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Listening To Music Over Earphones for 15 Minutes?

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Walking down the streets on a daily basis and what catches your eye?Almost every youth in an earphone or headphone bumping to  the music on his or her ipod or smartphone.Did you know that long exposure to loud volumes can lead to tinnitus?

Well listening to music with your earphones plugged for 15 minutes exposes your eardrum to upto 99-105 decibels.Decibel is a measurement of noise level..Now just in case you are wondering what is happening, 100 Decibels is equivalent to noise produced by chain saw. Yes.Imagine that loudness in your ears.This applies when you are listening to high sound levels surpassing the level of safety recommended by the smartphone.(factory recommendations).

Did you know also a mosquito noise has 40 decibels.You can also  View other decibels levels .


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Virtual Online Shopping Euphoria

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There has been buzz around  Virtual Reality for a time now.The buzz has been centered on Entertainment and therapy and gaming as I earlier Wrote .What happens when retail meets Virtual Reality?

Imagine you  the shopper getting immersed in a retail environment and having the ability to view products in the virtual world , picking your preferred products,changing clothes and many other things one is likely to do when shopping  in the real world,at the comfort of your bed or  couch.Amazing!Isn't it?Who wouldn't enjoy exploring local deals, even offers ,interacting with products in your favorite retailers’ virtual showrooms e.t.c?
Well,according to Retale, Once the user has explored the weekly deals and VR showrooms offered by Retale’s partners, they are able to select products or stores at the most convenient location  that they’re interested in and add them to their shopping list on the Retale mobile app. From there, the mobile app will send a push notification confirming the addition, and users can receive navigation information to guide them to the nearest retail location to purchase their selection.(For more info visit retale.com )

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360 Degree Rotational Video of Your Product Services : Cat shelf Video
The Location-based mobile platform allows shoppers to discover great savings, coupons ,deals through it's website.For example ,your nearest and favorite  retail shop may partner with   to offer deals,coupons and freebies.You the shopper will be able to explore the deals e.t.c and even interact with the products,add to the shopping cart and get access to the navigation information .
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He twirls the fork into the noodles but in the process ends up raking it on the metal plate.Ooh no not again.Why wouldnt he use th...

And shops are already using VR and augmented reality to promote and sell their products.Think of a business that deals with recliners and that wants to promote and sell its recliners.The business could extend their product descriptions to include VR-enabled  experiences that allow customers to sit on the recliner to see if its of the right measurement and offers the level of comfortability desired.Once the customers finds it fit,he or she can add  it then proceed to get the navigation info.

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At the end of it all,it's a win-win for both the marketer and the shopper.Even if the shopper doesn't add a product in the shopping list,the marketer can be able to identify and analyze the customer's behavioral shopping pattern while the shopper will have a shopping experience like never before

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Hottest Product In The Market


* Biznerati looks at the hottest  product in the market
*How a consumer can differentiate a genuine and counterfeit product
Goldkey is a product i can say acts like a scratch card,just like sticking a scratch card to a product only that in this case the scratch card
contains a number that contains all the important details of the product which can be accessed after a potential buyer of a certain product  scratches to reveal a digit number after which he or she follows the prompts.

Talking of prompts,These are the prompts you should follow to ensure the product you are buying is real:

1)Look out for the scratch off panel on the product package.Gently rub off to reveal the pin code

2)Go to www.1393.Co and your browser will redirect you to


where you'll proceed to enter the pin then send to the short sms special code

VOILA!!!!!! Thumbs up to mPedigree network ,continue with the same spirit
mPedigree=Bringing quality to life
But notice this can be achieved if product companies can work hand in hand with the network(mPedigree).
Are you a product company
tired of all the counterfeits (replica products)and want to realise your proceeds then contact and bring quality into life. Tweet


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