Monday, 11 April 2016


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Each and every morning When I wake up I always get that need to listen to my favourite artists to start out the day.

1)Live on Forever||The Afters -  LISTEN 

"dark days are gonna go away, they wont have the final say....every tear will disappear,heaven is real,we gonna live on forever x 3)Such an inspiring track.

2)We believe ||Newsboys - LISTEN 


3)Back to life||Hillsong Young & free-

Hillsong young and free sing of how they've been brought back  to life in this upbeat track.

4)This is living||Hillsong Young&free ft lecrae - LISTEN E

" Waking up knowing there's a reason
All my dreams come alive
Life is for living with You
I've made my decision
You lift me up, fill my eyes with wonder
Forever young in Your love
This freedom's untainted with You
No moment is wasted
See the sun now bursting through the clouds
Black and white turns to colour all around
All is new, in the Savior I am found
This is living now
This is living now"
This is an amazing upbeat and electronic song.

5)Energy||Hillsong young and free -  LISTEN 

6)Tha church ||Lecrae-  LISTEN 



" I could have been sleeping in my grave, but you reached down from heaven and made a way, it's so amazing how you changed my fait and all I can say is...
You're faithful, to me, even when I've made mistakes you've always kept"

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Great songs to start your day

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