Monday, 1 December 2014


Exit Intent

Recently,consumers, businesses, and governments have been shifting from cash to electronic payments
From M-PESA’s organic, market-driven growth in Kenya, to the cashless fare system,Kenya is evidently going cashlite and this i can say is with aim of  reducing the cost of banking services, and improve the effectiveness of monetary policy

       Today,KCB has become the first commercial bank in Kenya to launch a universal commuter card that is acceptable in all Public Service Vehicles.And this is great news to the transport sector and the consumers at large.Thanks to the #KCBPEPEACARD ,now PSV commuters will never be conned of their harf earned money.Talk of SAFIRI SMART BILA STRESS.

Use *522*2# to operate the KCB pepea card.Once you dial *522*2# ,you follow the prompts.The operation of the card allows your conductor to set the fare according to the agreed amount and also note that the POS (point of sales)machines have the capability to set fares by the respective saccos .The nirvanic thing about the POS system is that it's a  SDD that is designed to read any EMV (Europay,Mastercard,visa)card.After card activation, one can proceed to *522*2# then follow the prompts.
     VOILA!!Thank you KCB for going cashlite.A cashlite environment is what Kenya  needs at the moment because a cashlite  environment leads to the seal of  revenue leakages ,increase efficiency,security and investor confidence which leads to stable economic growth.Going cashlite is the way to achieve stable economic growth.

1)An I.D card
2)A card activation fee of sh 50 only


Loading Your KCB Pepea Card You can load your KCB pepea card in 3 ways: 1)Via KCB mtaani 2)Via Mpesa 3)Via KCB mobile banking