Tuesday, 22 March 2016


Remember a time i told you about my power bank 5600mAh  ?Well, i decided to put it to the test.
I charged it overnight 'cause the next day i was to go on a journey so i thought it would really come in handy. So i woke up next morning unplugged it and carried on my backpack since it was full.Connected my phone to the power bank and it started charging .I kept peeping at the progress and that's when i got shocked!
My phone had taken up to a mere 75% and the reading on the power bank was at it last (25%).My panic mode got activated .From the power bank specs,The power bank had a capacity of 5600mAh which means it should charge my 1800mAh battery to up to 3 times. What was happening then?Was i conned?The power bank went dead and my phone battery had now reached 85%.I was conned .It was phony.
   However, it take about 5-6 hours to fully charge it up yet it charges my phone for 1hour 30minutes. I don't understand this.
By the time of writing this I had fully discharged the charger twice thinking that maybe it should take a few full (dis)charging cycles in order for it to conform  to its advertised (5600mAh) level just like with many phone batteries but again there were no instructions with it so I don't know.
Ladies and gentlemen,here is the little secret about your powerbank that they don't want you to know.


Its about the 30% energy or power lost when the powerbank boosts the phone.When you connect your 5600mAh to your phone(1800mAh) via the USB cable provided.A 30% power is lost in the name of boosting.Power input from AC to the powerbank is 5v while powerbank output to my phone is 5.3V which means the powerbank 'stresses' a lot to get to reach the 5.3V mark and this uses a little amount of energy so as to reach the voltage mark.

NB:The attrition power varies with devices.Next time you visit a powerbank shop ask on the attrition power of the powerbank