy should ask your self is "ARE YOU A BOY OR A MAN? "

-Men do not sacrifice their principles just inorder to fall into arms of a woman
-men do not use women to get happiness
-men do what is right whether it hurts
-men live their life with authenticity

What can I say about boys pretending to be men in campus
-boys sacrifice their principles just inorder to have a woman in their arms
-boys go around using women to get happiness
-boys are scared to stand up for what is right
-boys use women to get approval

So my question is "are you a scared little boy or are you a man?" comment if you're a man.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Icy chilled water or cool water immediately after meal or in-between meals can be harmful

You probably have been advised by an older person not to drink water in between meals as it slows down the digestive process. Some say it leads to high cholesterol levels in the body. Some even say the habit contributes to cancer.Some even consider  the habit to be a sign of disrespect to the elders in some communities.Could there be some truth? 

According to Ayurveda experts , cold drinks after a meal or in between meals,extinguishes agni(digestive fire)and promotes ama(toxins that are as a result of poor digestion) Sipping hot water, on the other hand, improves digestion and appears to help keep open the countless channels throughout the body where ama (the toxins) can collect.

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  I never understood why my parents would always advise me to  refrain from my habit of drinking chilled drinks in between meals,till recently when I came across an article by Ayurveda experts

When you drink chilled drinks in between meals or after meals,it tends to slow down the breakdown

of fat globules in the duodenum into tiny droplets ,this fat may have an effect of  plasma levels of gastrin.That's why it's safer to drink hot water after meals.Hot water improves the digestion process and purges the toxins.
I once drank an icy chilled  flavored drink after a heavy afternoon meal and five minutes later I started experiencing severe abdominal pain.The pain was excruciating. I later took some  crushed charcoal mixed with water which had some positive effect.
Teenagers these days have a made drinking icy chilled drinks in between meals a cool thing to do,which is a worrying trend.In areas with high temperatures,drinking icy chilled water or flavored drinks
Could prove to be an irresistible urge but it's important to satisfy the urge after digestion time has elapsed.This is to avert the consequences that might result from poor digestion



*George,a villager,is reporting to work.Mind you,this is his first day in the  city
*On the way he gets involved in a Deep Game
*At the end of it all,George never reports to work.
7000for50000 [Based on a true story]
  So this guy ,(George) was walking down the street on the way to workplace first day in the city when this guy who was few metres in front of him came and surprised him with news that he had come across some envelope containing 50k a man had just dropped a few minutes ago

Excited by the 'breaking news',george suggested the money to be shared equally."To avoid suspicion,lets go to somewhere safe or maybe put it in your bank account then you can withdraw the money and give me my share,"the guy suggested.George nodded."no biggie"."er..before you go how sure am i if you will return back"the guy asked .George replied "My phone can do.Let me leave you with my phone i can also add my ID"

"No need ill just have the phone,I will be waiting here ".The guy replied.George gave him his phone and proceeded to go to the bank.On the way to the bank,questions were running through george's mind.He could hear voices in his head to tell him to run with the money anyway whats 7000 to 50000.So george made up his mind and ran away with the money.
What he didn't know was that he was playing a game.The game was a guy was to drop an envelope containing 50k(1000 on top of bundle 500 at the bottom and fake money stack in between to make it look somehow heavy).The next guy was to pick and pretend that he has picked and now wants to divide with the victim,and by that the victim would fall easily for the trap
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George reached his apartment full of happiness.As he reached out on the envelope.He was shocked.Only 1500 was legit there other bands were fake.He didn't know what to do.He took that as a lesson.Tweet this 

Tuesday, 8 March 2016


Anyone who’s finished a marathon  wouldn’t be shocked to find that the enduring effort caused damage to their body and heart. I vividly remember  while in a school I would get punished by the Games teacher for not completing the first lap.I always tried to explain to him but all that fell on deaf ears. Did you know that too much running can lead to a shorter lifespan?
Well,a  Research study that was done confirms this.The enzyme that is released after

Biznerati 5th Edition
running a marathon is the same as the one released when there is heart failure.Well,by now you already know what that means.When one runs continously from day to day as much as it controls weight  , stress reduction, better
blood pressure ,perfecting the body and allowing free flow of blood circulation,it could also pose a risk of shorter lifespan on the  downside.

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That's why its advisable to have a moderate or average running regimen. At least a break should be in between.It's much healthier to run a comfortable distance.Moderation is KEY.
The fact that there is similarity between the enzyme released after running a marathon and when heart failure occurs is reason enough to activate the moderation button. Tweet


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*Biznerati talks about Fish pedicure 
*How it feels like getting a treat from doctor fish
*Is it safe?
Imagine getting your leg 'spa'd' by a fish?Sounds weird.I know.Well,its true and it's a practice common in some spas in Kenya.Its not the ordinary type of fish used,it's the Doctor fish . . Welcome to
Fish pedicure therapy.

The Doctor fish is a fish particularly used for treating skin diseases and it's also used in skin softening.Others call it the epidermis-eating fish.All you need to do is insert your legs on the home-made pond containing thousands of the Doctor fish and relax as the Doctor fish do their work.
The first time you insert your legs on the pond you'll get that 'ticklish' Feeling but with time you'll get used to it.Maybe that 'ticklish' feeling you get is a way of them greeting you or welcoming you for the service.(Giggles)After running your legs deep on the pond for approximately 30mins .You remove the legs from the pond and apply some oil to the skin to soften the leg around the skin further and that way you are good to go

Over the years fish pedicure therapy has been banned in several countries after questions arose of the spread of fungal diseases.With people streaming in to use the therapy,questions rose of how secure they were in terms of health if the same doctor fish were being used for different clients.Because if a doctor fish feeds on the dead skin of the first client, then the 2nd client uses the same water in the tank(pond) and the same doctor fish,wouldn't there be a risk of skin disease or fungal infections??
However,beauty clinics offering fish pedicure therapy defended themselves saying they do not use the same water to different clients.

They use filters and are able to change water used and also they check on the client's feet before dunking their feet on the tank(pond)
The fish pedicure therapy service goes for $80 thats approximately sh7000.Next time you are visiting the spa centre ask whether they do fish pedicure therapy.You'll love it .Tweet